Rank Tracker Review 2019 + 40% Discount (Best SERP Tracking Tool)

Rank Tracker Discount + Complete Review (Best SERP Ran Tracking Tools 2019)

Rank Tracker is a complete tool to do multiple tasks with which you can track competitors’ rankings, track universal search results, specify your landing pages, track geo-specific rankings, track events on progress graph, set Rank Tracker safety features and a lot. You don’t need multiple tools to perform these activities.

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In the second phase of this article, we will highlight the most essential features of this SEO tool, and in the last section, we will inform the readers about the pricing structure of this tool along with the coupon codes.

What is Rank Tracker? Why Rank Tracker?

Rank Tracker changes the way users analyze their search engine rankings data with its precise algorithm and hence it is capable of delivering the most accurate and updated results on the ranking of a particular website, irrespective of the fact whether they are way deep into the list or perched in the top 100 results.

rank tracker features

With this cloud-based rank tracking and reporting platform, users no longer need to manually gather and analyze all the charts and figures to see where their tracked terms are ranked. Rank Tracker performs all the above-mentioned tasks automatically and hence helps users to save both time and effort.

As it is a cloud-based service, so users don’t need to stay glued to their monitor to carefully follow the websites’ rankings and instead they can effortlessly access the system from any device with a proper internet connection, which is one of the main advantages Rank Tracker.

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Rank Tracker Review 2019: Key Features & Highlights

As promised earlier, in this section we will outline the main features of this cloud-based rank tracking and reporting platform so all the readers who are eager to know about the fantastic features of Rank Tracker must go through this section thoroughly.

rank tracker reviews

Helps to steal competitors keywords

Through Rank Tracker with the help of the Ranking keywords search method, users will not only be able to identify keywords that already bring organic traffic but also can steal competitors’ top-performing keyword gems.

Another positive point about Rank Tracker is that it is straightforward to use the Ranking keywords search method. Users can just enter the desired URL, and within a couple of seconds, a list of user’s competitor’s most popular keywords will be at their complete disposal.

Helps to collect long-tail keywords

The key to compiling a perfect selection of keywords, including both long-tail and short-tail is by using multiple search suggestion tools. Fortunately, Rank Tracker offers plenty of searching tools like Google Autocomplete, Related Searches, Related Questions, etc.

By using a combination of these keyword suggestion tools, users collect several long-tail keywords as well as can understand search trends in their niche. Moreover, Rank Tracker’s Google Autocomplete search method supports 65 languages, and the number is continuously growing.

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Helps to perform smart keyword analysis

In order to make sure users only collect top-flight keyword phrases, they need to analyze them according to the most essential SEO indicators. Luckily, Rank Tracker comes with various options, which make it very easy for the users to perform smart keyword analysis.

Helps to store all the keywords in one place

Rank Tracker comes with Keyword Sandbox where users can easily store all the keyword findings, group them by theme, filter them by search volume or keyword length, tag the keywords, and users can even group them by semantic similarity, etc.

Helps to get the best keyword suggestion

Rank Tracker comes with Keyword Suggestions search method through which users can find related keywords and expand their list with tons of brand new keyword ideas from the most popular online keyword tools and databases like Google Keyword Planner Tool, Yandex WordStat, and Keyword Discovery.

Allows users to try various keyword combinations

Rank Tracker offers Keyword Combination feature through which users can easily get all the possible keyword permutations, word combinations, and misspelled variants of the target keywords.

Users will find that this feature is especially useful for a long-tail keyword as it comes with many possible word combinations.

Rank Tracker Pricing & Discount Coupon

Rank Tracker offers 2 different pricing option. Rank Tracker Professional & Rank Tracker Enterprise. You can check the below picture that Professional will cost you around $125 and Enterprise will cost you around $299. You can compare both Tank Tracker Professional Vs Enterprise and then choose the one as per your need.

rank tracker pricing

Disclaimer: You don’t have to apply for any Rank Tracker coupon code or Rank Tracker discount code as there is nothing like that. If you get this product alone this pricing is fixed. But you can save huge on SEO Powersuite where you can buy 4 different tools with a very good discount.

Conclusion: Is Rank Tracker The Best SERP Tracking Tool?

As promised at the beginning of this article, we have given detailed information about Rank Tracker. After reviewing Rank Tracker throughout the article, we can say that this SEO tool is very essential for those users who are constantly trying to rank high in the search engines.

So, readers must go through all the sections of this article thoroughly as each and every section of this article has valuable information about Rank Tracker.