7 Best Live Chat Plugins for WordPress in 2020

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Today, WordPress is the most widely used blogging platform globally. WordPress integrates a number of features in its platform, and if you require additional features, plugins are always available for use. Plugins can satisfy almost all your needs and will let you customize your website/blog to your own liking. With these plugins, add lots of personal touches to your website and you will reap the rewards sooner or later.

A number of live chat plugins are also available on WordPress that can enhance your customer service greatly. By using such plugins, you can resolve customer problems in real-time and respond to sales queries instantly, eliminating buyer friction and providing a reassuring human presence.

List Of 7 Best Live Chat Plugin For WordPress Free 2020

Well, these kind of plugins are mostly effective for websites selling some products or service online. You might have noticed in any web hosting website or theme website where a automatic popup appears where someone greets you to help further. Following are some of the finest live chat plugins available for WordPress:

Zendesk chat – Download Now

Being one of the most popular live chat services, Zendesk Chat can easily be installed onto your website and is available for free. The chat boxes of this plugin are one of the most stylish you will find, with customizable themes and layouts.

In order to respond to visitors messages, all that you need to do is access the external Zopim Dashboard. The plugin also extends support for Android or iPhone app, and you can also reply to the customer queries from the app. The dashboard is filled with vital metrics, which allows you the track chat history, learn about visitors in real-time and review chat performances.

LiveChat – Download Now

LiveChat is a handy chat solution, which is geared with providing a better experience to everyone involved in the chat. This goes for you, your agents your website visitors/customers.

On the visitor’s side, the LiveChat greets people with a chat box at the bottom of the web page. This box always remain in sight of the user, and the visitors can leave feedback or grade their experience with your customer support. Moreover, they can also give your page or accounts on social media a shout out using the embedded share buttons.

Olark – Download Now

Olark is one of the fully-featured chat solution plugins. It can be easily integrated into your website using a handy widget. The plugin is not exactly an ideal example of live chat plugins as you only get a piece of code, directly from Olark which can then be embedded where you wish to place it.

Each of the chat conversation box gets detailed breakdown of customer’s activity on your website. You can see which pages they have been to and what activity did they do on these pages. Once the conversation is over, the customer can also leave feedback as well as rating. Olark has several other features to offer as well, and if you need something slightly advanced, this is the plugin to look for.

Tidio Live Chat – Download Now

Tidio is an easy-to-install and easy-to-run plugin, which can be simply activated made to run instantly. The chat boxes of this plugin comes in fully colored customization to fit your website’s branding.

The chats are handled from the Tidio Chat Tab, which can be easily accessed from your WordPress Dashboard. The chats can also be managed by installed a dedicated iOS, Android or Desktop app.

Formilla – Download Now

Formilla is an incredible freemium live chat solution, and if your website enjoys modest traffic, you can try Formilla for free. The free package of this plugin allows for one concurrent chat, one agent and up to 30 totals chat in a month, all handled through Formilla’s personalized interface.

Additionally, if you require more functionality, the premium version can be bought. It will offer you support to chat from iOS or Android app, as well as the full Formilla interface. Premium users can also customize their chat boxes and monitor real-time visitors.

Chatwee – Download Now

Chatwee is an advanced chat plugin aimed at various online communities. It facilitates interaction via private, public, and group chats, involving clickable links, a rich set of emoji, as well as images and animated gifts. Chatwee owners are given access to extensive customization options, including display mode, color scheme, privacy, moderation and banning.

Users can interact across multiple chat rooms, while logging in using a variety of methods. This chat widget comes with a Free-forever plan if it suits you, and can be easily scaled up with no long-term commitments. Definitely an option to consider if you’re running a socially-oriented site.

Do You Need A Live Chat Plugin For Your WordPress Blog?

So, which plugin do you think is best live chat software for your WordPress blog? You have to think wisely whether you need such a plugin in your website to attend visitors request. One thing you have to remember is that just installing such a live chat plugin and the not responding to their queries instantly may adversely effect your website’s reputation. You have to be live as per the live chat window you promised to your visitors to gain trust & reputation.

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