Divi Vs Avada: Which Is The Best Theme For WordPress?

In this article, we will compare Divi Vs Avada, two famous WordPress themes, Divi and Avada. Users will find a number of WordPress themes on the Internet, but none of them are as useful as the above-mentioned themes. Yes, if you are searching for Divi Vs Avada to find out which is the best, then this article will help you to choose the best.

Why Divi is best?

  • Great flexibility
  • Real-time editing
  • Split testing
  • Cool layouts
  • You can use it on unlimited sites
  • Comes with a theme builder

Why Avada Is Best?

  • Very sleek design
  • A great selection of website demos
  • Custom fonts
  • Working with Fusion is fast and efficient
  • Great flexibility

Basic Comparison Between Divi Theme And Avada Theme (2021)

divi builder

Divi Theme Pros & Cons

Divi Builder is a short code based builder from Elegant Themes that offers several advanced features. Moreover, Divi has an extremely user-friendly drag and drop WordPress theme builder, so users will be able to operate this plug-in even if they are not expert in programming. 


  • Front End Page Builder
  • Hundreds Of Templates
  • Inline Text Editing
  • Comes Bundled With A Theme
  • Responsive Editing
  • 40+ Global Elements
  • It’s a complete Theme Builder for WordPress


  • No Popup Builder
  • Use Shortcodes
  • Too many features
  • Lots of elements for long pages


You can save 20% using this exclusive Divi Discount Code. Just click the button below and get Divi Lifetime Access for $199 Only.

avada wordpress theme

Avada Pros & Cons

Avada is a multipurpose WordPress theme used to create just about any type of site. Avada can be used to create an online portfolio, a showcase for any business, or even for an e-commerce shop.


  • Includes A Front End Page Builder Since v6
  • Can Adjust Theme Settings From The Page Builder
  • 38 Demos To Get You Started
  • Hundreds Of Theme Options
  • WooCommerce Integration


  • Costly compared to Divi
  • Extra charge for Support
  • Shortcode Based
  • Per site basis license


It will cost your $60 for 1 year and then you have to renew every year.

Divi Vs Avada Comparison 2021: Which is The Best Theme?

Now, we will move into the main section of this article, where we will compare the above-mentioned WordPress themes on the basis of some common features and will eventually reveal the name of the better theme at the end of this article.

1. User-interface (Which is Best)

Divi: Divi has a user-friendly and beginner-friendly interface, and hence it is very easy to set up. Users will be easily able to go through the installation process and can easily launch the theme within a few seconds.

The user-friendly interface of Divi makes it really easy for even an absolute beginner to design a professional-looking website. With simple customization options, users can add or remove any module from their site.

Avada: On the other hand, Avada comes with several functionalities that sometimes make it difficult for a beginner to use this theme effortlessly. However, this theme is built in such a way that even a person without programming knowledge will be able to use it properly.

Avada comes with a Fusion Page builder that gives users full control of their site’s design and layout. It also allows users to create their website design using its simple drag and drop functionality.

Result: Both themes have a user-friendly interface. However, Divi is more beginner-friendly compared to Avada as in Avada, users come across several functionalities, which can sometimes confuse a beginner/inexperienced user. So, in this point of Divi Vs Avada, Divi is the winner.

2. Key Features (Who Has Best Features Divi Vs Avada)

Divi: Divi provides various exciting features like Divi Builder, a powerful drag and drop builder for moving elements on the theme page. The Divi Builder also makes it simple for users to design their pages. Users can even draw columns and rows to add modules via the drag and drop options.

Some other key features include the multiple ready-made Divi layouts and designs bundled with Divi theme. These pre-built layouts always give the website a professional look and even save a lot of time because users won’t have to manually edit the theme from scratch.

Avada: Avada also comes with several useful features, including unlimited designs and templates that help users to build a website catered to their specific business niche in no time.

All the above-mentioned designs and templates are fully customizable, so users can quickly change the colors and styles. Moreover, users can easily edit the templates using the simple theme options panel.

In Avada, users will find an image slider, mega menu, and a shortcode generator, which will help each and every user in a number of ways. This theme is highly responsive, so it works accurately on all screen sizes and devices.

Result: When you compare Divi Vs Avada In terms of key features, Avada and Divi are almost similar, so it is very difficult to declare a clear winner in this category.But Divi theme is evolving continuously and they are adding features regularly to make it the best theme. You can read the detailed review of Divi Theme builder.

