SEO SpyGlass Discount 2019 (Save 40% on Best Backlink Checker Tool)

In this article, we are going to discuss SEO SpyGlass, which is one of the most essential SEO tools present in the market today. Within this article, readers will find three primary sections.

In the first section, we will inform the readers what SEO SpyGlass actually is, while in the second segment we will highlight the most essential features of SEO SpyGlass and finally in the last section of this article readers will come to know about the pricing structure of the SEO tool mentioned above.

What is SEO SpyGlass?

SEO SpyGlass is a top-class SEO app that discovers the most appropriate backlink sources on the Web by “spying” on competing sites and disclosing their backlink structure. This application brings forth an effective link building strategy for any site and even allows users to investigate complex data.

Unlike other SEO apps, SEO SpyGlass does not use a self-compiled database but instead gets data straight from search engines’ hidden sources. Moreover, while search engines never disclose more than 1,000 links, SEO SpyGlass unveils up to 100,000 backlinks on a single website.

Key Features of SEO SpyGlass

As we have already described SEO SpyGlass now, we will move into the next segment of this article where we will outline the most essential features of SEO SpyGlass.

Helps to Instantly See the PageRank of Every Link

SEO SpyGlass displays the Google PageRank of every inbound link for the websites users are checking, which eventually saves a lot of time.

The feature mentioned above helps users to sort the links by PageRank to find out how many links are from low ranking sites and how many are from high ranking websites.

The Google PageRank is on a scale of 0 to 10, and in order to rise above another website’s ranking, user’s site would need more high-value PageRank links than their competitor.

Helps to identify traffic sent from each backlink

Apart from showing PageRank of each link SEO SpyGlass also shows the Alexa Traffic rank, which estimates how much traffic a particular website is receiving.

This is an essential feature because this is a real indication to a competitor’s success on the Web and hence if a user comes to know about their competitor success then he/she can easily improve themselves to overtake their competitor.

Helps to customize reports

SEO SpyGlass allows users to include pretty much everything in their report from branding it with the company logo and colors to choosing which report sections and search engine data to include.

This SEO tool allows users to edit the introductory text as well. However, if users don’t need advanced customization, then SEO SpyGlass comes with several pre-defined color schemes through which users can quickly make their reports.

Enable users to print out reports

SEO SpyGlass Professional and Enterprise users can print out SEO reports directly from the software. In order to print the reports, users need to just click on the “Print” button to send the report they are viewing to the printer.

Printed versions of SEO SpyGlass Professional reports contain a watermark, while Enterprise-version reports can be branded with different types of logos, color schemes, and various other information.

100% Search Engine friendly

SEO SpyGlass comes with a Human Emulation feature through which this SEO tool appears to every search engines as a living human being who is analyzing backlinks in a browser.

Moreover, SEO SpyGlass supports both Google and Yahoo API keys, which helps users to query search engines safely, and it also makes sure that users never violate the usage policy.

Helps to analyze Site-wide links

SEO SpyGlass generally shows the total number of competitor’s backlinks coming from the same IP addresses. If a sizable percentage of their links are coming from the same site, then this means that they are buying or obtaining site-wide links.

A site-wide link is generally a link from many (or all) pages of a single site, and it can be immensely powerful in achieving better rankings. So this feature of SEO SpyGlass is beneficial for the users.

Available for Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux

This SEO tool is a cross-platform software, and hence, users can use SEO SpyGlass on several operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, and Linux without facing any sorts of issue.

SEO SpyGlass Price, Discount

Just like other SEO PowerSuite tools, SEO SpyGlass also contains three editions out which one is free while the other two are paid versions. In the free version, users get up to 1100 links per website.

The two paid versions of SEO SpyGlass are known as the Enterprise edition and the Professional edition. The cost of the Enterprise edition is $299.75, while the price of the Professional version is $124.75.


As promised at the beginning of this article, we have given in-depth information about SEO SpyGlass, and so the users who are planning to use this SEO tool in the future must go through this article thoroughly.