Thrive Apprentice Review 2020: Best Online Course Building Plugin For WordPress

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Which WordPress plugin is good to build an online course? Well, here is Thrive Apprentice review, a new simple, beautiful and affordable online courses on WordPress websites from Thrive Themes. Thrive Themes is the perfect toolbox for every blogger & marketer to build a conversion optimized website.

How this Thrive Apprentice review will help you?

  • If you want to launch your online course
  • If you want to offer a free course on your website
  • If you are looking for easy to create a WordPress plugin to create courses
  • If you are looking for a cheap & one-time payment plugin

Then Thrive Apprentice is the perfect product for you and you will love to explore all the awesome features. Not only that, they have better features compared to Teachable & Learndash. This review is especially for WordPress bloggers and from that point Thrive Apprentice is quite cheap & effective.

What is Thrive Apprentice?

thrive apprentice review
Thrive Apprentice Review 2020

Online courses are one of the best ways to create your own product and generate regular income while you are sleeping. I have noticed many people are launching their own courses and selling through their blog or website.

If you are an expert in any skill, then you must launch your own course and make money online. But which tool is good & easy to build a course online? This Thrive Apprentice review will help you to decide.

Thrive Apprentice is the in-house learning management solution (LMS). This is another awesome product from Thrive Themes who has delivered some incredible products like Thrive Leads (Lead generation plugin) and Thrive Architect (Page builder for WordPress).

In simple terms, you can create an easy to navigate an online course with different chapters and different topics under each chapter using Thrive Apprentice. But this is not a membership plugin, means it will not lock the course content.

If you want to offer free courses, then you can easily offer a lead magnet using Thrive Leads where on the subscription you can offer a free course created by Thrive Apprentice.

If you want to build a paid course, then you can go for Thrive Apprentice + SendOWL and easily send your paid course using your website. Let’s find out more about Thrive Apprentice.

Thrive Apprentice Review 2020 (Key Features & Highlights)

Thrive Apprentice has lots of cool features which is enough for a beginner to create an online course. Although you may not find the advanced features of teachable & Learndash, you will also find Thrive Apprentice is much easy to use. Let’s explore the key features first.

thrive theme membership review
  • Create Professional Courses Quickly: Yes, you will be stunned to find the awesome looking courses created using Thrive Apprentice plugin. You may think that a costly tool is used, but no. You just have to pay $67 for 1 website usage.
  • Easy To Understand Interface: Thrive Apprentice interface is very easy to understand with lots of options & templates to build your course. They are saying you can design your online courses LIGHTNING FAST!
  • Unlimited Courses: You can create unlimited courses and then showcase them all on a gorgeous & user-friendly course selection page.
  • Integration With SendOWL: SendOWL is an awesome platform through which you can easily convert your free course into a paid course through a membership platform. Thrive Apprentice has a fast & simple integration with SendOwl to turn your online courses into premium membership products.
  • Build Email List Fast: Yes, as you can create courses quickly, just launch a free course and offer that to your website visitors. This is one of the proven ways to build an email list fast.
  • Offer a Stunning Learning Experience: Combined with the power of Thrive Architect, Thrive Apprentice allows you to create professional online courses in the easiest possible way. From adding modules, chapters, lessons, to elements such as images, video, and more, you can do all of this with Thrive Apprentice.The outcome of all this will be an intuitive learning environment which will definitely be appreciated by your subscribers, customers, and students.
  • Multiple Ways to Keep Your Course Protected: Thrive Apprentice offers a number of different ways to keep the course access protected. For instance, you can select the option where a visitor is only allowed to access the course once he/she signs up for a free account on your website. You can also integrate Thrive Apprentice with many different membership plugins such as Memberpress, Wishlist Member, Membermouse, S2Member, and more. And if you want to eliminate the need for such membership platforms entirely, you can use Thrive Architect’s deep SendOwl integration. This will allow you to easily turn the online courses into premium products that can only be accessed by your members.
  • Compatible with All the WordPress Themes: There are a number of tools and add-ons for creating online courses and many of them require you to redesign your website with compatible themes. With Thrive Apprentice, you can use not just any themes offered by Thrive Themes but any of the WordPress themes available on the World Wide Web. The tool is compatible with all the WordPress themes, eliminating the need to redesign your website.

