Divi Vs Astra Vs GeneratePress: Which Is Best?

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In this Divi Vs Astra Vs GeneratePress guide 2023, we are going to compare the top three WordPress themes present in the market, which are Astra, Divi, and GeneratePress. Usually, all the themes mentioned above are different from one another, but they have a few common features as well.

Therefore, on the basis of those common features, we will compare Astra, Divi, and GeneratePress. Finally, at the end of this article, we will reveal the name of the theme, which is the best among the above-mentioned ones.

All the readers who are in a dilemma regarding which one to select among these three themes must go through this article thoroughly as we are absolutely confident that after reading this article, those readers will definitely be able to overcome their confusion and eventually select the best theme. 

Divi Vs Astra Vs GeneratePress 2020: Which Is Best?

Before comparing the above-mentioned themes, we would like to inform the readers about all the themes separately.

What is the Divi Theme?

Divi is an extremely popular multipurpose WordPress theme developed by Elegant Themes. It has a straightforward user interface, which is both user-friendly and beginner-friendly. Both developers and amateur users like this theme as it allows users to make both front-end and back-end editing.  

What is Astra Theme?

WP Astra is a popular WordPress theme developed by a famous theme developing company known as Brainstorm Force. Astra has two versions one is the free version, which has limited features like layout control, header/footer options, Elementor integration, and WooCommerce integration.

The paid version of Astra is known as Astra Pro. It is packed with much more interesting features like transparent header, hooks/filters, blog layouts, mega menu, header section, page headers, better typography, custom layouts, white-label, footer widget, and WooCommerce designer, etc. 

What Is GeneratePress Theme?

GeneratePress is another exciting multipurpose WordPress theme developed by a popular WordPress developer known as Tom Usborne. This theme reduces the user’s page load time to a large extent, but it will equally give them the flexibility to make lots of code-free changes on their site.

Comparison Between Divi, Astra, And GeneratePress In 2020

As mentioned earlier, in this section of this article, we will compare Astra, Divi, and GeneratePress on the basis of a few common features. So users must go through all the features which are given below.


Divi: As mentioned earlier, Divi has an extremely user-friendly working interface. Apart from being user-friendly, Divi is also very beginner-friendly, so users will be able to efficiently utilize this theme to create a top-class website irrespective of the fact whether they know to code or not.

It supports both front-end and back-end editing, so this theme is preferred by both the developers and the inexperienced users. The Divi builder plug-in gives drag and drops functionality to this theme, which makes it even more straightforward to use.

Astra: Astra also has a simple user-interface so users can easily create a stylish website with the help of this theme. This is an extremely lightweight theme that keeps any website running fast on the front and back ends.

This WordPress theme is highly customizable even for non-coders and inexperienced users, although it also offers plenty of features for developers as well. So we can easily say that Astra is also beginner-friendly apart from being user-friendly.

GeneratePress: GeneratePress has a straightforward user-interface, and it uses the WordPress Customizer for its customizations. This is really convenient because users will be able to see the changes they make in real-time.

The free version of GeneratePress gives decent options. Still, if users have the GeneratePress Premium version, then they will be able to customize pretty much everything within their site in no time.

Result: All the above-mentioned themes have a user-friendly and beginner-friendly interface, so it is really difficult to declare a clear winner in this category. However, GeneratePress is slightly better than Divi Vs Astra Vs GeneratePress, the other two, as, in GeneratePress, users can see the changes they make in real-time.

2.Designs and layouts

Divi Theme: Divi offers several pre-built templates and designs which users can easily access directly from their dashboard. Users can easily import the fantastic designs and layout into their website with the help of the drag and drop functionality.

Divi initially comes with more than 20 layouts, which covers a wide range of purposes from about pages to creative agency homepages and case study templates. Moreover, users can also download different layouts from the internet.

While using Divi, users can also combine multiple layouts to create an entirely new layout of their choice, and eventually, they can also store those designs within Divi. From time to time, users will also find new layouts from Elegant Themes as well.

WP Astra: Astra comes with several pre-made layouts and designs. As a result of this feature, users can easily create high-quality sites with the help of Astra. Some of the layouts include Page Layout, Blog Post Layout, and Archives Layout, etc.

GeneratePress: GeneratePress contains several designs, which are present in its various modules. It also includes layout options for multiple sites and for specific sections, as well as a number of choices for headers, menus, and backgrounds, etc.

