SEMrush Vs SEO Powersuite Vs Ahrefs (Comparison 2019): Which is The Best SEO Tool

In this article, we are going to compare three of the most popular SEO tools, which are SEO PowerSuite, Ahrefs, and SEMrush. This comparison will help you to pick the best SEO tool for keyword research & backlink analysis fo your competitors.

SEO PowerSuite enables users to run a technical audit, help to optimize pages, find millions of keywords, and monitor their rankings. It even helps to trace dangerous backlinks, and build some more quality backlinks, with regular SEO reports and task auto-scheduling.

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To know more about their individual plans, read below posts.

Ahrefs is an SEO platform that offers users with the world’s most extensive index of live backlinks. This service provides businesses of all sizes and individuals with a reliable and robust backlink checker tool that delivers detailed backlink profiles for any URL or website.

Finally, SEMrush is a product which allows users to find all of the keywords for which any existing web page on the internet is ranking. It can even help users to find more statistical details regarding specific keywords and related keywords which will eventually help a website to get good SEO ranking.

SEMrush Vs SEO Powersuite Vs Ahrefs (SEO Tool Comparison 2019)

All the products which are mentioned above have special features which differentiate one from the other, but they also have few common features, and hence on the basis of those common features, we will compare these three SEO tools in this article and will finally declare the winner at the end.

Therefore all the readers who are confused regarding the best the SEO tool among the above-mentioned products must go through each and every section of this article to know more about the products and also to know the name of the winner.

FeaturesSEO PowerSuiteSEMrushAhrefs
Free EditionSEO PowerSuite offers a free trial plan which contains almost all the essential features.SEMrush also provides a free trial plan, but it includes few limited features.Ahrefs does not offer a free trial plan.
Resource LimitationsThey offer unlimited resourcesSEMrush offers limited resourcesAhrefs offers unlimited resources
Money-Back Guarantee30-day7-day7-day at the expense of $7
OS CompatibilitySEO PowerSuite is a desktop-based tool, and hence it is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac.SEMrush is a web-based tool, so it can be used on any device and any operating system.Ahrefs is a web-based tool, so it can be used on any device and any operating system.
Renewal CostIt offers one-time investment plans.SEMrush’s pricing plans needs to be renewed either on a monthly or yearly basis.Ahref’s pricing plans needs to be renewed either on a monthly or yearly basis.
Customer SupportThey offer excellent customer support facility, and users can seek help from the customer support agents by raising tickets via a contact form.They have high-quality customer support facility and always try to help users through email and comprehensive knowledge base.Ahrefs also provides top-class customer support facility and always solves the queries of their customer within a short span of time via the email support or live chat.
PriceSEO PowerSuite offers a free trial plan along with a free plan and two premium plans. The Premium plan ranges from $299 to $699.

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SEMrush also offers a free trial plan along with four premium plans. The premium plan ranges from $99.95/month to $399.95/month.

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Ahrefs does not provide any free trial plan but offers four premium plans which range from $99/month to $999/month.

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Features Comparisons (SEO PowerSuite VS SEMrush VS Ahrefs)

As mentioned earlier, in this section of this article, we are going to compare SEO PowerSuite, SEMrush, and Ahrefs based on a few common features. So, every reader must go through each and every features which will be discussed below.

Free Edition

SEO PowerSuite offers a free trial edition which allows users to access all the fantastic features of SEO PowerSuite without investing any amount. The best part of SEO PowerSuite free edition is that users almost get all the features within the free version.

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SEMrush also offers free edition just like SEO PowerSuite, but unlike SEO PowerSuite in SEMrush’s free edition, users will find a limited number of features, which is a slight disadvantage.

Ahrefs, unlike both SEMrush and SEO PowerSuite, does not come with any free edition, they only offer four premium plans.

Winner: In this category, we can confidently say that SEO PowerSuite is the out and out winner as they offer almost all the essential features within their free trial version.

Resource Limitations 

SEO PowerSuite offers several amazing features, out of which one of the main feature is the unlimited resources that they offer. Unlimited resources of SEO PowerSuite compel most of the customers to use SEO PowerSuite rather than using any other SEO tool.

seo powersuite enterprise vs professional

SEMrush is equally famous as SEO PowerSuite, but unlike SEO PowerSuite, one major disadvantage that users face while using SEMrush is their limited resources.

Ahrefs like SEO PowerSuite also offers unlimited resources, but it is not as useful as SEO PowerSuite although in this category Ahrefs is definitely better than SEMrush.

Winner: So in this category, also SEO PowerSuite is the winner as it is slightly better than Ahrefs and much better than SEMrush.

