Is Thrive Theme Free?

Thrive Themes doesn’t offer any free plan or free trial on any of its products. If you want to use any of the products from Thrive Themes, either you have to purchase them one by one, or you can go for Thrive Membership Plan.

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Here is the list of products from Thrive Themes.

In case you buy a single product, you need to pay only a one-time fee for a lifetime. But in case you go for Membership Pricing, you need to renew that every year so that you can get Thrive Themes updates for a lifetime. But, nothing is offered as Free to try.

FAQs: People Also Ask About Thrive Themes

Which is better, Thrive Themes or Elementor?

Both Thrive Theme Builder and Elementor are good theme builders. Cost-wise, both offer affordable pricing only, but Elementor has renewal charges, while Thrive Builder is a one-time payment.

Have you tried Thrive Theme Builder? How was your experience?

Thrive Theme Builder is good to design a custom website from scratch. You can create 100% new designs as per your skill and imagination. This tool needs Thrive Architect to design page/posts further.

Are Thrive Themes worth buying?

Thrive Themes offers a lot of premium tools with which one can easily create a website. In that case, Thrive Themes Membership is a very good product as you just need to pay $19/mo and get access to all these premium tools. It’s completely worth the price.

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