Result: In terms of layouts and designs, Divi is the clear winner because unlike Astra, and GeneratePress Divi allows users to make their own designs and eventually save those designs within Divi’s database.

3.Plug-ins and Extensions

Divi: Divi easily integrates with WooCommerce. As a result of this feature, users can easily set up an online store. Divi shop page layouts also come pre-built with shop modules so users can easily organize their products into categories like featured, and on sale, etc.

Divi also comes with several essential plug-ins, including Extra, Bloom, Monarch, and the Divi Builder. The Divi builder is the most essential plug-in as it imparts drag and drop functionality to Divi and hence allows even a non-developer to create a high-quality website.    

Astra: Astra also flawlessly integrates with WooCommerce, and hence just like Divi, through Astra also users can easily set up an online store. Astra has specialized features for the WooCommerce store, which offers the best options for the user’s store gallery, and checkout pages, etc.

Astra also integrates properly with LifterLMS and LearnDash, which again helps users in a number of ways. Astra comes with Astra Starter Sites plug-in, which allows users to create professional designed pixel-perfect websites in minutes.

GeneratePress: GeneratePress flawlessly integrates with WooCommerce, so just like the other two themes which are being compared in this article, users can also use GeneratePress to set up an online store.

Moreover, GeneratePress also integrates properly with Yoast SEO, EDD, BuddyPress, and WPML. This theme also supports bbPress, and hence, users can easily launch a forum from their website, which is the main USP of GeneratePress.   

Result: In this category, GeneratePress slightly edges over Divi and Astra as, unlike those two themes, GeneratePress supports bbPress, which allows the users to launch a forum from any website.

4.Customer Support

Divi: Divi offers excellent customer support facility. Users will generally find that Divi provides a 24/7 customer care facility so users can anytime seek help from the knowledgeable customer care agents.

Apart from excellent support from the agents, users can also access the extensive documentation, and support forums. Moreover, users can also seek help from Elegant Themes, helpful blogs that include tutorials and guides.

Astra: Astra offers a 24/7 customer care facility. Users will not be able to directly talk with the customer agents as they don’t support live chat support. However, users can access their documentation, which contains appropriate answers to different types of queries.

Most of the time, users will find answers to their queries from the documentation section, but if they did not find their answer, then they need to raise tickets, which the support staffs try to solve within a short span of time.

GeneratePress: GeneratePress has a very active support forum that users can easily use if they face any kind of issue while using this theme. Just like the other two themes, GeneratePress also has a huge documentation page where the entire theme is covered in depth.

Unlike Astra and Divi, GeneratePress offers live chat support so users can expect to get immediate solutions if they face any issues while using the GeneratePress theme.

Result: All the themes mentioned above offer excellent customer support facilities, but GeneratePress is slightly better than the other two themes because it provides live chat support, unlike Astra and Divi.

5. Pricing Comparison (Divi Vs GeneratePress Vs Astra)

Divi: Divi offers two pricing plans. One of the plans is the yearly plan which users can avail by purchasing the Elegant Themes Membership available at $89/year. On the other hand, users can also go for the one-time plan of Divi, which is available at $249.

Astra: As mentioned earlier, Astra provides one free and four premium plans. Users can easily download the free version of Astra from WordPress.org. The Premium version of Astra, known as Astra Pro, costs $59/year.

However, users can also avail of the lifetime plan of Astra by investing $249. Astra provides two other premium plans, which are known as the Mini Agency and the Agency plan, which cost $169/year and $249/year, respectively.

GeneratePress: GeneratePress offers one free and one premium plan. In order to access the premium plan of GeneratePress, users need to invest $49.95/year.

Result: In this category, GeneratePress gives the cheapest plan. However, one slight drawback that users may face in GeneratePress is that users will not get a lifetime plan in GeneratePress, which is present both Astra and Divi.  

So, the overall winner in this category is Astra as it provides a lifetime plan just as Divi, and moreover, it is also cheaper than Divi.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Theme Divi Vs GeneratePress Vs Astra

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, we have extensively compared the most popular 3 Best WordPress themes for bloggers in 2020 on the basis of a few common characteristics.

Finally, at the end of this article, we can confidently declare GeneratePress as the overall winner as it is better than its competitors in most of the categories. However, Astra and Divi are also not too far behind. So, I am sure this detailed comparison between Astra Vs Divi Vs GeneratePress will help you to pick the right theme.