Money-Back Guarantee

SEO PowerSuite offers 30-day money-back guarantee, which allows a user to judge the services of the product accurately. If users are not satisfied, then they can give up the services of SEO PowerSuite to get back the entire invested amount.

Unlike SEO PowerSuite, SEMrush offers only 7-day money-back period, so this is a disadvantage as users have to decide whether the service is good or bad within a much shorter span of time.

Ahrefs, just like SEMrush offers 7-day money-back period and hence in Ahrefs also users get much less time to decide whether their services are good or bad. Moreover, in Ahrefs in order to get the 7-day money back, guarantee users need to invest $7.

Winner: So in this category as well SEO PowerSuite is the out and out winner as SEO PowerSuite offers 30-day money-back period unlike both SEMrush and Ahrefs which offer only 7-day refund period. Hence it is quite clear that by selecting SEO PowerSuite users gets an extra 23 days to decide whether the product is good or not.

OS Compatibility

SEO PowerSuite is a desktop-based SEO tool, and hence, users can use this tool on almost all the famous operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Unlike SEO PowerSuite, SEMrush is a web-based SEO tool, and hence users can use this tool with the help of a good Internet connection on any device and any OS.

Ahrefs is also a web-based SEO tool so users can access Ahrefs from any device irrespective of the OS the device is running on.

Winner: In this category, both SEMrush and Ahrefs are the winners as because they are web-based SEO tool, so it is neither OS-dependent nor device-dependent.

Renewal Cost

All the plans of SEO PowerSuite come with one-time investment scheme, which means that users no need to renew their plans on a monthly or yearly basis,  which is one of the main advantages of using SEO PowerSuite.

SEMrush, on the other hand, comes with pricing plans which need to be renewed on a monthly or yearly basis and moreover the renewal cost of SEMrush is also very high.

Just like SEMrush, in Ahrefs also users need to pay a high amount of money either after every month or after a year to renew their account.

Winner: So it is quite evident that it is always better to select SEO PowerSuite as users only need to invest initially, and then they can enjoy all the services for a lifetime.

Customer Support

SEO PowerSuite comes with an excellent customer support facility. Users can seek help from the customer support agents by submitting a message via a contact form, and then after submitting a ticket via the contact form, one of the support professionals will contact the user shortly with answers or assistance.

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However, the requests submitted during weekends and national holidays may take more time to process, which is a slight drawback, but this drawback can be ignored because of the fantastic service that the agents offer.

SEMrush, on the other hand, provides support mainly through their comprehensive knowledge base and email support. They also organize webinars on a regular basis through which they unveil new features and provide some actionable tips to improve SEO ranking and PPC.

The customer agents of Ahrefs help their customers either via live chat or through emails. The customer agents of Ahrefs always try to solve the problems and answer all the queries of the users within a short span of time. They even offer a lot of training material, including onboarding videos.

Winner: At the end of this category we can say that customer support agent of all the products mentioned above are equally efficient and hence all the products are joint winners when compared in terms of customer care support facility.

Price Comparison

SEO PowerSuite offers three pricing plans out of which one is free, and the other two are paid plans. The two paid plans are known as the Enterprise plan and the Professional plan. Users can access all the features of the Professional plan by investing $299 while the Enterprise plan costs $699.

seo powersuite pricing details

On the other hand, SEMrush offers four pricing plans which are known as the Pro plan available at $99.95/month, Guru plan available at $199.95/month, Business plan available at $399.95/month, and the Enterprise plan.

semrush pricing review

However, as mentioned earlier, apart from the premium plans, SEMrush also offers a free trial plan, although the trial plan contains limited features.

Just like SEMrush, Ahrefs also offers four premium plans, which are known as the Lite plan, Standard plan, Advanced plan, and the Agency plan. The cost of the Lite plan is $99/month while the cost of the standard and the Advanced plan is $179/month and $399/month respectively. Finally, the cost of the Agency plan is $999/month.

Winner: In terms of pricing plan, SEMrush slightly edges over SEO PowerSuite as it provides more options with four premium plans compared to two premium plans of SEO PowerSuite and is better than Ahrefs because it offers a free trial plan which Ahrefs does not offer.

Conclusion: Which is the Best SEO Tool (SEMrush Vs SEO Powersuite Vs Ahrefs)

As promised at the beginning of this article we have compared the three most popular SEO product, and finally, at the end, we can confidently declare SEO PowerSuite as the overall winner as it is the out and out winner in four of the above seven categories although SEMrush and Ahrefs is not too far behind SEO PowerSuite.

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