Do Thrive themes rank well in Google SERP?

Ranking in search engine is totally depending upon various other factors rather that a WordPress theme. Although there are huge role of a theme as well. In that context, websites created using Thrive Themes or Thrive Theme Builder are well SEO optimized, fast loading and rank in Google search.

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There are various examples of websites created using Thrive Themes which are ranking high on various search engines. Ranking any content or page depends on more than 200 factors. Only a theme can’t be responsible single handedly.

Besides that, when you create a post or landing page with Thrive Themes Builder or Thrive Architect plugin, the page keeps all SEO elements intact. In fact it adds more value as you can add a lot of actionable content which is good for readers to interact and provide good signal to search engines.

That’s why these days, conversion optimized, interactive content are in high demand as they engage audience and in return rank better in search engines as well. So, Do Thrive themes rank well in Google SERP? I am sure you get the answer here.

FAQs: People Also Asked About Thrive Themes

Have you tried Thrive Theme Builder? How was your experience?

Thrive Theme Builder is good to design a custom website from scratch. You can create 100% new design as per your skill and imagination. This tool need Thrive Architect to design page/posts further.

How do I change from a Thrive theme to another WordPress theme?

You need to change your theme using WordPress Dashboard => Appearance=> Upload Theme. After that you have to edit all posts to remove styling & design elements of Thrive Themes.

Where do I enter my Thrive Suite promo codes?

Thrive Themes doesn’t offer any promo codes or Coupon codes. You will only get 24% discount when you buy Thrive Suite for 1 year.

Can we use thrive themes plugin with our HTML code or is it only for WordPress?

All Thrive Themes products can be used only on WordPress based websites only. Thrive Themes products are created a WordPress plugins, so can’t be used on any other type of websites.

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