SmugMug Vs ShootProof Comparison 2022: Which Is Best For Photographers?

Which is better among SmugMug Vs ShootProof in 2022? If you are looking for a professional photo sharing platform to host your pictures and create a virtual gallery for promoting and selling your pictures then this article will help you for sure.

This article will compare SmugMug and ShootProof, two high-quality online platforms photographers use to store and share their photos and videos with clients. There are several other options on the Internet to store and share photos, but none of them are as helpful as SmugMug and ShootProof. 

In this article, we will compare both platforms on the basis of a few standard features/characteristics. Finally, in the end, we will reveal the overall winner’s name depending on the results of each category. However, before comparing them, we will briefly describe SmugMug and ShootProof.

What is SmugMug?

SmugMug is a top-class online platform initially started in 2002, and currently, it is one of the best photo hosting platforms for photographers. It offers robust security features, and hence every photo, image, or video that users upload on SmugMug stays fully secured.  

This excellent platform flawlessly integrates with the WooCommerce plug-in, allowing users to set up small/medium online stores from where they can sell their products and eventually earn a good amount of money.

What is ShootProof?

ShootProof is a renowned gallery sharing and business management tool for photographers. It is a cloud-based application that enables organizations to create customizable subdomains and add gallery presets to the snapshot’s folder. 

ShootProof comes with intelligent and sophisticated online galleries, studio management tools, a Lightroom plug-in for running galleries, a free mobile client application, an iPad leader app, and several other exciting features.

Basic comparison between SmugMug Vs ShootProof

SmugMug Vs ShootProof: Ease of Use

SmugMug: SmugMug comes with a user interface that only suits the expert web designers, and hence newbies often struggle to manage the interface properly. However, after initial exploration, even newbies can also cope with the slightly complicated interface.

Users can effortlessly register to this platform, and after the completion of the sign-up process, they will get tips on how to go through the web design steps smoothly. SmugMug also helps users select the most suitable design, allowing them to upload the most appropriate content. 


ShootProof: ShootProof comes with an organized interface so users can find whatever they need within a short span of time. Moreover, users can easily navigate through this platform even without any prior experience since there are videos for almost every feature. 

The main USP of ShootProof is its clean, well-designed, and easy-to-use user interface that beginners and experienced users efficiently manage. 

Winner: ShootProof

ShootProof easily wins this round since, unlike SmugMug, it comes with an interface that is comfortable for both experienced users and beginners. While on the other hand, SmugMug’s interface is difficult for beginners to handle smoothly.

SmugMug Vs ShootProof: Galleries & Themes 

SmugMug: Users need to choose a template when they first sign in to a SmugMug account to decide their site’s and gallery’s look. Usually, users will get several stylish templates to choose from. Users also need to upload at least a few photos to start with, but any images will do just for getting things running.

SmugMug’s gallery can be personalized for clients by having password blocks added to them, or if users want, they can also leave it open to the public.

New SmugMug Gallery Style

SmugMug’s more customizable gallery editing features and template options come with its higher pricing plan, which is a big drawback of this platform. The Basic pricing plan only offers six different templates and limited customization options.

ShootProof: Users can effortlessly create and organize ShootProof’s gallery. ShootProof also comes with several template options, which is one of the main advantages of this platform. Furthermore, it provides the same gallery features across all pricing plans.

ShootProof’s galleries can be organized by subject, client tags, or in almost any arbitrary way as per the user’s preference. This platform also comes with the “Resize” option using which users can offer a photo as a high-resolution shot and a smaller social share version.

Winner: ShoorProof

ShootProof easily wins this round since it provides more template options than SmugMug. Furthermore, ShootProof offers the same gallery features across all pricing plans, whereas on the other hand, SmugMug’s more customizable gallery features and template options come with its higher pricing plan.   

SmugMug Vs ShootProof: Integration

SmugMug: SmugMug primarily focuses on the photography niche since it is a platform where users upload photos and videos to share them with clients, so SmugMug’s tools, integrations, and special features are directly connected to Photography.

SmugMug includes image editing options that allow users to adjust photo parameters, connect the Lightroom plug-in and add watermarks & location parameters to the selected photos. This excellent platform even allows users to import photos from popular services like Flickr, Amazon Drive, or DropBox.

smugmug performance

ShootProof: ShootProof, on the other hand, flawlessly integrates with popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., so that users can easily share their photos with their clients via social media platforms.

ShootProof can be connected to a custom URL and offers an invoicing/billing combo that allows users to collect card payments. This platform also integrates flawlessly with a list of different studio management platforms that help in on-demand printing and shipping photos to customers in the U.S and worldwide.

