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Can I Get Thrive Themes Lifetime Membership?

If you are looking to buy Thrive membership Plan and searching whether you can get a Thrive Themes Lifetime membership by paying a one-time fee then you are at the right place. Thrive Membership Pricing doesn’t allow any one-time FEE. That means you can’t buy Thrive Membership Plan for Lifetime.

Every year as per the subscription plan you have to renew Thrive membership plan. E.g. if you have purchased their quarterly billing option, then in every quarter you need to renew Thrive Themes membership Plan.

thrive membership price
thrive membership price

Similarly if you have availed their 24% OFF Thrive Themes discount, then you need to renew Thrive Membership Plan in every year. Although your installations will not revoked, but if you want their regular support & future updates without any stoppage, then you need to renew every year.

FAQs Related To Thrive Themes Lifetime Access

What does the Thrive Membership include?

With Thrive membership Plan, you will get every single product access they have right now and in future also. With that you will get their awesome support as well. These are the Thrive Themes Tools you will get with Membership Plan.
Thrive Architect – #1 WordPress Page Builder
Thrive Leads – #1 List Building Plugin For WordPress
Thrive Ovation – #1 Testimonial Plugin For WordPress
Thrive Ultimatum – # Scarcity Marketing Tool
Thrive Headline Optimizer – #1 Blog Post Title Generator
Thrive Clever Widgets – #1 Plugin To Show Relevant WordPress Widgets
Thrive Quiz Builder – #1 Quiz Plugin For WordPress
Thrive Comments – #1 Comment Plugin For WordPress
Thrive Optimize – #1 A/B Testing Tool For WordPress
Thrive Apprentice – #1 Course Creation Tool For WordPress

Is this a one time price or recurring fee?

If you have purchased their membership plan, then you have to renew that every time either quarterly basis or yearly basis. But if you purchase a single product, that’s a one-time fee.

Will Thrive Products slow down my website?

No, Thrive Themes products were developed after a huge research and they have designed such a way that, it will not impact the page speed much.

Any Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, you can try Thrive Themes membership for first 30 days and if you want to cancel, then this is the time to get the refund. after that you will not get any refund.

Can I Use Thrive Themes Products On WordPress Blog?

All Thrive Themes products are specially designed for WordPress blogs only. If you have a website on other technology then these tools will not work.

How To Cancel Thrive Themes Membership Plan?

If you have crossed the first 30 days of Thrive Membership purchase, then you will not get any refund. You can simply cancel Thrive membership plan using your dashboard.

What will happen to my website if I cancel Thrive Membership?

Your website will be intact and there will be no impact in design or the plugin features you are using. But you will not get any major future updates, if you discontinue the membership plan.

Is Thrive Theme Builder included with the membership?

Yes! Thrive Theme Builder is exclusively available to our members. Currently the only way to get Thrive Theme Builder is by becoming a member.

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