Divi Vs. Thrive Theme Builder 2023: Which One Is Best For WordPress?

Divi Builder Or Thrive Theme Builder? Confused. Let me help you to pick the right one.

In this article, we are going to compare two of the most popular WordPress Theme builders in the market, Thrive Theme Builder Vs Divi Builder. Both are equally popular among the users as both the builders offer several amazing features, but one of them is slightly better than the other.

Divi Builder

  • Front End Page Builder
  • Hundreds Of Templates
  • Inline Text Editing
  • Comes Bundled With A Theme
  • Responsive Editing
  • Global Elements
  • 40+ Elements

Thrive Theme Builder

  • Over 100 Page Templates
  • Pre Designed Section Templates
  • Global Colors For Easy Customization
  • Included Popup Engine
  • Advanced Marketing Features
  • Constant Updates & Improvements
  • Works With Any Theme

What Is Divi Builder?

Divi Builder is a shortcode based builder from Elegant Themes that offers several advanced features. Moreover, Divi has an extremely user-friendly drag and drop theme builder, so users will be able to operate this plug-in even if they are not expert in programming. 

What Is Thrive Theme Builder?

Thrive Theme Builder is the first visual drag-and-drop theme editor for WordPress that allows you to create the structure and layout for your site in less than 15 minutes.

  • It’s a complete theme which will help you to create your entire website from scratch. Remember, this is not an additional plugin on top of a theme. Thrive Builder use ShapeShift theme internally and create a new design for you.
  • The backend is supported by Thrive Architect plugin and you can customize each and ever post and pages using Thrive Architect further.
  • You can follow a wizard and then easily choose each and every major elements of any website like header, logo, menu, footer, homepage, post page, page layout etc. And each one has plenty of ready to use templates to choose from which makes the work really cool and fun. Yes, creating a website with Thrive Builder is really fun.

Quick Comparison between Thrive Theme Builder and Divi builder

Before sharing this quick comparison, let me tell you that if you are looking for Divi Alternatives or even Thrive Theme Builder Alternatives, I would recommend you to go for Elementor. This is one of the best tool as per pricing & features. You can check out the detailed comparison between Divi Vs Elementor as well.

FeaturesThrive Theme BuilderDivi Builder
Ease of useThrive theme builder is extremely user-friendly as it offers a drag and drop functionality. It provides both front-end and back-end editingDivi Builder also offers a user-friendly interface, and just like Thrive theme builder, this WordPress plug-in also comes with drag and drop functionality so users can easily create a top-quality website even without any coding experience
Preview Mode optionThrive theme builder comes with a Preview mode option so users can easily view all the changes made on their website directly from the dashboardIt does not come with a separate Preview mode option, so users often face problems to keep track of all the changes made on their website.
SpeedAny visual theme builder creates massive page size, which hampers the loading speed of any website. But as Thrive theme builder comes with the “Remove theme CSS” option so despite creating massive page size, the loading speed of the websites does not get affectedDivi builder does not offer the “Remove theme CSS” option, so any website built with the help of the Divi builder takes a lot of time to load
Money-back guaranteeIt offers 30-day money-back guarantee policyDivi builder provides 30-day money-back guarantee policy
PriceThrive theme builder will cost you $97 for 1 website for lifetime. No renewal cost. You can save 24% if you buy Thrive Themes Membership.Divi builder is a part of the Elegant theme membership plan, which costs $89/year. But you can get their Lifetime plan by paying $199 only (20% discount)

Divi Builder Vs Thrive Theme Builder Comparison

divi builder vs thrive theme builder
Divi Vs Thrive Themes Builder

Well, Divi Builder is in the market from quite sometimes, when Thrive Themes has launched their Theme Builder recently. This website is created with the help of Thrive Theme Builder (ShapeShift Theme) and you can easily find how amazing the design. Anyway, let’s compare both Divi Vs Thrive Builder and find out which is best.

Divi Vs Thrive Builder: Ease of use

Thrive Themes builder has a straightforward user-interface as it comes with a drag and drop functionality. As a result of this reason, Thrive Theme builder can be easily used even by a beginner. Moreover, it offers both front-end and back-end editing.

site wizard Thrive Theme Builder Review

Just like Thrive Theme builder, Divi builder also has a straightforward interface and comes with a drag and drop functionality so users can easily drop off contents into their website with the help of a few clicks. Read the complete Divi Theme review.

divi theme options

Winner: So it is quite evident that in terms of user-friendliness, both are similar in nature, and hence in this category, Thrive Theme builder and Divi builder are joint winners.

Divi Builder Vs Thrive Themes: Preview mode option

It is very easy to switch to the preview mode while using the Thrive Theme builder so users can easily view all the customization that they make on their website. This is one of the main advantages of this WordPress builder.

templates Thrive Theme Builder Review

Divi builder does not provide any option to view the preview of all the customization that users make on their website.

