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Which WordPress theme should I purchase Genesis, Elegant or Thrive?

Elegant Themes DIVI vs StudioPress Genesis vs Thrive Themes: Which WordPress theme should I purchase? This is what I am going to answer in this question and also help you to understand which theme will suit your need. By the way, all these 3 themes are very popular and I have used them all in many of my blogs. So I can easily tell you the differences between Genesis Framework Vs Elegant Themes Vs Thrive Themes.

Genesis Framework from StudioPress

This is one of the oldest WordPress theme framework which is very popular, SEO friendly, fast loading and highly customizable. There are plenty of custom themes or child themes developed on top of Genesis Framework. If you need an elegant design, simple look and highly readable website then Genesis Framework is perfect for you.

  • Excellent selection of child themes
  • Extensive ecosystem and community
  • Clean and efficient code for fast loading pages
  • Developer friendly
  • Search engine optimized
  • Unlimited support
  • It will cost on only $59 for lifetime
  • No renewal charges

Get Started With Genesis @ $59 Only

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is not a single theme, rather a complete theme package. This package includes the very popular Divi Theme builder with 80+ more premium WordPress themes that you can use in any kind of websites that you are planning to create. Yes, if you want to create multiple websites on different niches, then you will find various types of theme with Elegant Themes package. Besides themes, this package also include 5 premium WordPress plugins. So all together Elegant Themes is a very good deal for marketers.

If you want to buy Elegant themes, then you will get 2 pricing options: Annual Plan & Lifetime plan. When annual plan will cost you around $89/year which means a single theme will cost you even less than a dollar. But the lifetime plan will cost you only $199 (after 20% discount) without paying any recurring charges.

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Thrive Themes

Well, Thrive Themes doesn’t offer any WordPress theme now. rather they offer a Theme Builder with the help of which you can create a complete website and control the entire customization. Thrive Theme builder can be compared with Divi or Elementor builder as they are not exactly themes.

Price wise, Thrive Builder will cost you $97 for 1 website. But if you want to buy Thrive Themes Package you can save a huge amount and buy all 10 popular Thrive Themes products by paying monthly $19 only.

Which Is Better: Genesis, Elegant or Thrive?

So, I am sure you have understood from the above explanation that in this list Genesis Framework is the only WordPress theme which doesn’t have any Theme Builder linked with it. It’s a simple and typical theme that you can use on any number of websites. If you want, you can get child themes also which will be pre-designed.

But in case you need a theme builder, you can go for Elegant Themes DIVI as this the best right now. Compared to Thrive Theme Builder, which is very simple and good for beginners, DIVI is more like robust and perfect a developer to create more dynamic website and plenty of designs.

But Elegant Themes has a huge advantage as it will provide you 80+ premium themes and 5 more plugins + Divi Builder with the cost of $199 for lifetime if you get their lifetime subscription. So, I am sure you will be able to take a easy decision now and get the right product.

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