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Hello Friends,

I am Satanu Debnath, the founder of Bloggingjoy.com Blog and YouTube channel. You will get 100% practical tips & tricks to grow your blog and make money online using affiliate marketing.

I am into blogging from 2009 and in last 11+ years whatever I have learned, I am sharing everything back to the community so that I can help people to take their first step towards blogging. With time, things has changed and that’s how I have a very good experience in creating multiple blogs, make good amount of money as passive income besides my full-time job.

Who am I to teach you blogging? Well, you can check out the testimonials shared by top bloggers in India. Besides that let me share my entire blogging journey so that you can know me better.

My Blogs & YouTube Channels

Besides this blog I also run few other blogs and YouTube channel. Most of them are on similar niche. If you want to read my other blogs and YouTube channels, please here are the details.

How I Started My Blogging Journey

Back in 2007, when I was working as a software engineer in IBM, I was looking for some extra income opportunities online. Although I am not sure how, but I came to know that we can make money online also.

With this I came across many online money making schemes, data entry jobs, MLM programs and many more types of Work From Home options. But I never got any confident or Legit ones to trust on them. In fact I spend money for few of them and discovered majority of them were scams.

Gradually I was exploring on internet and one day I came across Google AdSense program. Then I found out ShoutMeLoud.com and came to know about Harsh Agarwal. Although it was a very early stage for Harsh Agarwal as well, but I actually follow him from his early days of blogging.

In between a lot of things happened, but that’s how I came to know about blogging. As a full-time software professional I was spending time to learn various things in blogging on free times only. I was never serious about blogging till 2012. Till that time I tried few blogs and experimented a lot on Blogger.com.

Creating an adsense account was very easy that time. I still remember, I applied with a sub-domain with just a few page website and I got approval immediately. But it took more than 2-3 years time to reach the first $100. And reason behind that is simple, I was hardly work seriously on blogging.

But in 2012, I have shifted to WordPress for the first time and spend more than 25,000 INR for web hosting, website design, domain etc. And that day I have realized the importance of investment in blogging.

From 2012 till 2018, I was blogging as per my free time. During that period I was able to make some money through AdSense. Then in between due to various Google update, I lost few blogs and while researching further I came to know about Affiliate Marketing.

I stopped with AdSense blog from 2015 and completely focused on Affiliate Marketing. I have created blogs around WordPress products, Coupon Niche etc and tried level best to make money through affiliate marketing. It worked sometimes, but that was mostly random.

In 2018, I took a solid decision to consider my passion for blogging seriously. Then I started interacting with many top bloggers. Well, as a part-time blogger, I never communicated or interacted with any other blogger to make friend. And that was one of my biggest mistakes.

Anyway, in 2018 I have started my Facebook Group and from that time I never looked back. I started a new blog Bloggingjoy.com and started sharing amazing articles about blogging that people liked a lot. I got very good feedback as well.

In 2019, I did an experiment on Black Friday Cyber Monday and I was able to earn more than $7500 in just 4 days. This has completely changed the way I was blogging since 2009. In fact I got very good authority in this niche of blogging & affiliate marketing and featured as expert in many roundup posts, interviews etc.

So, that’s all about my blogging journey in a very short way. I am sure you will find this journey motivational and able to take action to make your blogging dream true.

Want To Connect With Me?

When it is about helping someone to set up blog or any blogging advice, I am always there to help you. You just have to Join My Facebook Group and post your questions or you can also contact me vis the contact me page.

Hope you will find the articles of this blog amazing and learn something. It’s my responsibility to share some practical experiences with you so that you can actually learn something.

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Santanu Debnath