Due to this reason, users often face problems to figure out all the changes made by them on any website, which is a significant drawback of this builder when compared to a few other top-class WordPress page builders.

divi theme options 2

Winner: Unlike Divi builder, with Thrive theme builder, users can easily view all the customization that they implement on their website as users can easily switch to the preview mode in Thrive Theme builder. Therefore, in this category, Thrive Theme builder is the out and out winner.

​​​​Speed (Divi Vs Thrive Suite)

Thrive Theme builder comes with a “Remove theme CSS” option. This option helps to improve the loading speed of every website, so despite creating massive page size, the loading speed of the websites does not get affected.

minification caching Thrive Theme Builder Review

On the other hand, the Divi builder does not offer the “Remove theme CSS” option. As a result of this feature, any website built with the help of the Divi builder takes a lot of time to load.

divi speed optimisation

Winner: So it is quite evident that when both the builders are compared in terms of speed, Thrive Theme builder is slightly better than Divi builder.

Money-back guarantee (Elegant Themes Vs Thrive Suite)

Thrive theme builder is a popular WordPress theme builder that offers a 30-day money-back guarantee policy. Similarly, just like Thrive Theme builder, Divi builder also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee policy.

thrive moneyback

Winner: Both Thrive theme builder and Divi builder are the winners when compared in terms of money-back guarantee policy since both the WordPress builders offer a 30-day money-back guarantee policy.

Therefore, users can easily get back the entire invested amount if they do not like the services of Divi builder or Thrive theme builder by merely giving up their services within the 30-day money-back period.

Price (Thrive Theme Builder Vs Divi Builder)

Thrive Theme builder is available for all those users who purchase the Thrive membership or Thrive Suite. The cost of Thrive Suite starts at $19/month or $228/year.

thrive suite pricing

In order to use the Divi builder, users need to purchase the Elegant Themes membership, which costs $89/year, and to get the lifetime access, users need to spend $249 for a single time. But you can get 20% OFF using special Elegant Themes Pricing offer.

divi coupon code

Winner: So, in terms of pricing structure, Thrive theme builder is slightly expensive than the Divi builder as the cost of Thrive membership is much more than the Elegant theme membership.

Conclusion: Which is best Among Divi Vs Thirve Theme Builder?

As promised at the beginning of this article, we have compared two of the most popular page builders present in the market.

Finally, in the end, we can conclude that both Divi builder and Thrive theme builder is extremely useful and are almost similar, but the overall winner is Thrive Theme builder as it is the out and out winner of two different features while Divi is better only in one of the instances.

Divi Theme Builder Pros & Cons 2021

divi builder

In this article, we are going to give a detailed review of one of the most popular WordPress theme present in the market, which is Divi. If users search on the Internet, they will find several WordPress themes, but none of the themes is as useful as Divi. A recent test has shown that in spite of so many alternatives still a large section of people prefers to use Divi over any other WordPress Themes.


  • Divi is a front-end as well as a back-end page builder.
  • This theme is compatible with WooCommerce, Aweber, MailChimp and Google Maps.
  • Divi comes with multiple pre-made modules, sections and layouts.
  • Its user-interface is both user-friendly and beginner-friendly.
  • Divi comes with 24/7 customer support facility.
  • This theme can be translated into 32 languages.
  • It comes with an in-built Split testing feature.
  • Its price is very reasonable.


  • Its option panel is slightly outdated.
  • Divi lacks custom header/footer.
  • This multipurpose WordPress theme does not support bbPress forums.


You can save 20% using this exclusive Divi Discount Code. Just click the button below and get Divi Lifetime Access for $199 Only.

Thrive Theme Builder Pros & Cons

thrive theme builder

Thrive Theme builder is not just another WordPress theme builder. With this amazing builder you can actually create the complete structure of the website. Their visual editor is integrated with Thrive Architect, the popular page-builder plugin and allow your to control everything in your website. Not just page or post level customization, you can create custom home page, footer, blog post templates, sidebar, page layout, category pages, search pages, 404s and many more. Let’s explore some of the amazing features & detailed Thrive theme builder review.


  • It’s a theme, not a plugin or a workaround
  • Very easy to set up and use. Just follow the wizard and complete the website design in just 15-20 minutes
  • It offers a complete visual drag-and-drop user experience
  • Control the website brand color from 1 place so that entire website can follow the same color theme. It’s an amazing feature.
  • Create templates for individual pages, posts, formats from 1 place and enjoy. This is just a one time activity.
  • Lots of conversion optimized style boxes, call to action elements, lead capture elements and many more to increase your website conversion.
  • In-built website speed optimization features like 1 click installation of W3 Total Cache plugin, Smush It image optimization plugin etc. You just need to enable them, rest of the settings will be automatically done.
  • Integrates with online essential tools and apps – for example, there are API integrations for most popular email marketing providers.
  • Easily integrate with all Thrive Theme Products.


  • Only 1 theme, ShapeShift right now. Although you can create any number of custom design.


Thrive Theme Builder is a part of Thrive Suite now, you have to subscribe for Thrive Suite to enjoy this product. Make sure to buy Thrive Suite for 1 year to get 24% discount.

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