How To Rank A Brand New Website Quickly in 2018

how to rank higher on googleHave you started a new wordpress site in 2018 & want to rank in Google fast? But how to rank a website quickly in 2018? I think it’s the ultimate purpose of every blogger though. ūüôā

In this article I will share some cool tips to rank any website fast in Google ,by following the basic best practices to rank a website.

Before proceeding further, let me remind you that Google is considering 200 ranking factors to rank a page and one have to keep in mind that based on the competition of the keywords and these factors the ranking duration will take place.

The link I have mentioned here is from BackLinko, by Brian Dean. If you can apply all the techniques he mentioned in that article is simply awesome. As a beginner it may not be easy to understand and take immediate action, but Yes, that is the best resource for people who want to learn advance things.

Anyway, let’s come back to our topic and find out how much difficult it is to rank a website in 2018 and what are the simplest things one can do to make it happen.

How To Rank Higher On Google in 2018

So, maybe you have just started a website or its being couple of months. But you are still struggling to build traffic for your website as your articles are not ranking properly. Then I am sure you will also agree with whatever I have learnt in last couple of weeks and which is actually I am following right now.

Choose a Micro niche topic to rank fast

If you want to rank a website fast or you just want to do an experiment on how fast google can rank a website to number one, then micro niche websites are the best one. Try to find out a low competition keyword with a good monthly search volume. See, if you randomly pick any low keyword and create site, then it will definitely rank on top.

But what is the usage of this site?

We are talking about a proper website with which you want to make money or share some knowledge. E.g. these days many people are building Amazon niche sites to make money or micro niche adsense websites to make money using Google adsense.

So, these¬†kind of websites need time to build, but if you find a low competition keyword with high CPC then it’s worth trying for such micro niche site.

In case you are planning for an authority website covering couple of categories around a broad niche like this one, then also these tips will work. But as you know authority website takes time to get rank due to versatility of the keywords and topics they cover.

Write in-depth articles & create resource articles

Next is writing in-depth articles on your website. Make sure your article related to that topic is really informative and cover everything so that people find it an ultimate resource.

To write such epic content, you can search for your targeted keyword and apply skyscraper technique after checking the top 10 articles of Google as per your keyword search.

I was reading about Google rankbrain technology where it is clear that Google is expecting almost everything about a topic in a single content only. That means write a detailed article on your topic covering all possible long tail keywords & related search terms.

Move your site to SSL or HTTPS

It’s no more secret that SSL is a ranking signal as well trust factor in Google’s eye.

Website security is a crucial part of blogging in 2018. Make sure you don’t compromise with a SSL certificate as¬†it’s a ranking signal.

Although I think it’s not official, but many top bloggers and marketing experts has confirmed that¬†with HTTPS site you can get at least an edge compared to your competitors.

If you are wondering how to move your site to free SSL, then either you can go for cloudflare free SSL or you have to buy such form your hosting provider, if they don’t provide.

I am using free SSL certificate from Bluehost cpanel for this website. If you want the same, then better to go with Bluehost and stay tension free about SSL setups etc.

Submit a sitemap to WMT (Google webmaster tool)

What is the point of creating a website and publishing content, but Google is not aware about your website?

Create a sitemap file using Google sitemap plugin. You can also use Yoast seo plugin, but I found the Google xml works great for me.

Create at least all the basic pages and few content before submitting the sitemap file to google webmaster. Also choose the preferred domain name whether with www or without WWW after adding them in WMT.

Give some time and you will find Google will start tracking your website and also gather various information and data which you can analyse later to improve your website SEO and improve ranking.

Don’t forget to Add Google Analytics Tracking code

Google analytics is another useful metrics that you should use. Add your website in Google analytics and put the tracking code back to your website header area.

This will help google to track your website performance and for what is ranking and many other useful information.

Must to have a custom Robots.txt file

This is  crucial file of any website. By default there will be a robots.txt file created for your website, but for better SEO you can follow the below file.

Simply edit the file using your WordPress dashboard and replace the same. You can also edit through your hosting cpanel in case you are comfortable with that.

In that file you can simply aware Google crawler what to crawl and what not to crawl. This will help Google to unnecessarily visit yoru pages like admin page, unwanted files etc.

Start Blog commenting to build backlink

For a new website it is hard to get links as no one is aware about your content. We all know the power of backlink or the importance of building backlink to rank better in Google. The more backlink means better ranking, but of course making sure the source is from high quality and yoru niche specific.

So the best thing is to start doing blog commenting on your niche specific websites. You can also start answering questions in platform like Quora and start getting referral traffic to your website. This will gradually spread about your website and earn reputation with time.

Start building your social media profiles

Social media is the most powerful promotional platform of 2018. Without social reach, digital marketing is meaningless and its is one of the major Google ranking factors.

Simply start sharing your content¬†on related Facebook groups, Google plus Groups etc, but don’t overdo it as it may consider it as spam practice.

Gradually your article and website will liked by people if you have shared some real in-dept guide about the topic and you will earn mentioned, gain reputation and in return improves your rankling.


When you are building a website for making money or some other purpose, if it doesn’t get ranked higher on Google or any search engine for the targeted keywords, you are not going to get the desired audience. And that is the worst thing for your online business.

Organic traffic is the highest value audience and it converts the most, this not a myth anymore. So to build organic traffic for your website, you have to work hard form the beginning to make your website search engine and user friendly.

I hope these few tips to rank a website to enough for a beginner to focus and start for a bigger tomorrow.

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