6 Best BuddyBoss Plugins for Online Communities in 2021

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Searching for the list of Best BuddyBoss Plugin for 2021 to create an online community? BuddyBoss is a reputed online platform that is designed to help users to create an online community with WordPress. BuddyBoss comes with a huge number of exciting plug-ins and free themes that help to create attractive websites.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss about some of the most popular BuddyBoss plug-ins, but before that, we will enlist the main features of BuddyBoss so that before getting updated about the BuddyBoss plug-ins users can get a fair amount of idea about the features of the BuddyBoss platform.

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What Is BuddyBoss Plugin?

  • Each product of the BuddyBoss platform is straightforward to customize.
  • BuddyBoss platform helps to create discussion forums.
  • It comes with comprehensive online course features.
  • It flawlessly integrates with WooCommerce.
  • It offers points and reward that encourages a large number of visitors.
  • This platform offers demo data that users can use for testing.
  • This platform is 100% mobile responsive.

Now we will move into the main section of this article, where we will discuss about the essential BuddyBoss plug-ins. Before that you can also check out some comparison of BuddyBoss with others.

6 BuddyPress Plugins to Build a Remarkable Community Site

As mentioned earlier in this section of this article, we will discuss about the top-rated free and premium BuddyBoss plug-ins.

1. BuddyBoss Inbox

BuddyBoss Inbox is a popular BuddyBoss plug-in, which adds many necessary features and functionalities to the default messaging feature present in BuddyPress. This plug-in allows users to use functions like WYSIWYG text formatting, drafting, and auto-save options, etc.

This plug-in also allows users to add images and various other attachments to the messages, which is one of the most attractive features of this BuddyBoss plug-in. This plug-in is absolutely free, so users can easily download the BuddyBoss Inbox plug-in from the Internet.

2. BuddyBoss Wall

BuddyBoss Wall is a unique plug-in that allows users to write on each other profiles and eventually helps to increase user interaction. It allows users to see a News Feed of their friends, including the groups that they belong to across the website.

This plug-in offers several privacy options using which users can make his/her posts visible to everyone, only for himself, all logged-in users, or just his/her friends. BuddyBoss Wall offers three pricing plans, including a Single Site license plan available at $29, 5 Site License plan available at $49, and the 20 Site License plan, which costs $79. All plans of BuddyBoss Wall comes with free one-year support and free regular updates.

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3. BuddyPress Member Types

BuddyPress Member Types plug-in helps users to add different types of roles to their
community members. So this plug-in is mainly necessary if the community created by a user contains different types of members, each contributing differently.

This BuddyBoss plugin allows users to manage and assign all the different member types right from the WordPress admin panel. It even creates separate registration forms and profile fields for each member type.

Moreover, this exciting plug-in also helps users to add exclusive tabs to different member pages. With the help of this plug-in, users can easily import configured and assigned member types from other plug-ins.

BuddyPress Member Types offers three pricing plans, which include a Single Site license plan available at $39, 5 Site License plan available at $59, and the 20 Site License plan, which costs $79. All plans of BuddyPress Member Types comes with free one-year support and regular updates.

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4. BuddyBoss Reply by Email

BuddyBoss Reply by Email is an essential BuddyBoss plug-in that allows users to reply to the notification received on their emails, and most importantly, the reply that they make is highlighted within their website.

Moreover, this plug-in has a straightforward user interface, so even an amateur user can easily use BuddyBoss Reply by Email plug-in. This is a free BuddyBoss plug-in so users can easily download BuddyBoss Reply by Email plug-in from the Internet without investing a single penny.

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5. BuddyForms

BuddyForms is a drag and drop form builder plug-in that comes with several pre-made
templates. As mentioned earlier, this top-class plug-in has a user-friendly interface so users can easily create contact forms or any other complex forms without any coding experience.

This plug-in supports collaborative efforts, so apart from the usual forms like contact forms or registration forms, users can also build a showcase where they can submit their products or can even create comprehensive articles with content contributions from other users.

Moreover, BuddyForms supports multiple field types and even allows admins to set validation rules. Users can easily embed this plug-in anywhere on their website using several shortcodes. This is a free plug-in so users can easily download BuddyForms without investing a single penny.

6. BuddyPress Featured Members

BuddyPress Featured Members plug-in is very essential for any user as it helps to motivate the most active member of the user’s social community site. As the active members will always stay motivated so they will increase their work, and hence users will get more support from them.

With the help of this plug-in, users can showcase selected members with shortcodes or widgets in any section of their site. Moreover, this plug-in also allows users to select multiple members and place multiple widgets as per their choice.

Just like BuddyForms, Buddy Reply by Emails, and BuddyBoss Inbox, this plug-in is also available free of cost, so without purchasing any subscription plans, users can use BuddyPress FeaturedMembers plug-in.

Conclusion: Best BuddyPress Plugins for Online Communities

best buddyboss plugins
Best BuddyBoss Plugin for 2021

As promised at the beginning of this article, we have discussed about the top six BuddyBoss plug-ins present in the market. Although users will find several other options on the Internet, but we can confidently say that very few of them will be as useful as the alternatives mentioned above.

In this article, we have included both free and premium plug-ins so that users can get the taste of both and can easily decide which one to choose depending on their preferences. So users should definitely go through all the above-mentioned plug-ins if they want to get the true essence of the BuddyBoss platform.

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