How To Access Bluehost cPanel in 2021 (Bluehost Login Tutorial)

As soon as you have purchased your Bluehost hosting plan, the next thing you want to do is to access Bluehost cPanel. You will get email with Bluehost Login details and that email will have many more information as well.

But in this Bluehost tutorial, I will help you to access your Bluehost cPanel account so that you can add your domain and further install WordPress. cPanel based hosting plans are very easy to understand for beginners and that’s why always recommend.

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How do I access my Bluehost cPanel
How do I access my Bluehost cPanel

How To Access Bluehost cPanel [Step By Step Guide]

To access your Bluehost cPanel area, you can type any of the URLs mentioned below. But for that you have to use your primary domain name.

  • Standard Login:
  • Secure Login:
bluehost account login

In case you want to acces sthe direct cPanel URL, then you need to type the below URL.

  • Bluehost cPanel Login:

As soon as you type this URL, you will get a screen like below.

This is the single page with which you can also access your Bluehost Webmail account and send/receive email to your domain specific email address. Bluehost offers free domain email address as well, so that you can create your domain specific mail address.

After successful login to your Bluehost cPanel account, you will find a screen like below. Bluehost has a different interface, not exactly a typical cPanel based interface.

bluehost account homepage

Now, from this new Bluehost cPanel you can access everything. You can create a website and install WordPress, Add Addon Domain, Create email address and many more. You can watch various video tutorials on my YouTube channel.

So, that’s it for now. If you find this Bluehost tutorial about how to access cPanel and login then share this article. Keep a track of all upcoming Bluehost sales on our website.

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