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How do I convert a Thrive theme-based website to another theme?

If you have designed your entire website using Thrive Theme Builder or Thrive Architect and now you want to switch to any other theme, then you have to do a lot of rework. Well, you will not lose any content, but you will lose all the styling parts, design, and elements that you have used from Thrive Themes library.

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Although content will be there, you need to rewrite the content from an alignment point of view, elements adjustment, etc point of view. But you will lose any content. Overall, it is going to be a very tedious task, and if you are not sure how to do that, you have to hire a developer and get ready to spend a good amount of money depending upon your website size.

So, you simply have to change your theme and upload the new theme, and then as per the new theme adjust or edit all the content to remove Thrive Themes elements and make the content as per the new theme. That’s how we can shift from Thrive Themes to any other theme.

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