Thrive Ovation Review 2019: Features, Pricing, Discount & Examples

Honestly speaking, testimonials are the most overlooked features of website design. However, the truth is that testimonials have far more conversion power than anyone give them credit for. Testimonials are a great form of social proof, and hence, they are an essential part of any online business.

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Testimonials are also crucial because they can build customer trust and highlights those people who have more chances to buy the user’s goods or services. Generally, testimonials give a real face of a user’s marketing material.

Moreover, if a user has an online store or sells products and services, then they must use proper testimonials as it increases the selling power and eventually helps them to get more leads.

Usually, users will find several testimonial plug-ins on the internet, but choosing the best WordPress testimonial plug-in for any business is not at all an easy task.

So, today in this Thrive Ovation review, we will discuss one of the most effective testimonial plugins that offer every possible tool to create, collect, and manage testimonials on your WordPress website.

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Why You Need Thrive Ovation?

Often users face difficulties in setting up a proper testimonial. But proper testimonials are very essential to improve the conversion rate, so because of this reason, users may sometime face poor conversion rate problem.

In order to get the full advantage of testimonials, users also need to display their testimonials in a way so that it leads visitors through their sales funnel, which is a really challenging task for any individual.

Moreover, it is also tough to publish even a handful of testimonials manually since each testimonial takes a lot of time to authorize.

But thankfully, with the help of the Thrive Ovation plug-in users will be able to publish, collect, and manage testimonials on the WordPress website, which will eventually improve the conversion rate of their website.

So it is quite evident that Thrive Ovation is a fantastic plug-in which helps to overcome several problems by simply adding testimonials to the user’s WordPress website.

Thrive Ovation Review With The Essential Features

Can transform WordPress comments into testimonials

This is one of the most crucial features of this WordPress plug-in which help users to convert the WordPress comments into testimonials.

In order to transform the WordPress comments into testimonials, users need to firstly save the comments in the testimonial library with the click of a button, and then they need to follow a few easy steps.

Help users to gather testimonials easily

With the help of this plug-in, a user will be able to easily collect conversion-focused testimonials from various sources. This plug-in also grabs all the essential information, including the name and picture of verified buyers without infringing on their privacy.

Moreover, Thrive Ovation also allows users to collect testimonials and comments from their social media pages by integrating seamlessly with Twitter and Facebook.

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Offers a variety of display templates

This WordPress plug-in comes with several design templates and themes that allow users to create dazzling testimonial pages. Users can also use this plug-in to insert testimonials wherever they want without compromising the display of their sales pages or landing pages.

Time-saving testimonial Management

As mentioned earlier, it is really difficult to manage testimonials manually as users always have to filter out less convincing reviews to remain with well-deserved testimonials.

But thankfully, Thrive Ovation will allow users to manage testimonials effectively and conveniently from one library. This feature not only saves valuable time but also enable users to classify their testimonials according to their requirements.

Comes with a tagging functionality

This feature will allow the user to add tags with each testimonial, and hence, users will be able to add testimonials dynamically.

For example, if a user has three testimonials, then they can name them as product 1, product 2, and product 3.

As a result of these tags, testimonials relating to each product get automatically added to the relevant pages. Users can also use the tags to specify where they want the testimonials to be placed.

Thrive Ovation Pricing Plans

Thrive Ovation has a simple pricing structure which consists of three pricing plans, including the Starter plan, Advanced plan, and the Pro plan. Unlimited free updates and one-year technical support facilities are included in all the plans.

thrive ovation pricing

However, if users want supports after one year, then they need to pay extra amount. The Starter plan can be used on a single website and is available at $39, while on the other hand the Advanced plan is available at $47, and can be used on 5 websites by purchasing a single account.

Finally, the Pro plan costs $97, which can be used on up to 15 websites from a single Thrive Ovation account.

Thrive Ovation Support

Just like most of the other Thrive Themes plugins, this WordPress plug-in also has a straightforward interface. Due to this reason, users very rarely require help from the support agents. Still, if anyone faces any issue, then he/she can easily take help from the knowledgeable support staffs.

