WP Rocket Review 2020: Is It Best WordPress Cache Plugin?

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The WordPress plugins can be mainly divided into two parts, one that is needed for only specific sites and others which are required by every WordPress site.

One such plugin is the caching and performance optimization plugins. WP Rocket is an essential plugin because it affects the user website, from user experience to Google ranking and conversion rates.

When it comes to caching plugins, there is no other popular option than WP rocket. It is branded as a caching plugin, but it has a whole lot of other small performance optimization features to improve any website’s overall experience. That’s WP Rocket, in a nutshell, now let us talk about its features.

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CDN Compatibility

Most often, a site can be huge and so the user needs to distribute its files to multiple servers around the world so that it has a faster loading time. So in such cases, WP Rocket becomes essential as it is compatible with a content delivery network (CDN) services.

Fast and Easy Setup

The thing with caching plugins is that they have multiple pages of settings and options. If the user screws any of those setting, it can either make or break the user’s website.

The most significant point of WP Rocket is that it has a very easy to use interface and hence the user can easily enable caching on their website.

Basic Setting

If a user only activates this basic setting, they will be able to use this plugin properly. While there are other options that the user can work with but if required those options can be avoided. 

Once the user uploads and activates the plugin, it automatically generates the cache for anyone who visits the site.

WP Rocket Review Settings Basic

Other Settings

If the user explores the additional settings and options in WP Rocket, they can see a few more options to load media files also known as Lazy loading etc. which has the potential to even improve the speed further. 

Minification and Concatenation

This feature helps the user to enable optimization of the underlying HTML, Javascript and CSS files of the website. This is a bit technical but takes only a click or two, but it is advisable for the user to learn about the process before enabling it.

If a user uses Google Font, then Minification and Concatenation allow the user to optimize Google Fonts as well.   

Custom Cache Lifespan:

This plugin gives the user the option to modify the default cache expiry interval according to their wish. This option comes in handy where the website is displaying fast changing or external dynamic content, like the ones from the Social media feeds.

WP Rocket Review Cache Lifespan

Additional Features –

  • It acts as a database optimizer.
  • It can remove query strings.
  • It can exclude Content from Cache.
  • It can regenerate cache from scratch.


  • The user has modified option on every single cache related features.
  • This plugin is straightforward to install and operate.
  • The user interface is straightforward with minimum Control Panel options.
  • The cache can be enabled for both mobile users and logged-in users.
  • This plugin comes with various tutorials and helpful FAQs for everyone.
  • This plugin helps to automatically regenerate Cache when a new post or page is added to the site.



  • Most of the customized options for multiple websites are available for higher priced packages.
  • This plugin was designed specifically for WordPress only.


wp rocket pricing

It is very affordable with just $39 per year for a single WordPress website. There is not a lot of difference between the packages except for the number of websites, this can plugin work on.

All packs are available on a yearly basis through which the user gets access to all the plugin update and support. After which the user can choose to use the plugin without the license or they can renew the license for further updates.

There is a 30-day refund offer as well, which the user can opt if they are unhappy with its performance.


WP Rocket has really impressive features. It is straightforward to use and also delivers excellent results instantly.  It is very affordable as well and comes with the most number of modifications someone can get in a caching plugin.

wp rocket review
wp rocket review

Although there are other free plugins as well which generally offer the user fast loading pages but those plugins won’t be as easy to set up and use as WP rocket.

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