LinkAssistant Discount 2019 (Save 40% on Best SEO Tool)

In this article, we are going to discuss the LinkAssistant discount options, and in doing so, we are also going to inform all the interested users about the main features of LinkAssistant which makes this product immensely popular.

This article will contain three sections. In the first part, we will describe what LinkAssistant actually is while in the second section we will outline five main features of LinkAssistant and finally in the last section we will discuss about the pricing structure of LinkAssistant along with the discount options.

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LinkAssistant Discount Coupon 2019 (Save 40%)

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What is LinkAssistant?

LinkAssistant is a full-scale SEO software that helps users to improve their search engine rankings and hence get more traffic. This software also compels more and more people to follow the offers provided by a particular website, which ultimately increases the popularity of that specific website.

It is always beneficial to use this tool as it helps users to improve Google rankings without investing any money on SEO experts or third-party tools. LinkAssistant consists of four different tools along with a full range of SEO features which help users to rank an entire host of websites under one umbrella.

This software can be easily regarded as one of the most popular SEO software since it is used by big companies like Disney, Audi, Heineken, Amazon, Microsoft, HP, and MasterCard.

SEO Powersuite discount

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Key features of LinkAssistant (Get 40% OFF LinkAssistant Discount)

Offers Automatic Scheduled Delivery

This is an exciting feature of LinkAssistant which enables users to schedule the automatic delivery of their reports via web publishing, or email delivery.

Through this feature, users can keep their clients in the loop to their progress without doing anything manually, because everything is done automatically by this software.

Allow users to optimize and monitor unlimited websites

One of the main features of LinkAssistant is its ability to optimize and monitor an unlimited number of websites without facing any sorts of restriction, and another essential point regarding this feature is that users will get this feature even on the free plan of LinkAssistant.

E-mail Management

Unlike most of the other SEO tools, LinkAssistant puts users in complete control over their email. Users who use this software do not need to use any other email software for writing a personalized message to hundreds of link exchange partners or for reading new emails.

So users should definitely use LinkAssistant as it helps to find contact information of potential link partner, makes each email sound professional, allows emailing multiple link partners, receives all incoming emails, and can even pass information from emails to the partner database.

Helps to target unlimited keywords

With the help of this software, users will be able to target an unlimited number of keywords both on free and premium plans, which will eventually help them to improve their SEO rankings by taking the SEO strategy to the next level.

Helps to store detailed History

LinkAssistant comes with several History functions which enable users to store all the previous projects on the hard drives and hence users can easily open those projects at any point in time, and can even transfer them across devices or share them with their clients.

Helps in Backlink Traffic check

This is another exciting feature of LinkAssistant through which users can track how many website visitors each backlink is bringing to them.

Hence, with the help of Backlink Traffic Check feature users are able to concentrate on those backlinks which will bring more and more visitors rather than wasting time on backlinks which don’t offer any practical SEO benefits.


Just like any other SEO tools, LinkAssistant can also be integrated with several third-party tools like Google Analytics, Google Adword, and Moz API. This is one of the most significant features of LinkAssistant as these third-party apps help users in a number of ways.

LinkAssistant Price 2019 (Which Plan Is Best)

LinkAssistant offers three pricing plans out of which one is absolutely free. The free plan offers unlimited website monitoring, unlimited access to the keyword tool, and the ability to monitor up to 1,100 backlinks, and hence, it is much better than the other two premium plans.

seo powersuite pricing details


The two premium plans of LinkAssistant are known as the Professional plan and the Enterprise plan. In order to use the Professional plan, users need to invest $499 while on the other hand, the price of the Enterprise plan is $1199.

However, due to the SEO PowerSuite discount, users will be able to purchase the Professional plan of LinkAssistant at $299 instead of $499 and the Enterprise plan at $699 instead of $1199.

Conclusion (Is LinkAssistant The Best Tool in 2019)

As promised at the beginning of this article, we have given in-depth information about LinkAssistant and also mentioned its price structure along with the discount that users will generally get while purchasing this software. For more details, Click This Link To Avail The 40% Discount.