BuddyBoss Vs LearnDash Comparison 2022: Which Is Better for WordPress?

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Which is best among BuddyBoss Vs LearnDash to create an online course & community platform for WordPress? Let’s find out.

Recently several WordPress products have catch user’s attention due to their excellent features and characteristics. LearnDash and BuddyBoss are the two stand-out names that have ruled the market for a long time.    

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Therefore, in this article, we will compare BuddyBoss and LearnDash on the basis of a few common characteristics. Finally, at the end of this article, we will disclose which is the better WordPress product amongst BuddyBoss and LearnDash.

BuddyBoss Trustpilot Reviews
BuddyBoss Trustpilot Reviews

What is BuddyBoss?

BuddyBoss is a popular online platform that helps to create an online community. It allows users to launch and scale a successful online business without being held back by a closed system like typical SaaS platforms. 

What is LearnDash?

LearnDash is a popular WordPress plug-in and learning management system appropriate for businesses, universities, training organizations, and other enterprises. This excellent platform offers tools for turning WordPress sites into learning management systems. 

buddyboss for learndash

Using the LearnDash plug-in, users can create courses, quizzes, assessments, and other training content. This platform supports various question types, including single answer, free text, multiple-choice, essay, fill-in-the-blank, etc.  

BuddyBoss Vs Learndash (Quick Comparison)

Furthermore, we will also provide a brief description of LearnDash and BuddyBoss so that users can acquire valuable information regarding the WordPress products before moving into the comparison section of this article.

Integrations with WordPress plug-ins & softwareThis WordPress product flawlessly integrates with several plug-ins and add-ons like Groundhogg, MailPoet, Beaver builder, GamiPress, etc.LearnDash flawlessly integrates with many useful plug-ins and add-ons, so users can utilize LearnDash to execute various tasks.
Customer Support FacilityBuddy provides a 24/7 customer support facility.LearnDash only offers help during business hours. 
Documentation section & KnowledgebaseBuddyBoss comes with an essential documentation section that contains FAQs, video tutorials, and how-to guides. It provides a valuable documentation section that helps users solve most of the issues they generally face while using Learndash.
Pricing StructureBuddyBoss comes with three different pricing plans that range from $228/year to $328/year.LearnDash offers three separate pricing plans that range from $199/year to $369/year.
Money-Back Guarantee policy14 days30 days

LearnDash Vs BuddyBoss 2022 (Detailed Comparison)

BuddyBoss Vs Learndash: Integrations with WordPress plug-ins & software

BuddyBoss:BuddyBoss is an excellent open-source platform that flawlessly integrates with several WordPress plug-ins and software. Due to this reason, users can perform several additional tasks with the help of BuddyBoss apart from its primary functions.

buddyboss customer review 2

MailPoet, Digital Access Pass, GamiPress, Groundhogg, AutomatorWP,  GeoDirectory, Thrive Architect, and Beaver Builder are a few plug-ins and software with which BuddyBoss flawlessly integrates.

LearnDash:Learndash easily integrates with a large number of plug-ins and add-ons like the WooCommerce plug-in, bbPress, Stripe, SamCart, Zapier, MemberPress, GamiPress, Slack, ConvertKit, and MailChimp, etc.

Winner: Draw

Both LearnDash and BuddyBoss flawlessly integrate with several essential plug-ins and add-ons, so it is difficult to declare a clear winner. 

BuddyBoss Vs Learndash: Customer Support Facility

BuddyBoss:All pricing plans of BuddyBoss come with a 24/7 priority customer support facility. So, whenever users encounter any issue, they can report it to the support staff by generating a ticket. The knowledgeable support staff quickly responds and usually solves the problem within a short period.        

buddyboss customer review 3

LearnDash:LearnDash offers customer support facilities only during business hours. The support staffs are highly knowledgeable and offer support from Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 4 PM EST. To seek help from the support staff, users need to submit their problems through the ticketing system.

Generally, the support agent comes up with appropriate answers and eventually solves the ticket within two working days. 

Winner: BuddyBoss

BuddyBoss easily wins this round since, unlike LearnDash, it provides a 24/7 customer support facility. 

