5 Best WordPress Hosting in India 2019 (Best 24/7 Customer Support)

Looking for best WordPress hosting provider in India 2019 with great support? When there are so many web hosting services are available, how to decide which one is the best for your website?

Well, to make it simple, here I am sharing a list of good WordPress hosting companies reviewed based on their good customer support. Almost every hosting company is promising to provide the best 24/7 customer support. But how many of them are really following the same?

Here is the list of those best web hosting providers in 2018, you can trust and host your WordPress website proudly without worrying about any issues.

Top 5 Web Hosting Company Providers in 2019

Here is the list of the top web hosting companies who won the heart of people by providing the best support through phone, live chat or email. Find out their detailed review of 24/7 customer support below.

Web Hosting CompanySupport SystemPricing
SitegroundChat, Phone, Support TicketsApprox Rs. 3000 per year ($48)
FastcometEmail, Chat, PhoneRs. 2400 per year ($36)
BluehostChat, PhoneRs. 3400 per year ($48)
A2 HostingPhone, ticketRs 3060 per year ($47)
HostgatorEmail, Chat, PhoneRs. 3400 per year ($48)

Choosing your first web hosting plan in India is not less than a nightmare as it is very difficult to pay for something you have no idea. Most people start blogging with free blogging platforms like Blogspot, wordpress.com, tumbler, etc.

But, if you are serious about blogging and want to make money through blogging. Then you have to start your first blog on self-hosted WordPress platform only.

But how to decide which web hosting is good for your small business or website? There are various things one have to consider while choosing a web hosting company in India. E.g. good customer support, uptime, unlimited resources, free domain name or Free SSL certificate, etc.

In this article, I will be highlighting the customer support reviews of these WordPress hosting companies and help you to choose the best hosting provider with the best customer support service.

best wordpress hosting customer support review

Why Customer Support Is Important While Choosing A Web Hosting

Whenever you buy something, whether it’s a web hosting plan or WordPress theme or a plugin. Do you think the deal is over as soon as you pay the amount and get the product?

No, because this is just the beginning of the journey. And how long that relationship will continue, that will purely depend upon how much good support you are going to get from the company. Here are a few key points to understand why customer support is important.

  • When you are paying something, you do not only pay for the product. E.g. if you buy a hosting plan or WordPress theme, you also buy the support or upgrade. That means, in future also you are going to get more changes or service from time to time. In the case of hosting, there are various technical things which are very difficult to understand for a beginner. In that case, you need regular assistance to get help whenever required.
  • In the world of online business, it doesn’t matter whether it’s day or night. Whenever you find any issue, you simply want to get the solution in the next few minutes. In that case, you need a good customer support team who can help you instantly even in the off-time of a day.
  • When you buy some product from a company and gradually trust them over the period of time, then you can happily continue to buy more items related to your business, without worrying about much.
  • Even if you buy a good product, but in case don’t have the proper skill to support or resolve your day to day issues, then it will be very difficult for you to continue. As you may have to spend more money to hire people with specific expertise to resolve your queries.

So, these are the few reasons, for which you should give customer support the maximum priority while buying any service like web hosting service. Let’s find out more details about the list of best WordPress hosting by good customer support.

Top 5 Best WordPress Hosting Companies in India With Best 24/7 Customer Support

There are lots of web hosting companies you can buy in India. If you are looking for India based hosting companies with cheapest price, you will find many. But the problem is with security, reliability & support. Just think, when a hosting company offers cheap pricing, how come they offer best servers, best support, and high-quality security.

So, that’s why it’s always recommended to by web hosting from a reliable company who has good SSD servers, latest PHP version updated, top-notched security with affordable pricing options. Here are few of the top 5 web hosting companies that work best for Indian bloggers.

SiteGround WordPress Hosting in India (Best Rated)

Siteground has one of the most trusted WordPress hosting providers, especially when we talk about their customer support. They provide a couple of ways like live chat support, phone support and off-course through the portal based ticketing system

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How do you feel when a tech support guy assist you by saying “Can I make your day a little better ?” 

It’s simply telling how much dedicated and committed they are for their customers to deliver the best. Whatever is the complexity of the issues, they have a very good team of experts who can help you to resolve your hosting issues in a few minutes. No need to search for SiteGround coupon as they don’t offer any. They do offer a flat 70% discount on their web hosting packages.

siteground customer support review

Check Out Siteground Plan Starting @ $3.95/mo

FastComet WordPress Hosting For Indian Bloggers

Fastcomet is one of the growing names in the world of web hosting. They are very good especially from a customer support point of view. You will find almost every Fastcomet review talking about mainly on their super-fast customer support, technical support, etc.

Whatever is your issue like issues with SSL certificates, lost your website data, DNS management issue, migration problem, etc, you will get quick and professional support from Fastcomet team. Here is a proof of their great customer support shared on their FaceBook page.

fastcomet customer support review

Check Out Fastcomet Plan Starting @ $2.95/mo

Bluehost WordPress Hosting (Don’t Buy Bluehost India)

I am using Bluehost from last 1 year and I am planning to renew my Bluehost Plus plan for 1 more year too. The reason is very simple, so far I have not faced any major issue with Bluehost and I found their cPanel interface very much easy to use.

But when we talk about Bluehost customer support, there are various negative reviews available online. Frankly speaking, Bluehost customer support was not that good earlier. People find very difficult to chat with their live chat support.

Most people have to wait for minutes before someone assists them, But I think it is not the same as recently while I was migrating one of my domain names to another one, I have edited the .htaccess file wrongly and entire website go down immediately.

bluehost live chat support review

I simply contact their live chat option and they responded immediately. Not only that, they just resolved my problem and also helped me to put the correct 301 redirect code and resolve the issue. Here are few of the screenshots of my communication with Bluehost live chat support.

bluehost customer support review

Check Out Bluehost Plan Starting @ $3.95/mo

A2 Hosting WordPress Hosting

A2 Hosting is one of the most reliable WordPress hosting providers. They are very good at providing technical support via phone & ticketing system. Here is a review shared by one of the satisfied A2 hosting customers.

a2 hosting customer support review

Check Out A2 Hosting Plans Starting @ $3.92/mo

HostGator customer service review

Hostgator is one of the best shared hosting providers at the cheapest price. I am sure almost everyone who is in blogging for last 5 years has been experienced with their hosting services. Hostgator BABY plan is one of the most popular shared hosting plans.

But when it is about customer support, they are not up to the expectations when we compare them with others like Sitegound, Bluehost, Fastcomet etc. If you are good enough to understand & handle basic hosting related things, then Hostgator is really the best budget hosting provider.

I have a couple of websites hosted by them and they are doing really well without any worry. I never need their customer support help though, as most of the websites are experimental or micro-niche affiliate site.

Check Out Hostgator Plans Starting @ $3.96/mo

Which is the best web hosting company in India

So, what is your experience with your web hosting company? Are you really satisfied with your customer support? You can write a comment below and share your experience here and make the list of best WordPress hosting providers with good customer support worthy for readers.