Thrive Themes (Suite) Price 2023: How Much Does It Cost?

Searching for Thrive Themes Discount Price? Then you are at the right place as I am going to help you to find out how much does Thrive Themes cost you. As already mentioned, Thrive Themes has many amazing themes, but they are not available to purchase right now. Thrive has launched its new Thrive Theme Builder, which is a very robust product. This entire website and this post itself are designed with Thrive Theme Builder only.

Anyway, if you want to get WordPress themes from Thrive Themes, then you have to get the Thrive Themes membership Plan. Here are the details of Thrive Themes Membership Price.


  • All in one toolbox (10 excellent products)
  • Can create a conversion-optimized website easily
  • Great user interface and experience
  • Lots of tutorials & materials to learn about their products
  • Lots of updates
  • Amazing support


  • Lack of Woo commerce features
  • Only for WordPress-powered websites
  • No 3rd Party Access For Their Plugins
  • Can Have Many More Features

If, for any reason, you don’t like your Thrive membership, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your first purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with Thrive Themes’ friendly support team, and they’ll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Thrive Themes Pricing Review 2023: How Much Does It Cost You?

When Thrive used to sell its themes, the Thrive Themes price started from $49 for a single site license and $67 for an unlimited site license. It was very much affordable, considering the features & options you get with every theme.

I have used their Focus Blog Theme on many websites, and I know how effective those themes were. Right now, all existing customers are able to use their themes and get regular updates also. You can check below the Thrive Themes Price structure, which is invalid now.

What Is Thrive Membership Plan?

Besides buying a single theme, Thrive Themes provide another option also to get their entire membership package. Let me share more about Thrive Membership Plan. Thrive Themes not only offer premium WordPress themes but they do also provide some amazing tools & plugins as well, which are very much essential to create a conversion-optimized website.

With Thrive Themes Membership, you will get all of them together at a very low price. Thrive Themes membership costs only $19/month for individuals and $49/month for agencies. Here are all the tools that you will get by paying only $19/mo.

You can buy these tools individually also. Just click on the link above to check their price. But it is always worth buying the Thrive membership plan as you can save a lot of money and also get access to all the plugins. Not only that, if they come up with a new plugin in the future, all Thrive members will get access to that plugin or theme.

Thrive Themes Coupons & Discounts

Thrive Never offer any Coupons & Promo Codes. But in 2023, they are going to offer a 60% OFF Thrive Themes Discount during Summer Sale. Yes, Thrive Themes Summer sale is coming very soon. Bookmark this page for more updates.

What Is Thrive Themes?

Thrive Themes is a very popular brand name. Initially, they launched a couple of premium WordPress themes, which became very popular and selling. I have mentioned them below, but you can’t buy them now.

As they are working on a new Thrive Themes builder, which is a combination of WordPress Theme + Theme Builder powered by Thrive Architect. You can read about Thrive Architect pricing here.

  • Rise – Clean layout and elegant design
  • Storied – A flexible and eye-catching blogging theme
  • Pressive – Best theme for creating marketing websites
  • Performag – Best magazine theme
  • Voice – Best theme for blogging, podcasting
  • Squared – A flat design multi-purpose theme
  • Minus – A beautifully minimal theme
  • Ignition – Create an awesome-looking sales page
  • Luxe – The silky-smooth and luxurious design
  • Focus Blog – Simple, professional, and elegant

I have shared a detailed review of Thrive Themes on my blog. Make sure to read this amazing review if you have any confusion about Thrive Themes’ price.

Why Are Thrive Themes Best?

Thrive Themes is a very popular name in the world of WordPress. They have created many amazing tools to create highly conversion-optimized WordPress websites from scratch. This is not just a single theme or tool, Thrive Themes has a collection of multiple tools to achieve different types of requirements of a website.

  • Customize Easily: If you love to customize your website, then you can do whatever you want with Thrive Themes Products. Check this website; I have designed this entire website with the help of Thrive Theme Builder (TTB). It was the #1 Best Theme Builder for WordPress in 2023.
  • Ease Of Use: Understanding how Thrive Themes products work may take time. But that is completely worth it, as after learning everything creating a beautiful website will be very easy for you. Their tools offer drag & drop interface, which is simply fun to use.
  • Thrive Themes Price: To create a website, you need many tools like a page-builder, theme builder, lead capture tool, course creation tool, and many more. With Thrive Themes membership, you will get all of them at an amazing price.
  • Thrive Themes Support: Thrive Themes provide efficient support to all its members. 

FAQs Related To Thrive Themes Pricing

Which Thrive Themes Plan Is Best?

As Thrive Themes offer 2 types of membership plan, it’s obvious that the first one is good for bloggers and marketers to run their own websites. But if you provide service also and manage client websites, then it is better to go for Thrive Agency plan.

Will Thrive Products slow down my website?

All thrive themes products are optimized in such a way that they hardly impact the page speed. This is the beauty of their products which will multiply your website’s conversion without compromising the speed.

Can I Try Theme Themes For FREE?

No, there is no FREE Trial or DEMO available. You have to buy their products to use.

What happens if I don’t want to continue my membership?

Your support will end with your membership, and you will not receive any further updates. Of course, whatever you have used in your content, those changes will be intact only. But hopefully, that will not happen, as most of the Thrive theme users are very much satisfied with their services. Check out some of the amazing testimonials shared by customers of Thrive Themes.

Conclusion: is Thrive Themes Summer Sale Discount Worth?

As I have mentioned, you may not get any of the old Thrive WordPress Themes, but you will get some amazing tools & plugins to create a complete website with Thrive membership Plan. It’s more than worth it, as Thrive Membership Pricing will give you 100% freedom to build a conversion-optimized website in a few minutes.

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