Thrive Apprentice Pricing & Discount 2020

Unlike most other online course plugins which have a monthly payment scheme, Thrive Apprentice only requires you to pay a 1-time fee. So, all the courses you create with this plugin are yours forever without any recurring or future charges.

thrive apprentice pricing

However, premium support is only available for 1 year. If you do need premium support after a year, you will have to pay an annual fee for the same.

Disclaimer: Thrive Themes doesn’t offer any coupon or discount. That means don’t get confused with Thrive Apprentice discount. Officially you can save by going for multiple license purchase only.

Thrive Apprentice is available in 3 different plans based on the number of websites for which you want to use the plugin. The features across all the three plans are the same. The only thing different is the number of licenses or the websites on which the plugin can be used.

  • 1 License Pack- The cheapest plan is the 1 License Pack which costs $67 and can be used on a single website. It comes with all the features of this plugin, 1-year premium support, and unlimited free updates.
  • 5 Licenses Pack- The 5 Licenses Pack costs $97 and it allows you to use the Thrive Apprentice plugin on up to 5 WordPress websites. This plan also includes all the features of the plan discussed above.
  • 15 Licenses Pack- If you run multiple websites or a digital agency working with several clients, you can go with the 15 Licenses Pack which costs $127. The features and benefits of this plan remain the same too.

Alternatively, if you need premium themes and loads of premium plugins for your WordPress website, you can also purchase one of the Thrive Memberships.

Get Thrive Membership Plan ($19/mo with 24% discount on an annual plan)

The Thrive Membership costs $19 per month when paid annually. This plan is great for individuals as well as entrepreneurs running an online blog, business, or e-commerce store. By purchasing this plan, you will get access to all the premium themes and plugins offered by Thrive and you can use them on up to 25 websites.

thrive membership discount
thrive membership discount

Agency Membership

As the name suggests, this plan is perfect for agencies and web developers. It costs $49 per month when paid annually and provides access to all the Thrive themes and plugins. However, you can use them on up to 50 WordPress websites.

All the plans offered by Thrive Themes come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and there is also 30-days money back guarantee on all of them. If at all you are not satisfied with the purchase, you can get a 100% refund.

Which Thrive Apprentice Plan Should You Select?

If you are just starting with a WordPress website and are planning to offer online courses on your website, purchasing a Thrive Themes membership is a more budget-friendly option. This will allow you to access all the themes and plugins offered by Thrive Themes.

how to create a course with thrive apprentice

However, if you already have a stunning website with all the required plugins, minus the online course plugin, you can purchase the individual Thrive Apprentice plugin.

You can go with the 1 License plan if you own a single website or 5 Licenses plan for multiple websites. If you are a digital agency or web developer, you can go with the 15 Licenses plan.

Thrive Apprentice Vs LearnDash Vs Teachable

If you are not aware then this market has already 2 awesome products, LearnDash & Teachable. They are doing really well and have awesome features. But as I said, Thrive Apprentice is specially designed for WordPress users. And that’s where this plugin is best compared to both.

FAQs Related To Thrive Apprentice

Is Thrive Apprentice also a membership plugin?

Thrive Apprentice is NOT a membership plugin.

Is Thrive Apprentice a WordPress theme?

Thrive Apprentice is a WordPress plugin that will work with your current theme. That means you don’t have to overhaul your entire site or go through the hassle of setting up another site just to host your online course.

How many courses can I create with the Thrive Apprentice plugin?

There is no such limits, you can create as many courses as you want.

Can I add Thrive Quiz Builder quizzes to my Thrive Apprentice Lessons? 

If you have a Thrive Quiz Builder License and plugin installed on your WordPress website, you can add quizzes to your Thrive Apprentice lessons via the Thrive Quiz Builder shortcodes. 

Conclusion: Is Thrive Apprentice Worth the investment?

Personally, I always love to go for tools or plugins with a one-time fee. This helps to save huge recurring charges. Definitely, for a quality product. Thrive Themes has proved their abilities by offering so many awesome plugins. I am using a few of their tools to build this website.

thrive apprentice online reviews
thrive apprentice review

This is what people are saying about Thrive Apprentice.

I would say it is good to try Thrive Membership Plan by paying $19/mo only. This will help you to get a chance to use their every single product using Thrive Apprentice plugin. Although this is not a valid reason, there are good reasons to go for this plugin. Let’s conclude:

  • Thrive Apprentice is a self-hosted plugin, your content will be yours only.
  • Built-in affiliate program.
  • Only pay a one-time fee of $67 for 1 website

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