5 Best Online Image Compressor (Bulk) Tools, Websites For WordPress

online image compression tool wordpressHow do you reduce the file size of JPEG before uploading to your WordPress post? I am sure you are aware of the benefit of image compression tools for WordPress. Image optimization is key to on-page SEO techniques.

As a best practice one should compress images before uploading them online to a WordPress blog. But where to find a free image optimization tools for image compression who provide good quality with maximum compression? How to optimize images for the web without losing quality?

In this article, I will be discussing on the top 5 best image compression software and their free download link as well.

There are various premium tools available with which you can do this task. But why to choose a paid image compressor software when you can do it online for free of cost?

Why You Need Image Compression Tool in 2019

Image optimization is a key task to complete your on-page SEO factors. The lighter the image, the faster the page will load. But one has to make sure that the quality of the image should not go down during compression.

We all know that website speed is one of the most effective criteria of any website to rank fast. Special for a new website to rank fast in Google, it plays a vital role to beat the competition.

So, image compression is a key task when we talk about image optimization. There are various tools which can compress the images online, but what about quality? This also should not be compromised.

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List of 5 Best Image Compression & Optimization WordPress plugin

There are plenty of such free image compression websites available through you can make sure to upload low size images. You can try all of them and as per your preference choose the best one.

JPEG Optimizer

If you are looking for the most popular image compression tool online then without any doubt JPEG Optimizer will top the list. Use their image compression level bar and get the desired compression level and quality as per your need. You can also resize the images in JPEG Optimizer, so the image file size can be reduced and it loads faster on your site.

Website: http://jpeg-optimizer.com


This is one of my favorite online image compression tools I mostly use. I am creating simple images for my blog post mostly in PNG format and this tool can easily reduce more than 70 percent of the size in just a few seconds without disturbing the quality.

Website: https://tinypng.com


This another tool I use mainly for JPEG or JPG format pictures. This tool gives the highest compression for these files. But for PNG format, I didn’t get a good result, so I use the previous tool. Anyway, together these tools are making my life easy.

Website: https://compressor.io


With CompressNow image optimization tool, you can simply upload your JPEG, PNG and Gif images from the computer and get your desired format and size instantly in few seconds. You can also set a compression percentage and download the desired compression. But remember the more you compress, the less quality image it will produce. So, simply optimize the same.

Website: https://compressnow.com

Online Image Optimizer

Easily reduce your image size with Online Image Optimizer. This tool is created by Dynamic Drive. This allows almost all major image formats generally we use in our every blogging. If you want to change the image type, you can easily do with this tool. You can also convert the images from one image type to another using this tool online.

Website: http://www.imageoptimizer.net

I would like to know more about your experience with any of these image optimization plugins which you have used so far. You can write a comment below and share your experiences or any suggestions to use them to get the maximum benefit.