Winner: Draw

Both platform flawlessly integrates with several essential software and third-party applications, so we cannot declare a clear winner in this category.

SmugMug Vs ShootProof: Customer Support

SmugMug: SmugMug provides a 24/7 customer support facility through email. Users can also inform their issues to the support staff by filling up the contact form present within the help section of SmugMug’s official website.

The Portfolio Plan and the Pro Plan users can contact the support taffs for help through the live chat support facility during U.S. working hours. Furthermore, users can also visit SmugMug’s official YouTube channel, containing video tutorials and educational materials.

Last but not least, SmugMug also comes with an extensive community forum where users will find several other users who share different articles and information regarding SmugMug, which eventually helps to overcome several issues that a person may face while using this platform.

smugmug customer support review

ShootProof: ShootProof offers a 24/7 customer support facility via email and phone support. Users can also inform their queries to the support staff through the ticketing system. The support staff tries to solve the problems and come up with an appropriate reply quickly.

ShootProof also has an extensive knowledgebase that contains how-to guides, helpful video guides, FAQs, Troubleshooting guides, and several other helpful articles. Most of the time, users get appropriate answers to their queries from the knowledgebase section.

Winner: SmugMug

SmugMug is slightly ahead in this category since it has a separate YouTube channel containing video guides and educational materials. Furthermore, unlike ShootProof, it also comes with an extensive community forum where users can get answers to their queries from other users.

SmugMug Vs ShootProof: Pricing Structure

SmugMug: SmugMug includes four different premium pricing plans, ranging from $9/month to $48/month. The four premium plans of SmugMug include the Basic Plan, Power Plan, Portfolio Plan, and the Pro Plan. 

The price of the Basic Plan and the Power Plan are $9/month and $13/month, respectively, whereas the Portfolio Plan and the Pro Plan cost $28/month and $42/month, respectively.

smugmug pricing review
smugmug pricing review

ShootProof: ShootProof provides one free and three separate premium pricing plans. The free plan is known as the 100 Photo Plan, which users can avail of without investing a single penny, but it offers limited features. So, if users want to use the premium features, they have to go for the premium pricing plans.

The three premium pricing plans of ShootProof include the 5000 Photo Plan, 25,000 Photo Plan, and the Unlimited Plan. The Unlimited Plan and the 25,000 Photo Plan costs $60/month and $30/month, while on the other hand, the 5000 Photo Plan costs $20/month.

Winner: ShootProof

The premium plans of SmugMug are cheaper than ShootProof, but ShootProof wins this round since it offers a free pricing plan, unlike SmugMug.   

SmugMug Vs ShootProof: Free Trial

SmugMug: One of the major disadvantages of SmugMug is that it does not come with a free pricing plan like some of its competitors. However, users get a 14-day free trial during which they can test out all the premium features of SmugMug before subscribing to any of the premium pricing plans.

ShootProof: Luckily, ShootProof comes with both free and premium pricing plans. But users always prefer to test out the premium features before going for a premium pricing plan. 

So, due to users’ preferences, this company comes with a 14-day free trial during which users can test out all the premium features for free. After testing out if they are satisfied with the service, they can purchase any of the premium pricing plans of ShootProof as per their choice. 

Winner: Draw

We cannot declare a clear winner in this category because both SmugMug and ShootProof offer a 14-day trial period. 

Frequently Asked Questions: SmugMug Vs ShootProof

Do ShootProof and SmugMug comes with a free trial?

Yes, SmugMug and ShootProof include a 14 day free trial period. As a result, users can test out the premium features for free for 14 days before subscribing to any of the premium pricing plans of ShootProof or SmugMug.

Who uses ShootProof?

ShootProof is ideal for retail photographers such as wedding and portrait photographers. This platform allows users to send contracts and invoices. However, if a user already owns a contract template, he/she can import it in ShootProof or buy one online.  

Does ShootProof have a scheduler?

Yes, ShootProof comes with a scheduler known as ShootQ. ShootQ is a virtual studio manager that organizes users’ businesses and allows them to schedule appointments, book and sign contracts online, communicate with clients, etc.

Conclusion: Which Is Best among SmugMug Vs ShootProof in 2022?

SmugMug Vs shootproof
SmugMug Vs shootproof

As promised at the beginning of this article, we have unbiasedly compared SmugMug and ShootProof, two high-quality platforms on which users upload their photos and videos and event6ually share and sell those photos to clients.

Finally, at the end of this comparison between SmugMug Vs ShootProof, we can declare ShootProof as the overall winner because it has emerged as the winner in most of the categories mentioned above. However, SmugMug is also a unique platform that offers several exciting features. 

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