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Is Affiliate Booster Best Theme For Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Booster theme is completely a new WordPress theme which comes with a very powerful plugin, called Affiliate Booster Plugin. If you are planning to create a website for affiliate marketing, what exactly you need on that theme? Let me share few points to understand first.

  • You need a clean theme for better readability
  • You need a lot of call to action blocks or elements
  • You need a fast loading design

In most affiliate websites, we generally find product related reviews, offers & promotions. So, when you create such content you need coupon blocks, product box, visually appealing tables to display product with price, button etc.

In that context, Affiliate Booster Plugin is simply awesome as it comes with plenty of such amazing blocks which will help you to create content quickly. And you don’t need an additional paid plugins as well. Let me share few of them here.

  • AB Button – Add professional looking buttons in your affiliate articles to get more CTR.
  • AB Star Rating – Give star rating to the products you review and help your readers to buy the products.
  • AB Notice Block – Notice block can be used to put any special notices inside the blog post. For any special, discount, deals and promotion. This block can be used at the end of the article to write an awesome conclusion.
  • AB Notification Block – Notification block is a perfect block to give any special notices in your blog posts which brings the quick attention, This block can be used in your articles to make beautiful headlines as well.
  • AB Single Product – This is a perfectly designed block to promote any single product it service in your blog posts. This block will capture the attention so you are going to get more CTR and ultimately more sales.
  • AB Pros & Cons – This well-designed pros and cons block help you add the features and drawbacks of the service/product you are reviewing.

So, in that context I would say it is a very good theme with Affiliate Booster Blocks plugin. And you don’t have to spend more money for further plugins and tools. Hence, according to me Is Affiliate Booster Best Theme For Affiliate Marketing website.