Thrive Quiz Builder Review 2020: Is It Best Quiz Plugin?

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It is always exciting for a user to answer different types of quizzes while he/she enters any website. Interesting quizzes generally attract a number of visitors to a website and hence improve the SEO ranking.

Therefore, in order to incorporate this feature within any website today in this article, we will discuss the Thrive Quiz Builder review with features and pricing. It is actually a WordPress plug-in that helps users to create stunning quizzes within a few seconds.

Thrive Quiz Builder is another excellent product from Thrive Thems that helps to create responsive and mobile-optimized quiz modules, and moreover, users don’t need any programming knowledge or graphics skills to create the quizzes using this plug-in.

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Why You Need Thrive Quiz Builder?

Before we start this Thrive Quiz Builder review, let’s first understand why you need this WordPress plugin for your website. Generally, in order to include different sets of Quiz modules users need to be experts in programming and graphical skills but as mentioned earlier by using Thrive Quiz Builder users will be able to include exciting quizzes within their website without any programming or graphic skills.

Therefore this is an essential aspect of this WordPress plug-in due to which a user in spite of zero programming knowledge will be able to easily create beautiful and exciting quizzes to engage and grab the attention of their visitors.

Moreover, as exciting quizzes attracts more and more visitors to the user’s website so it will also improve your website traffic and users will eventually notice that there will be a massive increase of traffic to their website from Facebook. Now let’s move to the Thrive Quiz Builder review and discuss its features in detail.

Essential Features of Thrive Quiz Builder

Here are the few essential features of Thrive Quiz Builder which will help you to understand why this is the best Quiz Builder Plugin for WordPress.

1.Provides Bundled Template

This WordPress plug-in from Thrive Themes comes with bundled quiz templates which are crafted by experienced marketing experts who offer users tailored quizzes for specific purposes. Users can even customize these Bundled templates according to their choices.

2.Comes with a drag and drop interface

Thrive Quiz Builder has a clean, user-friendly, and beginner-friendly interface, and hence, both experienced and inexperienced users can easily handle this WordPress Plug-in.

Users can easily organize their quizzes by dragging new elements on the webpage, and moreover, they can easily, delete, duplicate, and move around elements with the help of a mouse.

3.Allows user to create Multiple Quiz types

One of the most exciting features of this WordPress plug-in is that it allows users to create various kinds of quizzes which range from personality type quizzes to percentage or number quizzes.

Moreover, Thrive Quiz Builder also helps to create shareable badges on the results page in order to encourage more visitors to share their results with their network.

4.Comes with a Built-in quiz analytics

While using Thrive Quiz Builder, users will notice that each time a visitor completes a quiz, this WordPress plug-in will store their activity and will eventually use it to generate reports and analytics.

This feature allows users to find out more about their visitor’s interest and hence helps them to write more targeted content in the future, or even helps them to customize their email campaigns accordingly.

5.Offers Conversion Optimization feature

This WordPress Plug-in allows users to perform A/B test on their quizzes in order to find out which ones perform better, i.e., which one brings more shares or email sign-ups. This is a very beneficial feature for those users who are interested in growing their audience.

For a more in-depth understanding of their features, you can visit the Thrive Quiz Building official website.

Thrive Quiz Builder Pricing 2020: Which Plan Is Best?

Now in the next section of the Thrive Quiz Builder Review, let’s discuss how much you need to pay for this plugin in the Thrive Quiz Builder pricing section. Thrive Quiz Builder comes with affordable and flexible plans. Usually, it offers three pricing plans which are 15 License pack, 5 License pack, and Single site license pack, which cost $147, $97 and $67 respectively.

Users will be able to install this plug-in on only one website when they opt for the single site license pack while the 5 License pack allows users to use this plug-in on five different websites. On the other hand, the 15 License pack can be used on 15 websites by purchasing a single account.

Thrive Quiz Builder Support

Next in this Thrive Quiz Builder review, we will talk about their support. As mentioned earlier this plug-in has a beginner-friendly interface hence users generally need very little assistance from the support staffs but still if anyone finds it difficult to properly operate this plug-in then they can easily seek help from the knowledgeable support staffs who generally try to solve all the queries within a short span of time.

Moreover, this WordPress Plug-in also offers free webinars and tutorials which generally solves most of the queries.

How to Setup Thrive Quiz Builder?

As this WordPress Plug-in has a user-friendly and beginner-friendly interface so users will be able to set up this plug-in by following three simple steps.

First and foremost, users need to select the type of quiz that they want to include on their website. Once they are done with the previous step, they need to choose a proper quiz-style from a range of pre-built templates with eye-catching designs. Finally, in the third step, users need to create social share badge styles.

After executing all the above mentioned steps successfully, users will get a dashboard with different types of Quiz shortcodes which users can use at any post in order to display quizzes.

Frequently Asked Questions (Thrive Quiz Builder)

This Thrive Quiz Builder review will be incomplete if we don’t mention about the frequently asked questions about this WordPress plugin.

Can the Quiz question contain images as answers?

Yes, users may find images as the answers of different Quiz questions. Moreover, users may also find an option to include text to explain the images that are used as the answers to the quiz questions.

Is this WordPress plug-in user-friendly?

Yes, Thrive Quiz Builder has a user-friendly and beginner-friendly interface, and hence, users don’t need any coding knowledge to use this plug-in. It comes with a drag and drops feature through which users can easily drag and drop components at any part of the webpage.

While using this WordPress Plug-in, will the user receive free updates?

Yes, whenever a new update of Thrive Quiz Builder is released, users will automatically get the latest update at free of cost.

Can users download/export their quiz report data?

Yes, while using this WordPress plug-in users can easily download the report data in CSV.

Thrive Quiz Builder Review 2020: Is It Really The best quiz plugin for WordPress

As promised at the beginning of this Thrive Quiz Builder review, we have given an in-depth analysis of the Thrive Quiz Builder, which is ruling the market for a long time.

thrive quiz builder review
thrive quiz builder review

Pros (Advantages)

  • It is very easy to set up.
  • This plug-in has a user-friendly and beginner-friendly interface.
  • It comes with Dynamic content for easy segmentation.
  • This WordPress plug-in is 100% mobile responsive.
  • It offers powerful analytics with intuitive reporting.
  • It provides an Opt-in gate option to generate email leads.
  • It is available at a reasonable price.
  • It offers excellent optimization with A/B split testing.

Cons (Disadvantages)

  • Users will find a limited number of Quiz styles.

Finally, at the end of this Thrive Quiz Builder review, we can conclude that this is indeed one of the best WordPress plug-ins as it comes with several excellent functionalities that help users to add exciting quizzes to their website, and eventually, grow their mailing list or easily segment their customers. Get your copy of Thrive Quiz Builder today!

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