Is BlueHost CodeGuard Basic Worth It?

Every website or blog owner should be aware of the security of their website. Cyber Attacks are most common nowadays. Bluehost Codeguard Basic offers Some features to keep our website safe and secure on the internet.

Looking for the best hosting company, then BlueHost comes on that list. But the question arrives about one extra add-on that has already been checked while we checkout BlueHosts Hosting Plans, It’s CodeGuard Basic!

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Today we will take a look at the point, Is BlueHost CodeGuard Basic Really Worth it?

What is CodeGuard Basics?

CodeGuard is a separate extra add-on that works in collaboration with Bluehost. CodeGuard is a Separate Backup Service and we can buy them by their individual site also. It’s a 3rd party tool that is used by BlueHost for an automatic backup of their users’ sites. 

CodeGuard includes all backups of the content of your website’s such as images, files, and data.

CodeGuard also alters users if something changes in coding, so we will be aware of the plugins or external threats that may harm our site.

You can restore your previously automatically backup data in just one click. For those who care about security and safety then we recommend them to buy an extra add-on with Bluehost hosting.

If we try to purchase CodeGuard from their official site then it costs almost 60$ per annum while with Bluehost we need to pay approx $35 per annum. 

Benefits of using CodeGuard Basic

Daily Backups: CodeGuard provides a daily backup system with timestamps. We can restore their wanted versions easily in one click as it arranges all TimeStamps Back up in a good manner.

Note: It doesn’t backup Caches file, log files, and temporary files.

Changes Monitoring: CodeGuard also keeps track of changes made at your site and gives alerts to users. They detect and store previous copies backups always to reduce future headaches of users.

One-Click Restore: we can restore the wanted backup at any time with just a single click.

Redundancy: Old files are not deleted, they are stored in different server locations with high security.

Bluehost CodeGuard Basic Pricing:

We will take a look at the Bluehost CodeGuard Basics plan. Basic Plan comes with 1 GB allocated storage and it allows up to 5 domains. The best feature is that it allows us to store an unlimited amount of databases. This plan makes automatic backup after every 5 days. 

This plan includes 3 times full website restore and 5 times individual files restore each month. This plan doesn’t have control from your side, it makes backup after a scheduled interval of time.

In individual plans from CodeGuard, we get started from $60 per annum plan but with Bluehost’s collaboration, they provide 4 plans.

The CodeGuard Basic plan offered with all shared hostings from Bluehost. It includes the above-mentioned features and costs around $2.99 per month. That means it’s about $35.55 per annum. 

On Bluehost’s Choice Plus and Pro shared hosting plans, CodeGuard Basics are provided free of cost. 

Is Bluehost Codeguard Worth it?

Nowadays everyone is more serious about their websites, and that’s why you must need CodeGuard Basic.

Other platforms like CodeGuard also provide the same features but CodeGuard is better than everyone.

Its cost with BlueHost is really very high as compared to its features. We never recommend buying it through an official individual site. But its cost with Bluehost is a little lesser and some users may afford it.

When our website becomes popular in some aspects then there is danger from hackers or 3rd party plugins that we are using. They may damage our site easily. CodeGuard and its best tracking and backup will help us to maintain peace of our mind. 

CodeGuard Basic is embedded in the dashboard of BlueHost, that’s why it’s easier to monitor our backups and other features of CodeGuard in one place.

It saves time especially because they have the option of automatic backup, one-click restore, timestamp backups (helps to find required versions to be restored).

On the internet, our website needs 24/7/365 security protection. When our website gets attacked by spam, malware, cyber-attacks and if you don’t have backup then it will be like everything went off! 


I think that Bluehost’s CodeGuard Basic is not worth it in some ways, because its cost is really high and for backups and security as a beginner, we can’t pay such a huge amount. 

If you are thinking of buying it, then it’s not the wrong decision. It totally depends on you if you can afford it then we always recommend buying BlueHost CodeGuard Basic.

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