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SmugMug Vs Zenfolio Comparison 2022: Which Is Best For Photographers?

Which is better among SmugMug Vs Zenfolio in 2022? If you are looking for a professional photo sharing platform to host your pictures and create a virtual gallery for promoting and selling your pictures then this article will help you for sure.

This article will compare SmugMug and Zenfolio, two popular online platforms that help users transfer photos and videos to their clients. Both the platforms offer several exciting features, so users often get confused about which one to choose. 

Therefore, to help out the users, we will compare SmugMug and Zenfolio on the basis of a few standard features/characteristics. Finally, at the end of this comparison article, we will declare the name of the better product amongst SmugMug and Zenfolio.

smugmug customer support review
smugmug customer support review

However, before comparing both the online platforms, we will give a brief description of Zenfolio and SmugMug so that users can get an idea about both the online platforms.

What is SmugMug?

SmugMug was initially introduced in 2002, and since then, it has ruled the market. Currently, it is one of the best web services for hosting photos among photographers. With the help of this online platform, users can display their images in the most user-friendly and convenient way. 

SmugMug is a wonderful host for your site if you’re looking to create a portfolio site only. With low costs for the basic plan, you can have a website for under $50 per year!

What is Zenfolio?

Zenfolio is an all-in-one platform that allows users to showcase and sell photos with utmost ease. This platform has a straightforward interface so photographers can effortlessly handle it without using a single line of code. 

Zenfolio provides professional video & photo hosting for photographers and allows users to build a photography website.

Basic comparison between SmugMug Vs Zenfolio

SmugMug Vs Zenfolio: Ease of Use

SmugMug: SmugMug comes with a straightforward interface that requires preliminary exploration. Its interface is appealing, stringent, and provides user-friendly ergonomics. Users can effortlessly sign up with the system due to the quick and straightforward web design procedure involving only a couple of steps. 

Is Smugmug Good

Users don’t have to bother about picking the right design or providing their payment details. This online service will offer tips throughout the testing process, and hence SmugMug is ideal for beginners.

Zenfolio: Zenfolio, on the other hand, provides a logically structured interface, yet its interface is a bit complicated for beginners. 

The sign-up process is relatively straightforward, and the dashboard looks quite simple at first sight. However, as users keep working with the platform, it proves to be a bit more complicated than one could imagine from the start. 

The working area is divided into sections, which help users to organize the photos. This online platform has an integrated WYSIWYG editor, which allows users to track all the stages of the website creation process. 

Winner: SmugMug

Both the online platforms offer straightforward user-interface, but SmugMug is slightly better than Zenfolio since, unlike Zenfolio, its interface is suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

SmugMug Vs Zenfolio: Integrations 

SmugMug: SmugMug flawlessly integrates with several widgets that users can pick and drag to the project pages to create the required layout and structure. Widgets with which SmugMug flawlessly integrates are text, gallery, share buttons, logo, map, calendar,  etc.

SmugMug also allows users to connect to the Lightroom plugin, which eventually helps users add, organize and manage the images and videos. The Lightroom plugin automatically synchronizes with SmugMug, leaving the SEO metadata and project structure intact. 

Furthermore, SmugMug also integrates flawlessly with Flickr, which helps users enhance brand recognition.

smugmug performance
smugmug performance

Zenfolio: Zenfolio is famous for its high-end integrations, which help to enhance portfolio performance and design. This online platform integrates flawlessly with multiple widgets and add-ons, which users can pick and integrate into their projects. 

Furthermore, Zenfolio also integrates flawlessly with Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and StatCounter. 

Winner: Zenfolio

Zenfolio is better than SmugMug in this category as Zenfolio unveils more opportunities to its subscribers. Moreover, unlike SmugMug, Zenfolio also provides built-in analytic and stats tracking features and photo editing tools for professional portfolio development. 

SmugMug Vs Zenfolio: Design & Template

SmugMug: All the designs of SmugMug are responsive by default and have a contemporary look that suites the latest web design trends. The SmugMug template collection includes eight high-quality, ready-made themes. For accessing the entire template collection, containing 26 templates, users need to upgrade to the Power pricing plan. 

Users can add new blocks to any template, change the background,  change the colour scheme, and even change the spacing between the blocks. Furthermore, SmugMug also allows users to add sidebars to a template and edit the HTML/CSS code. 

New SmugMug Gallery Style

Zenfolio: Unfortunately, Zenfolio doesn’t offer separate templates, but it has 12 website preset designs in its collection. Each pre-defined format has gallery composition, image display & presentation structure, menu positions, home pages, and other elements. 

The pre-defined designs also provide unique typography types, colour palettes, and customizable elements that give any project a personalized look. 

Winner: Draw

Both services rank high when compared in terms of design customization since Zenfolio has several layout options, which allow users to create a unique website structure, and SmugMug comes with a more convenient, advanced and flexible website editor.

