Where do I enter my Thrive Themes promo codes?

Thrive Themes never offer any coupon codes or promo codes. Even if you find various articles claiming about Thrive Themes Coupon, they are actually offering nothing. Officially there is no such discount on any of Thrive Themes products. In case you buy for multiple websites (e.g. up to 5 sites) you will definitely get some default discount.

When you analyze Thrive Themes pricing options, you will easily find that they either offer single products or Thrive Suite 2021. All single product purchases are based on number of website based subscription. When then membership package is available on either annual billing or quarterly billing options.

Disclaimer: Thrive Themes doesn’t offer any single product now. You have to purchase Thrive Suite, the complete collection to get access to all their products. You can go for the quarterly subscription by paying $90/quarter or get 1 year access by paying $228/year. For more details visit the Thrive Suite official page.

In case you buy Thrive Suite for 1 year, you will get a discount of 24% on the total. That is the only discount you will get when you subscribe for their plan. They are promoting that plan as $19/mo when you buy for 1 year with 24% Thrive Themes discount.

Thrive Suite Pricing

FAQs: People Also Asked About Thrive Themes

Is Thrive Themes good to use with WooCommerce?

Yes, Thrive Themes is compatible for eCommerce websites keeping in mind that your website is built on WordPress CMS only. As all the tools of Thrive Themes are nothing but WordPress Plugins.

Can we use thrive themes plugin with our HTML code or is it only for WordPress?

All Thrive Themes products can be used only on WordPress based websites only. Thrive Themes products are created a WordPress plugins, so can’t be used on any other type of websites.

Are thrive themes good for SEO?

With Thrive Themes products you can only design a website or pages. You have to make sure your on-page SEO score is well accomplished. On top of that, due to many actionable elements added by Thrive Themes your website interaction will increase which will help to improve website SEO score.

Thrive Themes Questions & Answers
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