WPForms VS Gravity Forms 2020: Which is Best?

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In this article, we are going to compare WPForms VS Gravity Forms, two of the most renowned WordPress form plug-ins of recent times, which are WPForms and the Gravity Forms. Therefore before moving into the main section of this article where we will compare between them, let us briefly describe these two WordPress form plug-ins.


  • Drag and Drop Builder
  • Easy To Use Interface
  • Pre-made Form Templates
  • Powerful Premium Addon Features
  • 50% OFF on All Plans. Starts with $39.99/year.

Gravity Forms

  • Create multi-page forms
  • This is a front-end WYSIWYG-enabled form builder
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop form builder interface
  • $59/year for the very basic plan. No discount.

WPForms VS Gravity Comparison 2020

What is WPForms?


The WPForms is a drag and drop form builder plug-in with a user-friendly and beginner-friendly interface. Through this plug-in, a user can create multiple, creative forms for contact, subscription, and payment, etc. in a matter of minutes.

What is Gravity Forms?

gravity forms

Gravity Forms allows a user to go beyond the basics and create quizzes, surveys, questionnaires, and order forms, etc. Initially, it was used for contact forms, but now a user can use it for WordPress post creation, calculators, employment applications, etc.

Moreover, WPForms also comes with several pre-built form templates so that users can start their work instantly.

Now we will move into the next segment of this article as we have already given brief information about the above-mentioned WordPress form plug-ins.

A Quick Comparison Between WPForms VS Gravity Forms

Features WPForms Gravity Forms
User-Friendly interface WPForms is both user-friendly and beginner-friendly. Gravity Forms is user-friendly, but a user needs to be an expert in order to utilize this plug-in properly as it is not at all beginner-friendly.
Form Templates WPForms comes with an extensive library of pre-built templates including six editable templates. Gravity Forms offers a limited number of pre-built templates.
Price $79/year-$599/year $59/year-$259/year
Money-back period WPForms offers a 14-day money-back guarantee policy. Gravity Forms offers a 30-day money-back guarantee policy.
Customer Support This WordPress Form plug-in offers 24/7 customer support facility, and moreover, they always try to help their users irrespective of the fact whether they are premium members or not. They mainly offer top-class support facility to the premium members. Moreover, they only provide support on the weekdays, which is one of the main drawbacks of Gravity Forms. 
Add-ons They provide 33 official add-ons This WordPress Form plug-in comes with 44 official add-ons.

Which Is Best between WPForms and Gravity Forms

In this section, we are going to highlight few of the top features of WPForms and Gravity Forms and depending on the result under each category we will disclose the overall winner at the end of this article.

Therefore in order to find the best plug-in among WPForms and Gravity Forms go through this section carefully.

User-friendly Interface

WPForms offers its users a user-friendly and beginner-friendly drag-and-drop interface due to which any user can craft beautiful, functional WordPress forms within a few minutes, which is one of the main advantages of this WordPress Form plug-in.

Just because WPForms has a beginner-friendly interface, so a user doesn’t need to hire a developer or write any code to create their forms. Moreover, this plug-in also comes with several add-ons and widgets which help the users in a number of ways.

Gravity Forms, on the other hand, comes with a drag and drop builder which is user-friendly but not as beginner-friendly as WPForms. Its intuitive drag and drop builder gives users access to convenient form field adding and rearrangement, but an inexperienced user cannot appropriately handle it.

Winner: In this category, WPForms edges over Gravity Forms only due to its beginner-friendly nature.

Form Templates

In WPForms all license purchasers have access to six editable templates, including a basic contact form, a quote request form, and a billing form. The Pro members and the Elite members get access to an add-on pack with more than 100 pre-made forms.

Moreover, in WPForms, all templates are editable and can be customized to fit an individual’s needs with the help of WPForms’ easy-to-use builder.

While on the other hand Gravity Forms only allows manual form creation. In Gravity Forms, a user can easily create custom forms and can even find tools to aid them among the third-party add-ons available for the plug-in.

Winner: In this category, both WPForms and Gravity Forms are equally matched, but due to the presence of extensive library of pre-built templates within WPForms we can say that WPForms edges slightly over Gravity Forms when compared with respect to Form templates.


WPForms has a free version which a user can download from the WordPress.org repository. Moreover, it also provides four premium plans which are known as the Basic License, Plus License, Pro License, and the Elite License. The premium plans start at $39/year and extend up to $599/year. You will get 50% OFF WPForms Coupon code as well.

On the other hand, Gravity Forms offers three premium plans, which are popularly known as the Basic License, Pro License, and the Elite License plan. The premium plans range from $59/year to $259/year.

Winner: Unlike WPForms Gravity Forms does not contain a free version due to which in this category, WPForms is the winner as they offer free abd cheap paid plans.

Money-Back period

WPForms offer a 14-day money back period, which means that if the user gives up their service during this period due to any reason, they will get back the entire invested amount.

Gravity Forms, on the other hand, gives its users a 30-day money back period, which is also one of the main advantages of this WordPress Form plug-in.

Winner: Gravity Forms is the out and out winner in this category as it offers a 30-day money back period compared to only 14-days in WPForms.

Customer Support

WPForms comes with fantastic customer support facility, which is evident from the fact that it offers 24/7 customer service and moreover the customer agents try to solve the issue within a few minutes.

They always try to help their customers irrespective of the fact whether they hold a premium membership or not.  A user can seek help from the customer support agents either by submitting a support ticket or by filling out a contact form.

Gravity Forms, on the other hand, offers ticketing support only to the premium members and moreover, they provide support only on weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm which means that users don’t get help on weekends which is a significant drawback of this WordPress Form plug-in.

Winner: In this category, it is quite evident that WPForms is the winner as they offer top-class customer support facility irrespective of the fact whether the user has opted for a premium plan or not and also because Gravity Forms does not provide 24/7 support facility.


WPForms offers its users 33 add-ons, but unlike Gravity Forms, it does not have a community to support add-ons from third-party providers, which is a small drawback of this WordPress Form plug-in.

On the other hand, Gravity Forms offers 44 official add-ons to their users. Along with the official add-ons, Gravity Forms also provides a community where many third-party services offer extra add-ons.

Winner: In this category Gravity Forms is the out and out winner as it offers more number of official add-ons than WPForms.

Which Is The Best Contact Form Builder For WordPress?

As promised at the beginning of this article, we have given an in-depth comparison between two of the most popular WordPress Form plug-ins.

wpforms vs gravity forms

Therefore, after comparing WPForms and Gravity Forms through the entire article, we can conclude that WPForms is much better than Gravity Forms as in four out of six features which are mentioned above WPForms is the out and out winner.

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