3. Plug-ins and Extensions (Avada Vs Divi)

Divi: Divi works perfectly with WooCommerce that helps users to create an online store. Like other modules of Divi, users can use the Divi Builder to design their e-commerce shop. It also supports WPML along with multiple RTL languages, which help to create a multilingual website.

If a user purchases the Developer License with Divi, then he/she can use any of the Elegant Themes’ plug-ins, which easily integrates with the theme. However, the three most popular plug-in that comes with Divi is Monarch, Bloom, and the Divi Builder plug-in.

Avada: When it comes to integrations, Avada can be easily integrated with the WooCommerce WordPress plug-in to turn a website into an e-commerce store. However, users can also align other features of Avada with their online store to make it more eye-catching.

Avada also supports bbPress forums that help to launch a forum within any website. Other essential integrations include awesome font icons to add beautiful icons to the navigation menus, social media menus, etc.

Avada comes packed with several WordPress plug-ins, including Revolution Slider, Layer Slider, and Elastic Slider, etc.

Result: Both the themes mentioned above integrate flawlessly with WooCommerce, and hence users will be easily able to set up an online store by using Divi Vs Avada. Avada is slightly ahead in this category because, unlike Divi, it supports bbPress forums.

4. Divi Vs Avada: Support & Updates 

Divi: Divi offers a 24/7 technical support facility. As a result of this feature, users can always contact the support staff by directing starting a conversation with the support staff. The support staffs respond quickly and, most of the time, solve the problem within a short span of time.

Users can also contact the support staff from the Members Area, where they will also get various FAQs, which further helps the customers to solve their issues.

The basic plan of Divi gives free updates/support for one year, and after one-year, if users want to get the updates, they have to renew their account. On the other hand, the higher plan of Divi comes with lifetime updates and support facilities.

Avada: Avada also has a first-class customer support facility, just like Divi. They offer a 24/7 customer support facility so that users can always seek help from the support agents whenever they face any issue.

Users will generally find details of each and every feature of this theme with simple step by step instructions on how to use the theme effortlessly. Users will also find documentation for all the additional plug-ins, which is included within this theme.

By using Avada, users get six months of free customer support, and although users can extend that to 12 months by investing an extra $18. Moreover, users will also get lifetime updates by purchasing this theme.

Result: Both Divi and Avada offer fantastic customer support facilities, so we can say that in terms of support, both the themes mentioned above are equally effective. However, when compared in terms of free updates, Avada slightly edges over Divi because Avada offers lifetime updates regardless of the user’s license.

5. Divi Vs Avada: Pricing Structure Of Divi Vs Avada

Divi: For accessing all the features of Divi, users can either join the Elegant Themes club by investing $89 for one year, or they can even spend $249 for a single time in order to get lifetime access to all of the Elegant Themes’ plug-ins and themes. But with this special 20% OFF Discount, you can get Elegant Themes at a discounted price of $199 only. In fact, you can also get a 25% discount during Divi Black Friday Sale 2021.

Both the alternatives mentioned above come with a 30-day money-back guarantee policy. As a result of this feature, users can give up the service within those 30-days to get back the entire invested amount.    

Avada: Avada offers only one pricing plan, which costs $60/year. Within this plan, apart from the 6 months of free support, users will also get two popular WordPress slider plug-ins, including LayerSlider and Slider Revolution, which costs $22 and $25, respectively.

If required, users can always increase the term of free support from 6 months to 12 months by investing more $18 apart from the initial $60. As mentioned earlier, the pricing plan of Avada comes with lifetime free updates.

Result: Divi is available for $89/year and Avada for $60/year, so we can say that both the themes represent excellent value for money. So, direct pricing wise among Divi Vs Avada, Avada looks cheaper. But don’t forget that Divi theme is a part of Elegant Themes Bundle, one of the best WordPress theme package. That means you will get 87+ more themes & 5 awesome premium Plugins at this price. Click for more details.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Among Divi Vs Avada

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, we have compared two equally popular WordPress themes on the basis of a few common characteristics. Honestly speaking, it is tough to declare a clear winner as both are high-quality products.

divi vs avada
divi vs avada comparison in 2021

But on the basis of our judgment, we can declare Avada as the overall winner just because it is cheaper than Divi, gives lifetime updates regardless of user’s license, and, last but not the least, unlike Divi, Avada supports bbPress forums.     

However, users can definitely go for Divi as it is more beginner-friendly. Moreover, Divi Builder is a fantastic page builder that can produce beautiful content and also because Divi comes with many advanced features like Split testing. Which is best according to you between Divi Vs Avada? Write a comment below.

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