SmugMug Vs Zenfolio: E-commerce Features

SmugMug: SmugMug provides useful eCommerce tools that help users set up and manage contemporary and full-featured online stores to sell photos and other digital content. The tools include price lists, discount coupons, sales, photo collection organization, product packs, security settings etc. 

Zenfolio: Zenfolio allows users to create and manage a full-featured portfolio and even has built-in blogging and eCommerce engines. Using Zenfolio, users can connect a blog and a digital store to the project and regularly update them.

Zenfolio offers an integrated shopping cart, which supports over 18 currency types and allows users to popularize their brand. Furthermore, Zenfolio also provides extensive worldwide shipping options, multiple payment solutions, CSV file import/export features. 

Winner: Zenfolio

Zenfolio is better than SmugMug in this category since it offers more opportunities to the users and, unlike SmugMug, comes with a built-in blogging engine. However, both the products are good enough to start and manage a small digital store and sell the services/products to the target audiences.

SmugMug Vs Zenfolio: SEO-Friendly features

SmugMug: SmugMug is an SEO-friendly online tool that allows users to fill out specific parameters and adjust the settings to increase portfolio search engine positions. SmugMug provides website stats and analytics tools and helps users track the major project parameters. 

Zenfolio: Zenfolio is an SEO-friendly online tool, just like most of its competitors. This tool allows users to fill out individual SEO settings for the effective optimization of the portfolio project.  

Winner: Draw

Both the products are winners in this category since both SmugMug and Zenfolio allow users to optimize portfolios for the search engines. They offer specific fields that users need to fill out for quality website promotion and for getting a higher ranking in the search engine results.

SmugMug Vs Zenfolio: Pricing Structure

SmugMug: SmugMug offers four different premium pricing plans, including the Basic Plan, Power Plan, Portfolio Plan, and Pro Plan. The Basic Plan and the Power Plan cost $9/month and $13/month, respectively, whereas the Portfolio Plan and the Pro Plan cost $28/month and $42/month.

smugmug pricing review
smugmug pricing review

Zenfolio: Zenfolio offers three separate premium pricing plans. The premium plans of Zenfolio include the Portfolio Plan, PortfolioPlus Plan, and ProSuite Plan. The Portfolio Plan, PorfolioPlus Plan, and the ProSuite Plan cost $8/month, $18/month, and $36/month, respectively.   

Winner: Draw

Both the products are reasonably priced and have almost similar rates. So we cannot declare a clear winner in this category. SmugMug offers more paid subscriptions, but Zenfolio’s pricing plans are also good enough to cover versatile web design needs.

SmugMug Vs Zenfolio: Free Trial

SmugMug: Unfortunately, SmugMug does not offer any free pricing plan. However, they offer a 14-day free trial that users can avail and eventually test the platform before selecting any of the premium pricing plans.

Zenfolio: Zenfolio also does not provide a free pricing plan and instead comes with three different premium pricing plans. However, it provides a 14-day free trial period that users can utilize to check out the fantastic features of Zenfolio before choosing any of its three premium pricing plans. 

Winner: Draw

We cannot declare an out-and-out winner in this category as both Zenfolio and SmugMug offers a 14-day free trial period.

Frequently Asked Questions: SmugMug Vs Zenfolio

Do SmugMug and Zenfolio offer a free trial period?

Yes, as mentioned earlier, both Zenfolio and SmugMug offer a 14-day free trial. During this period, users can test out both the products before going for a specific pricing plan. 

Does SmugMug compress photos?

No, SmugMug does not compress photos. So when users download or share the photos, they are 100% of their original high-quality glory. This online platform does not charge users by the byte, so users can upload as many pictures as they like without thinking about the storage capacity. 

How do users get paid on Zenfo

The profit that users earn on Zenfolio can be sent to their PayPal account at any point in time. Fortunately, no fees get deducted for accepting payment from Zenfolio to a PayPal account or vice versa. The amount that gets stored in the PayPal account can be retrieved within two to five business days.

Is SmugMug good for storing photos?

Yes, SmugMug is a great option to store photos and videos since it is safe, reliable, and comes with an easy-to-use interface. Moreover, SmugMug also provides automatic backups and an unlimited storage facility.

Conclusion: Which Is Best Among SmugMug Vs Zenfolio in 2022?

smugmug vs Zenfolio
smugmug vs Zenfolio

As promised at the beginning of this article, we have unbiasedly compared Zenfolio and SmugMug, two top-rated online platforms that allow users to transfer photos and videos to clients. 

Finally, after comparing SmugMug Vs Zenfolio on the basis of a few standard categories/features, we can declare Zenfolio as the overall winner since it has won in more categories/features than SmugMug. However, SmugMug is also equally good and offers several exciting features which users might not get in Zenfolio.

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