Is Bluehost Microsoft 365 Add-on Worth It?

In the digital world managing email and associated files is not a cup of tea for everyone. Now here comes the use of email hosting that stores the email messages on a server.

Hosting email servers is a bit of an expensive process for companies also. That’s why they try to buy different email hosting service providers with spam blockers and email filtering-like features.

Before some time Bluehost gets collaboration with Microsoft for Office 365 Email Hosting solutions. Rather than just email services, Microsoft also offers Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Microsoft Teams services for Bluehost customers.

bluehost microsoft 365 mailbox

What is BlueHost Office 365 Email Hosting?

The branded email hosting service provided by Bluehost in collaboration with Microsoft Office 365. This partnership is held to build trust among all customers that require professional entities for their business or websites.

Bluehost is already a reputed company in the Web hosting world. 

In collaboration with Microsoft, they give you the opportunity to connect email with your domain at Bluehost. You can easily use any email from any provider in the outlook feature provided by MS Office 365. 

This service provides more security and safety to use your email from anywhere and any kind of device. 

Key Features of Bluehost Microsoft Office 365 MailBox Add-on

Use from anywhere: It can be installed on up to 5 devices like any laptops or desktops via browsers and through apps on tablets and smartphones.

Access to full Microsoft Office: with Microsoft 365 mailbox, you will get an all-comprehensive suite with Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Enhanced Collaboration: 50GB exchange mailbox is available with Bluehost Microsoft 365 Mailbox. They have given 1TB OneDrive Storage for document sharing. Email, video conference, and instant messaging feature is available in teams apps with shared tasks and calendars sharing option with the team.

Secured Mailbox: High-security SSL / TLS is provided here. Insecurity matters Microsoft is the best caretaker and that’s why you don’t need to worry about standards of data security.

Work from anywhere: Bluehost Microsoft 365 always Synchronizes all your files and emails.

Business Email Security: Office 365 Mailbox ensures security from data breaches. For privacy and safety for confidentiality, antivirus and anti-spam protection are included in it.

Auto Updates: Microsoft Office 365 addon gets updated automatically so you don’t need to worry about it.

99.9% Uptime: They Claim that they can provide 99.9% Uptime to stay your business running.

BlueHost Microsoft Office 365 Plans

There are three plans from Bluehost with Bluehost Microsoft Office 365 mailbox Essentials.

1. Email Essentials

  • Email Storage: 15GB
  • Cloud Storage: No
  • Microsoft Teams: No
  • Full Microsoft Office: No
  • Bookings, Invoicing: No
  • Outlook Customer Manager, MileIQ: No

2. Business Plus

  • Email Storage: 50GB
  • Cloud Storage: 1TB
  • Microsoft Teams: Yes
  • Full Microsoft Office: No
  • Bookings, Invoicing: No
  • Outlook Customer Manager, MileIQ: No

3. Business Pro

  • Email Storage: 50GB
  • Cloud Storage: 1TB
  • Microsoft Teams: Yes
  • Full Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote
  • Bookings, Invoicing: Yes
  • Outlook Customer Manager, MileIQ: Yes

BlueHost Microsoft Office 365 Pricing

Plan NamePricingRenewable Cost
Email Essentials$2.99 per month $35.88 per year$4.99 per month$59.88 per month
Business Plus$5.99 per month$71.88 per year$9.99 per month$119.88 per year
Business Pro$9.99 per month$119.88 per year$14.99 per month$179.99 per year

How to get Free BlueHost Microsoft Office 365 Mailbox?

All shared hosting plans from Bluehost include a 1 month free trial of 1 Microsoft 365 Mailbox. You can use it and after experiencing it, you can go for the Emails Essential plan to purchase.

If you are using Business Plus or Business plus hosting then these 2 Microsoft 365 Mailbox is already purchased with full version. You can use their available features in your plan.

Other Benefits with BlueHost Microsoft Office 365 Mailbox

Microsoft gives us a 99.9% uptime guarantee that’s why our tools and emails stay running every time. They also provide a single dashboard to manage all services. 

Unlike other email hosting services, Microsoft works with 24/7/365 customer expert support. Insecurity aspects, Microsoft ensures that your data is 99% safe at their side.

Is it Necessary and worth it to use Microsoft Office 365 Mailbox add-on with Bluehost?

Microsoft Office 365 Mailbox add-on service is 100% feature-rich, user friendly, and reliable but not affordable for beginners and newbies. This plan may help large businesses. But in the initial days, you can use the 30 Day free trial offered by Bluehost.

If you are getting something free of cost without paying such huge amounts then why go for it? Microsoft is a trusted and reputed company buy we suggest that not to purchase any email hosting plan unless you have much more requirement for it.

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