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Which is better, ThriveThemes or Elementor (Thrive Suite Vs Elementor: )

Thrive Suite Vs Elementor: If you are confused among Thrive Themes and Elementor, then I need to make few points clear before comparing this 2 amazing products. As Thrive Themes is a combination of multiple tools & plugins, Elementor is nothing but a page-builder plugin. Both also has theme builder feature as well. So, let me compare both on feature wise first.

Disclaimer: Thrive Themes doesn’t offer any single product now. You have to purchase Thrive Suite, the complete collection to get access to all their products. You can go for the quarterly subscription by paying $90/quarter or get 1 year access by paying $228/year. For more details visit the Thrive Suite official page.

Which is better Page-Builder, Thrive Architect or Elementor?

So, which is better page builder among Thrive Themes Vs Elementor?

Thrive Architect is the page-builder tool of Thrive Package which is quite good, affordable pricing and very much easy to use. When Elementor is more popular as a page-builder compared to Thrive Architect with a recurring price, which is higher compared to Thrive Architect. From design elements & customization point of view, one can create more visually appealing websites using Elementor as they have a very huge library and 3rd party plugins support as well.

Although Thrive Architect comes with many landing pages or ready to use templates, but from customization point of view Elementor is more popular among developers. In fact, Elementor is voted as # website builder in many Facebook Polls as well.

best page builder

Which is better Theme Builder, Thrive Builder or Elementor?

Again, Thrive Themes has launched their theme builder recently which is quite good and very easy to handle. With the help of a theme you can actually control your entire website design from a single point and easily customize. At the same time, Elementor has also launched their theme builder tool recently and without any doubt their theme builder is more robust as they have more elements to customize for better designs.

Pricing Comparison: Thrive Suite Vs Elementor

Although Elementor has a free version as well, it’s better to compare the prices of Elementor Pro and Thrive Architect. The reason behind this is that Elementor Pro has more and better features than the free version, which makes the plugin more compar​​​​​able to Thrive Architect.

thrive themes vs elementor

So, from the above image this is clear that Thrive Architect is quite cheaper compared to Elementor as there is no recurring charges. When for Elementor you have to renew your subscriptions on year wise. But if you go for Thrive Themes membership, where you will get access to all 10 Plugins from Thrive Themes, you have to pay an annual price.

But for a single website usage, if you want to try any of the Thrive Architect or Elementor, you will find Elementor quite cheaper compared to Thrive Architect. Just you have to pay $49/1 year and you can create your desired website.

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