WP Rocket Vs Swift Performance: Which Is Best Cache Plugin?

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Not able to decide between WP Rocket Vs Swift Performance? Then I will help you to pick the right cache plugin for your WordPress blog. If you don’t know what is a cache plugin, then let me tell you in short: A cache plugin will help your website pages to load very fast on browsers by storing the static elements. In simple words, you need to install a good WordPress cache plugin to increase your website speed.

Generally, there are various WordPress Cache plugins present in the market, but the majority of the users prefer to use WP Rocket and Swift Performance mainly because of their fantastic feature. So, let’s have a quick comparison between WP Rocket Vs Swift Performance and try to find which one is best for your blog.

WP Rocket

  • Easy To Configure
  • Many essential features
  • SPEED up your website
  • Pricing wise very much affordable ($49/site)

SWIFT Performance

  • Very light weight
  • Plenty of tutorials & documentation to setup
  • Cheaper compared to WP Rocket ($39.99/Site)

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WP Rocket Vs Swift Performance Comparison 2021: Which Is The Best Cache Plugin For WordPress?

This article will be essential for those readers who want to know which one is a better WordPress Cache Plug-in among WP Rocket and Swift Performance. Therefore, all the interested readers must go through this article thoroughly. 

What is WP Rocket?

wp rocket

WP Rocket is a WordPress caching plug-in, which is mainly created to speed up WordPress websites with minimal effort. It is found that WP Rocket is currently used on nearly 500k websites and is very popular, although it was introduced five years back.

wp rocket facebook poll result

What Is Swift Performance?

swift performance

Swift Performance offers an intelligent caching system through which it allows users to cache AJAX requests and dynamic pages. Moreover, this plug-in also lets users to set rules if they don’t want some files to be cached.

A Quick Comparison Between WP Rocket And SWIFT Performance

Features WP Rocket Swift Performance
Ease of Use WP Rocket comes with both beginner-friendly and user-friendly working interface. Swift Performance has a user-friendly interface, but it is mainly suitable for experienced users.
Conflict Resolution While using WordPress Cache plug-ins users might face FOUC/FOUT issue which can be easily solved by using WP Rocket as it offers an easy way to dial back certain settings to resolve CSS/JS conflicts.    Swift Performance does not provide any proper settings to overcome the FOUC/FOUT issue.
Server Compatibility It offers fantastic speed on Apache, a step slower on LiteSpeed, and will be much slower on NGINX. Swift Performance works steadily on Apache, LiteSpeed, and NGINX.
Support WP Rocket has an efficient and fast customer support facility Swift Performance offers relatively good customer support facility but their response time is not as fast as that of WP Rocket’s customer support facility
Price It offers three premium plans which are popularly known as the Single, Plus, and Infinite plan. The price of the premium plans ranges from $49/year to $249/year Unlike WP Rocket, apart from three premium plans it also offers a free plan. The premium plans are known as Single, Multi, and Developer plan. Premium plans of Swift Performance ranges from $39.99/year to $199.99/year

Which caching plugin is better among WP Rocket and SWIFT Performance Cache?

In this section, we will not elaborate the individual features of the above-mentioned plug-ins, but instead, we will take few common characteristics of WP Rocket and Swift Performance, and on the basis of those features readers will come to know which is the better plug-in amongst WP Rocket and Swift Performance.  

WP Rocket Vs Swift Performance: Ease of Use

One of the main factors that come to a users mind while using a WordPress Cache plug-in is how effortless it is to use a particular plug-in because it is tough to manage a complex WordPress Cache Plug-in.

For example, older cache plug-ins like W3 Total Cache (W3TC) was a pain to set up and seemed to require a secret configuration for every server/site.    

But luckily WP Rocket has a straightforward interface and hence it really very easy to manage WP Rocket even if a user is using it for the first time. Users can instantly start working with this plug-in instead of wasting time on figuring out the right settings.

Here is the screenshot of WP Rocket Dashboard. This interface is very much easy to understand and one can do all necessary settings in just few minutes.

wp rocket settings
WP Rocket Settings

On the other hand, Swift Performance has a slightly complicated interface, and hence, users need to configure different things before starting the actual work. This WordPress plug-in is appropriate for tech-savvy and experienced users but not ideal for beginners.

swift performance settings
Swift Performance Settings

Winner: Therefore in this category, WP Rocket is the out and out winner as both beginners, and experienced users can use it because of its easy to use interface while on the other hand, Swift Performance can be effortlessly used only by experienced users.

