Thrive Optimize Review 2020: Is It Best A/B Testing Plugin?

As the marketing world continues to evolve, companies are continuously making optimization easier for everyone. Newer SEO tools are making it easier for a new business owner to monitor and tweak their campaigns to eventually make them more profitable.

In order to make more profit, users must try to put as much effort into getting more from the traffic that’s already going to their site, which is only possible by A/B testing the contents.

What is Thrive Optimize Plugin

Recent studies have shown that A/B testing is now the second most popular CRO method. A/B testing basically allows users to optimize their site by comparing two or more versions of a page against one another to find the version that gets the most clicks, generates the most email sign-ups, etc.

However, for many WordPress users, A/B testing has always been out of reach because it is either too complicated or expensive. So to solve these problems Thrive Themes introduced a new plug-in in the market known as Thrive Optimize, which helps to conduct A/B Testing for WordPress Post and Landing pages.

Therefore in this article, we will provide information about Thrive Optimize, which will eventually reveal how this A/B testing WordPress plug-in can provide several tools and data to optimize any content, for getting the highest possible conversion rates.  

What problems can be solved with Thrive Optimize?

As mentioned earlier, it is very essential to optimize a site properly so that users can extract the highest possible conversion rate from their contents. This can only be possible by performing A/B tests, although it is not at all easy to perform an A/B test manually as it is too expensive and complicated.

But Thrive Optimize help users to overcome the complications that a user may face if they try to add split A/B test on their own. It basically adds one-click split testing to any Thrive landing page users make and moreover it is extremely easy to use.

Therefore, we can say that this user-friendly WordPress plug-in helps to solve any kind of optimization issue, and eventually help users to get the highest possible conversion rate.

Thrive Optimize Review 2020: Key Features

1. Comes with a user-friendly interface

Just like most of the WordPress Plug-ins by Thrive Themes, Thrive Optimize also comes with a beginner-friendly and user-friendly interface. Users will generally find a drag and drop interface so they can work comfortably even if they don’t have any prior coding knowledge.

2. Provides fast A/B testing

Thrive Optimize allows users to easily create A/B tests for their Thrive Architect built landing pages, which is one of the most significant features of this WordPress Plug-in released by Thrive Themes.

3. Allow users to perform an unlimited number of tests

This WordPress plug-in allows users to perform an unlimited number of A/B tests on their contents. Users will be able to run as many tests as they want both concurrently or in sequence.

4. Comes with one-click Cloning feature

Thrive Optimize comes with a single click cloning feature, which helps users to clone an existing landing page in one-click. As a result of this feature, users will be able to quickly modify the variation and launch a test within a few minutes.

5. Comes with a Custom traffic distribution feature

This plug-in automatically distributes traffic evenly between user’s test variations and even creates a custom distribution in order to avoid sending lots of visitors to experimental page design.

6. Provides detailed reporting Analytics

Thrive Optimize just like other Thrive Themes WordPress plug-ins comes with an in-depth reporting analytics feature. As a result of this feature, users will be able to monitor all the details about how their tests are performing over a period, and statistical significance, etc.

Thrive Optimize Pricing 2020

Just like all other WordPress plug-ins of Thrive Themes, Thrive Optimize also offers three pricing plans. Each plan comes with free unlimited updates and one-year of free customer support facility.

The single license pack available at $67 can be installed on only one website while on the other hand if users want a multi-license pack, then they can go for the 5 license pack available at $97 or the 15 license pack which costs $147. 

Thrive Optimize Support

As mentioned earlier, each plan of Thrive Optimize comes with a one-year customer support facility. However, after one year if users want, they can spend extra money in order to extend the support facilities further.

Moreover, this WordPress plug-in comes with dedicated support staff and development team who are always ready to help the users from all sorts of issues related to this plug-in. The support staffs are so efficient that most of the time they solve the problems within a few hours.

How to set up Thrive Optimize?

Users will be able to set up this WordPress plug-in effortlessly as it has a straightforward installation procedure. In this section of this article, we will show the readers all the essential steps to set up Thrive Optimize properly in order to perform a split test.

  • Firstly, users need to create a landing page using the Thrive Architect.
  • After successfully creating a landing page, users need to click on the “Create new A/B test” button present at the top-right corner.
  • In this step, users need to duplicate their current landing page by clicking on the clone icon present at the top right corner of the control variation page, or they can even click on the “Add new variation” button to create a new landing page from scratch.
  • After executing the previous step successfully, users need to click on the “Edit Variation” option in order to make desired changes to each variation.
  • Once all the variations are set up properly, users need to click on the “Setup & Start A/B test” button present at the top right corner.
  • As users will click on the “Setup & Start A/B test” option, a dialog box will pop up where users need to name their split test and will also need to select whether to enable “Automatic winner Settings” or not.
  • On the next page of the dialog box, users will need to set the goal of their split test.

Note: Users can select test goals from three options, including Revenue (i.e., getting customers to make a purchase), Visiting a Goal Page (i.e., sending traffic to another page on their site) and Subscription (i.e., getting email sign-ups).

  • Finally, to start the split test, users need to click on the green “Set up & Start A/B Test” button present at the bottom, right-hand side.

So users can easily set up the Thrive Optimize plug-in to perform a split test by just following these eight simple steps.

Is Thrive Optimize work as a standalone product?

No, because Thrive Optimize is built as an add-on for Thrive Architect. Most of the features of Thrive Optimize come from this integration with Thrive Architect. However, users can purchase both the plug-in as a bundle, if they don’t have Thrive Architect.

Does this plug-in works for blog posts?

No, this WordPress plug-in can test landing pages and standard theme pages but not blog posts or custom post types.

Can users use this to run multivariate tests?

No, Thrive Optimize supports A/B testing only. This plug-in does not support multivariate testing because it adds a lot of complexity, and it is only useful if users have millions of website visitors per month.

Can users set traffic up for each page too?

Yes, users will be able to choose how much traffic will be sent to each page as long as it adds up to 100%. For example, if a user has three pages, then Thrive Optimize will suggest sending 33.3% to each page. However, if the user wants, then, he/she can send 40% to the control, 25% to variation A and 35% to variation B or any other combination.

Does Thrive Optimize offer a 30-day money-back guarantee policy?

Yes, Thrive Optimize comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee policy. Due to this feature, users will be able to get back the entire invested amount by giving up the service within those 30 days, if in case they don’t like the services of this WordPress plug-in.

Conclusion: Is Thrive Optimize The Best A/B Testing Plugin for WordPress

As promised at the beginning of this article, we have given detailed information about Thrive Optimize. Finally, we can conclude that Thrive Optimize is the best option for those users who want to perform split tests on their website.

thrive optimize review
thrive optimize review


  • It is very easy to set up this WordPress plug-in.
  • This plug-in allows users to perform an unlimited number of tests.
  • It comes with a simple drag and drop interface.
  • It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee policy.
  • It easily integrates with Thrive Lead boxes in order to test the conversion rate for email opt-ins.
  • Each plan comes with free unlimited updates and a one-year customer support facility.
  • This WordPress plug-in runs on a powerful page builder, Thrive Architect.


  • It is bundled with Thrive Architect so in order to use Thrive Optimize users need to purchase both the plug-ins.
  • This plug-in does not work for blog posts.

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