As mentioned earlier, each plan offers a one-year free support facility, although a user can extend their term by investing some extra amount of money.

Moreover, users will also find several free video tutorials and learning resources that they can use as a point of reference if they require any assistance.

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How to set up Thrive Ovation in order to display testimonials?

There are two different ways to display testimonials by using Thrive Ovation. Users can either display with the help of Thrive Content Builder or by using the WordPress Shortcodes. Users can easily display testimonials to any page or post which was captured or created by this WordPress Plug-in.

Method One: Display Testimonial with the help of Thrive Content Builder   

Firstly, users need to go to the Thrive Ovation page and select the “Display Testimonial” option from the right-hand side menu. Then they need to choose the” Display using Thrive Content Builder.” option. After that, they need to select the area where they want to display the testimonial.

After selecting a proper area, users need to either choose an existing display template, or they can even create a new list of testimonials from the “Testimonials Display Settings” option. Finally, users need to click on the “Create New Display Templates” option.

After executing the previous step successfully, users need to choose a proper selection mode which comprises of testimonials and tags.

If the user opts for “testimonial,” then they need to select appropriate testimonials from the several options. After that, they need to go to the “tags” option to give a name to the template and finally click on the “Save and Close” button.

Method Two: Display Testimonials using WordPress Shortcodes

If users select “Display Testimonials using WordPress Shortcodes” option, then they will be redirected to the “Testimonial Display Shortcodes” page. To display new shortcode, users need to click on the “Add New” button, or simply they can click on the box named as “New display shortcodes.”

Then they need to give a name to the new Shortcodes and eventually need to select an appropriate template. After choosing a suitable template, users need to follow the last three steps of the first method to publish a testimonial on their website.

Therefore, users can go for any of the above-mentioned methods to add testimonials on their website. If you want to build trust among your website visitors and improve conversion, then make sure to utilize this testimonial plugin for WordPress.

Frequently Asked Questions (Thrive Ovation)

This Thrive Ovation review will be incomplete if we don’t discuss the frequently asked questions about this testimonial plugin.

1. Can users use this plug-in on the non-English website?

Answer: Yes, because just like most of the WordPress plug-ins released by Thrive, in Thrive Ovation also everything that is shown on the front end of any website is 100% translatable.

2. Are updates included in this plug-in?

Answer: Yes, this plug-in offers unlimited updates and one year of customer support facility. However, after one year, even if users don’t extend their support facility by investing extra money, they will still get the updates regularly.

3. Does this plug-in offer money-back guarantee policy? 

Answer: Yes, Thrive Ovation comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee policy. As a result of this feature, users will be able to get back the entire invested amount if they give up the service within those 30 days.

4. Does this plug-in work on the official website?

Answer: No, because Thrive Ovation only works on self-hosted websites. However, if a user has WordPress installed on their hosting account, then this plug-in will work.

Thrive Ovation Review: The Best Testimonial WordPress Plugin

As promised at the beginning of this article, we have given detailed information about the Thrive Ovation plug-in.

Pros (Advantages)

  • It comes with a straightforward interface, and hence, very easy to operate.
  • This plug-in contains fully customizable templates.
  • It can add additional questions to capture testimonials.
  • It provides multiple ways to capture testimonials.
  • Thrive Ovation allows users to display testimonials anywhere on the website.
  • This plug-in is 100% mobile responsive.
  • Thrive Ovation supports a wide range of languages.
  • This plug-in is available at an affordable price.
  • It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee policy.
  • This plug-in can be easily integrated with several social media platforms.

Cons (Disadvantages)

  • It does not contain testimonial widget, and hence, users need to display shortcodes in a text/HTML widget for displaying testimonials in the sidebar.
  • Just like few other Thrive Theme plug-ins, it does not work on free website.

From this Thrive Ovation review, it is evident that this is the ultimate solution for users who want to showcase high-quality testimonials on their website.

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