WP Rocket Vs Swift Performance: Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution is a significant area of concern, especially when comparing full-featured plug-ins. WordPress Cache Plug-in is often so aggressive with website optimization that they end up breaking any site or causing FOUC/FOUT issues.

Some plug-ins even compel users to delete the cache and restore their access files, maybe also re-install the plug-in manually through FTP while the best plug-ins allow users to still get into the admin dashboard area and make changes.

In this regard, WP Rocket is definitely easier to manage as it offers an easy way to dial back certain settings to resolve CSS/JS conflicts. Moreover, users will find that in WP Engine, it is more natural to uncheck things and retry the front end again.

Swift Performance, on the other hand, does not offer any proper settings and hence often users keep wandering around thinking which things to uncheck. 

Winner: Therefore, in this category, WP Rocket is the distinct winner as it offers various settings which often help users to uncheck things and retry the front end again.

WP Rocket Vs Swift Performance: Server Compatibility

This is also an essential factor to determine the effectiveness of any WordPress cache plug-ins. Hence before using any plug-ins, users must apply them on the three most essential servers, which are Apache, LiteSpeed, and NGINX servers.

If users use WP Rocket on Apache, LiteSpeed, and NGINX servers, they will find that WP Rocket will give fantastic speed on Apache, a step slower on LiteSpeed, and will be much slower on NGINX.

On the other hand, Swift Performance almost performs equally well on all the above-mentioned servers.

Winner: In terms of Server compatibility, Swift Performance is much better than WP Rocket mainly because of its steady performance on all the servers mentioned above.

Support : Which is Best?

Customer support is always a determining factor between good and best plug-ins. Best Plug-ins have top-notch Customer Support facility with agents work round the clock to help their customers.

Moreover, the best plug-ins also contains different support options which help users to solve a lot of issues manually. Top-quality customer support is very essential, especially for the new users as expert users can often manage without appropriate customer support facility.

As mentioned earlier, WP Rocket is perfectly suitable for the amateur user, which is true because it has a reliable support facility. WP Engine is such a plug-in company that has someone more readily available to diagnose issues and recommend settings for any site.

Swift Performance, on the other hand, has incredible support and despite the rapid growth in the recent months, they have done well to answer support tickets, reply to forums, and reply to their Facebook group, but it is not as effective as the support facility of WP Rocket.

Winner: In terms of customer support facility, WP Rocket slightly edges over Swift Performance because it not only has an incredible support facility but also users experience faster response from WP Rocket’s agents than Swift Performance’s agents.

WP Rocket Vs Swift Performance: Price Comparison  

Honestly speaking cost shouldn’t be an issue for serious website owners who are already monetizing with their sites, but it certainly is the case for people looking for free options for their personal sites or those who manage the client sites.

WP Rocket only offers premium plans, so users need to invest a fair amount of money in order to utilize even the basic features of WP Rocket. On top of that, the basic price of WP Rocket is $49/year, which is definitely much higher than most of the other WordPress Cache Plug-ins. 

wp rocket pricing review
WP Rocket Pricing

On the other hand, unlike WP Rocket, Swift Performance offers both free and paid plans, and hence, users can easily enjoy the basic features without investing a single penny. Moreover, the basic premium plan of Swift Performance cost $39.99/year, which is also a lot cheaper than WP Rocket.

Swift Performance Pricing
Swift Performance Pricing

Winner: In this category, it is absolutely clear that Swift Performance is the out and out winner because unlike WP Rocket it offers a free plan and moreover, the premium plans of Swift Performance is also much cheaper than that of WP Rocket’s premium plans.

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Conclusion: Which is the Best Cache Plugin For WordPress?

wp rocket vs swift performance

As promised at the beginning of this article, we have given an in-depth comparison of WP Rocket and Swift Performance on the basis of a few standard features.

So, at the end of this article, we can finally declare WP Rocket as the overall winner because out of the five standard features mentioned above WP Rocket is the clear winner in three of the features.

wp rocket facebook poll result
Best WordPress Cache Plugin in 2021

However, Swift Performance is equally effective, and in the future, with slight improvements, it can definitely become much better than WP Rocket.