BuddyBoss LifterLMS Theme Review 2020: Is It Best LMS Theme For WordPress?

In this review article, we are going to discuss about the BuddyBoss LifterLMS theme Review, which is actually a combination of the BuddyBoss theme and LifterLMS plug-in. It is one of the best themes to create membership sites, online courses, and community websites.

This theme basically helps users to share their knowledge with each other and even generate revenue from the online courses. BuddyBoss LifterLMS theme, just like any other BuddyBoss theme, contains several exciting features that, over and over again, attracts a large number of users.


  • Easy integration with LifterLMS
  • Complete support from LifterLMS team
  • Drag / Drop Course Builder
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Customizable Learner Dashboard


  • Extensions Get Very Expensive
  • Could Use Additional Styles Such As Dark Version
  • Lacks Custom Font Integration

Key features of BuddyBoss LifterLMS theme

In this article, we will highlight all the fantastic features of the BuddyBoss LifterLMS theme in a detailed manner so that each and every user who is planning to use the BuddyBoss LifterLMS theme in the future can efficiently utilize all its amazing features.

buddyboss reviews online

User-friendly interface:

BuddyBoss LifterLMS theme offers a user-friendly interface, and hence the students and learners get an immersive, distraction-free learning experience as the unnecessary information remains hidden on the learning pages. Moreover, by using the BuddyBoss LifterLMS theme, users also offer their customers a clean user interface, which helps them to learn more efficiently from the user’s website. With the help of the BuddyBoss LifterLMS theme, users even give their customers a beautiful dashboard that helps them to manage all the courses that they are a part of.

Has a responsive design:

BuddyBoss LifterLMS theme is a 100% mobile responsive theme. As a result of this feature, users can create a 100% responsive website with the help of this theme, and hence the visitors can easily open the user’s website on any device irrespective of screen size.

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It is WooCommerce ready:

BuddyBoss LifterLMS theme flawlessly integrates with WooCommerce plug-in. Due to this feature, users can easily set up an online store on their website by using the BuddyBoss LifterLMS theme.

Drag and drop course builder:

BuddyBoss LifterLMS theme comes with a multi-tier drag and drop course builder. Just because of this feature, users can easily build online courses from a single screen only by dragging and dropping the essential components.

buddyboss lifterlms page builder integration

Quickly import and export LMS courses:

BuddyBoss LifterLMS theme allows users to quickly import LMS courses from one website to another for licensing and migration. On the other hand, this theme also allows its users to export the LMS courses from their website for backup, migration, and licensing.

Some additional features of BuddyBoss LifterLMS are as follows

  • This theme helps to organize discussion forums on any website.
  • It helps to assign multiple instructors to a course.
  • It helps to create multimedia quizzes on any website and thus make the website more informative and attractive.
  • It allows users to manually grade assignments submitted by their students.
  • BuddyBoss LifterLMS theme allows users to send personalized text messages to their learners.
  • With the help of this theme, each student can manage their profile, courses, and can even track their course progress from their dedicated profile pages.

BuddyBoss LifterLMS Theme Pricing plan

In order to utilize the BuddyBoss LifterLMS theme, users need to purchase any of the three pricing plans of BuddyBoss, including the One Site Annual license plan, 5 Site Annual License plan, or the 10 Site Annual license plan.

buddyboss pricing
BuddyBoss LifterLMS Pricing Review

The cost of one Site Annual license plan and the 5 Site Annual license plan is $228 and $288, respectively, while, on the other hand, the price of the 10 Site Annual license plan is $348. All the above-mentioned plan offers one-year priority support facility along with free regular updates.

buddyboss money back guarantee

BuddyBoss Customer Support Review

BuddyBoss offers a top-class customer support facility. Users can seek help from the support agents by raising tickets. The support staff responses quickly and always try to solve the problems of their customers within a short span of time.

buddyboss customer reviews
BuddyBoss Customer Reviews

If required, users can also use the extremely useful documentation section which is available online and also in the user’s WordPress dashboard. On the other hand, developers can avail the developer documentation section, which helps them in a number of ways.

Last but not least, users will also find several video tutorials that help them to efficiently use all the themes and plug-ins of BuddyPress.

FAQs related to BuddyBoss LifterLMS theme

Will users get free updates and support after one year?

Users will get priority support facility and free updates after one year only if they renew their BuddyBoss pricing plans as BuddyBoss only offers annual plans. So, in order to get free support and regular update, users need to update their BuddyBoss plans every 12 months.

Does the BuddyBoss LifterLMS theme offers a money-back guarantee policy?

Yes, all the products of BuddyBoss comes with a 14-day trial period. As a result of this feature, users can easily get back the entire invested amount if they decide to give up the services of BuddyBoss within the 14-day trial period.

Can users lock down their online courses and contents?

Yes, by using the BuddyBoss LifterLMS theme, users can create an unlimited number of memberships to lock down any content, courses, and they can even lock down other features of their online courses website.

Can users use the BuddyBoss LifterLMS theme only on a single site?

No, users can use this theme on a maximum of 10 websites by purchasing the 10 Site Annual license plan. Other than the 10 Site Annual plan, users will also be able to avail the Single Site Annual license plan and the 5 Annual Site license plan.

Conclusion: Is BuddyBoss LifterLMS Theme Worth The Price?

buddyboss lifterlms theme review
BuddyBoss LifterLMS Theme Review 2020

As promised at the beginning of this article, we have given all possible information related to the BuddyBoss LifterLMS theme. So after reviewing BuddyBoss LifterLMS throughout this article, we can say that it is indeed a handy theme with which users can easily create top-class interactive websites.

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buddyboss lifterlms theme review
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