WPForms VS Typeform 2020: Which is Best?

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Not able to decide between WPForms VS Typeform? Then in this article I will help you to pick the Best contact form builder plugin for WordPress. With the WPForms Pro plan that costs $199.50 / year, you can create conversational forms and use most of its powerful features. You can start with free version as well. Whereas the Typeform will cost you $350 / year for very fewer features compared to WPForms. And also you have to pay high to remove the Typeform branding mark.


  • Drag and Drop Builder
  • Easy To Use Interface
  • Pre-made Form Templates
  • Powerful Premium Addon Features
  • 50% OFF on All Plans. Starts with $39.99/year.


  • Good for create questionnaires and surveys.
  • Lots of editable fields and customization option
  • Not that attractive interface
  • Very costly compared to WPForms

WPForms VS Typeform Comparison 2020

In this article, we are going to compare WPForms and Typeform, which are always considered as two of the best WordPress form plug-ins. They are equally popular, but both these WordPress plug-ins have few specific features which differentiate one from the other.

What is WPForms?


A user can use WPForms to create forms ranging from simple contact forms, email subscription forms, and user registration forms to advanced forms like online surveys with smart conditional logic, payment processing forms, and conversational forms.

What Is TypeForm?


On the other hand, Typeform helps a user to create surveys, polls, questionnaires, quizzes, registration forms, etc. This WordPress plug-in is designed especially for people and companies who like asking questions and getting answers in the form of conversations.

As we have described the utility of both the WordPress plug-ins, we will now move into the next segment of this article where we will compare between these two plug-ins based on a few standard features.   

A Quick Comparison Between WPForms VS TypeForm

Features WPForms Typeform
Ease of use It is both beginner-friendly and user-friendly. It is user-friendly but mainly suitable for an experienced user as it is not beginner-friendly.
Helps in creating Conventional forms It is effortless for every user to create conventional form through WPForms as it is beginner-friendly. Only an experienced user can create conventional forms easily, but it is quite difficult for a new user to create a conventional form through Typeform.
Overall features This plug-in offers several essential features which help the user to create high-quality forms. Just like WPForms, Typeform also offers many features. However, this plug-in lacks various features which are essential for creating a high-quality form.
Customer Support Offers high-quality customer support facility irrespective of the fact whether the user has opted for a premium or a free plan. Typeform offers good quality customer support facilities only to the premium members. However, their customer support facility is not up to the mark.
Price $39.50/year – $299.50/year. $30/month – $59/month.
Integrations It integrates with several third-party applications like PayPal, Stripe, Aweber Email Marketing Tool, MailChimp add-on, GetResponse add-on, and Constant Contact Integrations.  This plug-in also integrates with a number of third-party applications like Google Sheets, MailChimp, Stripe, and Slack.

Which Is Best between WPForms and Typeform

As mentioned earlier in this section, we are going to compare the above-mentioned WordPress plug-ins based on a few standard features, and at the end, we will declare the overall winner. So in order to know which one is the best WordPress form plug-in, a user must go through this section thoroughly.

Ease of Use

WPForms has a beginner-friendly interface, and hence, a user can easily create different types of form even if they are using this plug-in for the first time which is a significant advantage of this WordPress form plug-in.

On the other hand, Typeform is not beginner-friendly as WPForms, so it is always difficult for a new user to utilize this plug-in properly, however it is reasonably easy for an experienced user to use this WordPress form plug-in as it has a fairly straightforward interface.

Winner: In this category, both are almost equally effective, but WPForms slightly edges over Typeform as it is beginner-friendly due to which a large section of user can efficiently utilize this WordPress Form plug-in.

Helps in creating Conventional forms

With the help of WPForms Conversational Forms add-on, a user can create conversational forms right from their WordPress admin area and host it on their website instead of creating the form elsewhere and embedding it into their site.

On the other hand, Typeform is a dedicated conversational form builder through which a user can create surveys and questionnaires, quizzes, polls, etc. They have a set of prebuilt conversational forms in their template gallery using which a user can create their conventional forms.

Winner: In this category, WPForms is the winner because it allows a user to insert forms into their website by just clicking on the ‘Add Form’ button in the desired web page, but in Typeform a user has to know a lot of extra things to insert the forms.

Overall Features

WPForms offers several exciting features which assist a user in creating highly effective contact types and surveys, and moreover, with the help of their Ballot/Survey add-on, a user can simply create a ballot or survey for their WordPress websites.

Apart from the features mentioned above, WPForms also comes with Smart Conditional Logic feature, which helps the user in a number of ways. Moreover, with WPForms, a user gets interactive survey reviews with real-time insights.

On the other hand, Typeform is also useful but not as effective as WPForms as it lacks a lot of features which a user will generally find in WPForms. Few of the main features of WPForms which are absent in Typeform are Signature add-on, Type Abandonment add-on, and Consumer Registration option.

Winner: So if we compare WPForms and Typeform in terms of their overall features, WPForms is far ahead of Typeform as Typeform lacks several essential features which are necessary for creating a high-quality form.

Customer Support

WPForms offers excellent customer support facility, irrespective of the fact whether the user holds a premium membership or they are under the free plan, so every single user gets support right from the official developers.

Even though the premium members get more facilities but still their general service is also top-class. Moreover, their support team often checks the support forum to make sure that everyone who is using their form builder gets top-class support.

On the other hand, Typeform offers limited customer support facilities to their free plan members, which is evident from the fact that their Basic free plan allows a user to collect only 100 responses per month with just ten questions per Typeform.

The premium members get help from the customer agents only on Weekdays, which means that they don’t provide help on the Weekends, which is a significant disadvantage of Typeform when compared to WPForms.

Winner: So from the above facts, it is quite clear that WPForms is the out and out winner in this category.

Pricing Structure

WPForms does not offer any free plan, but a user can download its lite version from WordPress.org. It offers four premium pricing plans, which are known as the Basic, Plus, Pro, and Elite plan, and the price ranges from $39.50/year to $299.50/year.

On the other hand, Typeforms offers one free plan and two premium plans. The free plan is known as the basic plan, and the two premium plans are known as the Pro plan and the Pro+ plan. Although it offers a free plan, but still, the free plan contains minimal features.

Winner: In this category WPForms slightly edges over Typeform because it offers more options to the user as there are four different premium pricing plans in WPForms compared to two in Typeform and moreover the premium plans of WPForms has more number of features as well.


WPForms is an excellent WordPress form plug-in and helps the user in a number of ways as it can be integrated to several third-party services like PayPal, Stripe, Aweber Email Marketing Tool, MailChimp add-on, GetResponse add-on, and Constant Contact Integrations.

On the other hand, Typeform can also be integrated with several third-party services just like WPForms.  Therefore, some of the third party services with which a user can integrate Typeform are Google Sheets, MailChimp, Stripe, and Slack.

Winner: In this category, both WPForms and Typeform are the winners as both of them can be integrated with several third-party services.

Conclusion: Which is The Best Contact Form Builder Plugin For WordPress?

As promised at the beginning of this article, we have minutely compared two of the best WordPress form plug-ins.

wpforms vs typeform

So after comparing them throughout the entire article in terms of few standard features, we can conclude that WPForms is the overall winner as in almost all the categories WPForms is far ahead although Typeform is also an equally essential WordPress form plug-in.

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wpforms vs typeform
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