PicMonkey Pricing (Free Trial), Reviews & Deals / Coupons

How much is PicMonkey membership plan? In this article, I will help you explore various PicMonkey subscription plans and which one is best for your business.

PicMonkey offers 2 different types of pricing plans: Basic & Pro. You can go for both monthly billing or annual billing options. In the case of annual billing, you will get a PicMonkey discount on the final amount. E.g. the basic plan will cost you $7.99/mo and if you go for an annual subscription, it will cost you only $72.

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What is PicMonkey & Who Should Use This Software?

If you are running a website, you’ll regularly need interesting pictures to go along with your blogs and other pages. While it might be an easy option to just find images on the internet and use them, most of them have copyrights and can result in a host of problems for your website. A simple alternative is to create pictures of your own.

While this might definitely take more time than copying images from the internet, you will have your own images that you can use the way you want. And with tools like PicMonkey, editing pictures online is a breeze. Check some of the top features and pricing plans for this interesting online picture editing software.

Top Features of PicMonkey

  1. Create Images from Scratch

With more than 3,000 graphics, 2,400 templates, 200 fonts, and 100+ textures, PicMonkey is one of the best ways to create your own images from scratch. No matter if you are planning to launch a new blog, send invitations, create logos, or business cards, PicMonkey is a one-stop solution for all your graphics requirements.

  1. Improve Your Pictures

Apart from creating your own images, you can significantly improve the appearance of the existing ones. The software has dozens of amazing filters and effects, mask images, layer images, and a host of editing options to infuse a new life into your pictures.

  1. Online Cloud Storage

With PicMonkey, you do not have to worry about the security of the images you create. All of your images are securely stored on their cloud servers and all the changes are auto-saved for complete convenience. The stored images can be easily accessed from the desktop as well as mobile and you can also save them in multiple collections if you are planning to create and edit a lot of images.

Pricing Plans of PicMonkey

PicMonkey is available in three paid plans. But to help you check how amazing this online software is, there is also a 7-days free trial. Use the trial and then upgrade to one of the three plans mentioned below.

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  1. Basic

The cheapest PicMonkey plan is the Basic plan which costs $7.99 per month or $5.99 per month if paid annually. With this plan, you will get 1GB of cloud storage to store your work on-the-go. You will also get access to an extensive library of fonts which you can use for texts on your images. Touch-up tools, templates, and primo effects are also available in this plan.

Once a picture is created, you can export the same in PNG or JPG format with this plan. If you want to use PicMonkey’s mobile app, the Basic plan will give you access to all the features of their mobile app.

  1. Pro

If you are into graphics professionally, the features of the Pro plan will suit you best. This plan costs $12.99 per month or $9.99 a month if paid annually. This plan includes all the features of the Basic plan along with a host of extra features and benefits. For instance, you get unlimited storage space for your pictures.

Apart from JPG and PNG, the images you create can also be exported in PDF format with this plan. You will also get priority email support and access to any of the custom fonts you like.

  1. Team

If you manage a team of graphics professionals or manage a website and have a graphics team, the Team plan from PicMonkey can be a great choice. The Team plan is the same as the Pro plan but is targeted towards teams and offers handsome discounts. While the Pro plan costs $12.99 per month, you can get three seats of Pro plan at $33.99 if you go with the Team plan.

In case if you pay for the plan annually, you only need to pay $24.99 for three seats of Pro plan. However, it is necessary to purchase a minimum of three seats. You can go above three seats but not below this. Moreover, when you purchase this plan, you will also get tools to easily manage the whole team from a single dashboard.

Even if you are new to PicMonkey, its Resource Center has all the information and tutorials you will need to use the software like a pro. From using the software, editing photos, creating your own designs, to making collages, you can find detailed information and articles about all the important topics.

Which Plan Should You Select?

If this is the first time that you are experimenting with creating your own designs or editing pictures for professional use, the Basic plan should be adequate. However, if you are a professional and looking for a powerful picture editing and designing tool, the Pro plan of PicMonkey is the one for you.

If you manage a team and want to save considerably, the Team plan offers a 17% discount on the Pro plan when you purchase at least three Pro licenses. Before selecting a plan, use the 7-days trial of the software to make sure that it perfectly meets your graphics requirements.