BuddyBoss Vs Learndash: Documentation section & Knowledgebase

BuddyBoss: BuddyBoss comes with a valuable documentation section. Within the documentation section, users will find webinars, video tutorials, FAQs, how-to guides, and informative articles that help to solve several issues that users may face while using BuddyBoss.

buddyboss customer review 1

LearnDash: LearnDash, just like any WordPress product, comes with a valuable documentation section where users will find FAQs, troubleshoot guides, user guides, add-ons, how to start guides, and popular articles related to LearnDash. 

Its documentation section is an all-one solution from where users can take help whenever they encounter any problem.

Winner: Draw

It is difficult to declare a clear winner in this category since both BuddyBoss and Learndash offer a valuable documentation section.

BuddyBoss Vs Learndash: Pricing Structure

BuddyBoss: BuddyBoss provides three separate pricing plans, including the 1-Site Plan, 5-Site Plan, and the 10-Site Plan. The 1-Site Plan and the 5-Site Plan costs $228/year and $288/year, respectively, while on the other hand, the price of the 10-Suite Plan is $328/year.

buddyboss pricing

LearnDash: LearnDash comes with three separate pricing plans, including the Basic Plan, Plus Package Plan, and the Pro Package Plan. The price of the Basic Plan is $199/year, while, on the other hand, the Plus Package Plan and the Pro Package Plan costs $229/year and $369/year, respectively.

learndash pricing

The Basic Plan allows users to utilize the services of LearnDash on a single site, while the Plus Package Plan and the Pro Package Plan will enable users to use Learndash on up to 10 sites and 25 sites, respectively.   

Winner: LearnDash

The price of a 1-Site Plan of Learndash is $199/year, while BuddyBoss’s 1-Site Plan costs $228/year. Similarly, the 10-Site Learndash Plan costs $229/year, while BuddyBoss’s 10-Site Plan is $328/year.     

So, it is pretty clear from the above information that LearnDash offers cheaper plans than BuddyBoss.

BuddyBoss Vs Learndash: Money-Back Guarantee policy

BuddyBoss: BuddyBoss comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee policy. As a result, if users don’t like the services of BuddyBoss, they can give up their service within 14 days to get back the entire invested amount.

buddyboss money back guarantee

LearnDash: LearnDash offers a 30 day refund period. Due to this reason, if users are not satisfied with the services of LearnDash, they can give up their service within 30 days to get back the entire invested amount. 

Winner: LearnDash

Learndash easily wins this round since it offers a longer money-back guarantee period than BuddyBoss.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Do BuddyBoss and LearnDash offer a money-back guarantee policy?

Yes, both BuddyBoss and LearnDash come with a money-back guarantee policy. BuddyBoss offers a 14-day money-back guarantee period, while on the other hand, LearDash comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee period.

What does LearnDash’s Pro Package Plan and Plus Package Plan offer?

The Pro Package Plan offers up to 25 site license and also include the Pro Panel. The Pro Package also offers unlimited courses, drip-feed lessons, advanced quizzing, E-mail Notifications, and 1-year of customer support facility with free regular updates.  

On the other hand, the Plus Package Plan offers ten site licenses and includes the Pro Panel. By purchasing this plan, users can create unlimited courses, drip-feed lessons, offer certificates and badges to their visitors, and even create course forums. It also provides 1-year of customer support facility and free regular updates.

Do BuddyBoss and LearnDash offer a free trial?

Unfortunately, both BuddyBoss and Learndash do not offer a free trial period, but instead, both products come with a money-back guarantee policy. 

Conclusion: Which is best among BuddyBoss Vs LearnDash for WordPress?

buddyboss vs learndash
buddyboss vs learndash comparison

As promised at the beginning of this article, we have compared LearnDash and BuddyBoss, two top-rated WordPress products. 

Finally, at the end of this article, we can declare Learndash as the overall winner because this WordPress product offers cheaper pricing plans, and moreover, it also offers a longer money-back guarantee period than BuddyBoss.

Which one is best among BuddyBoss Vs Learndash according to you? Feel free to write a comment below and share your feedback.

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