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SEO Powersuite Review 2023

Nowadays, every website needs to have a good SEO ranking. Due to this reason, all website owners want to use a proper SEO tool for their website. Generally, users will find several SEO tools on the Internet, but all are not competent enough to give a positive result.

So, in this review article, we will discuss about SEO Powersuite, which contains four separate SEO tools that will improve the performance of both user and their client’s website. In this review article, we will highlight the main features of SEO Powersuite, followed by its pricing structure.

Moreover, within this article users will also come to know about the SEO tools which are present within SEO Powersuite and we will also give information about the support facilities of SEO Powersuite followed its advantages and disadvantages.   

What is SEO Powersuite?

SEO Powersuite is basically a group of several SEO tools that helps users to perform any sorts of SEO tasks and eventually speed up the whole process of search engine optimization. Link Assistant, Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, and SEO SpyGlass are the four SEO tools which users will find within the SEO Powersuite. 

Now we will move into the next segment of this article where we will discuss more about the four SEO tools which users will find within the SEO Powersuite.  

What’s included within SEO Powersuite

Rank Tracker

rank tracker

Rank Tracker is a keyword research and rank checking tool that shows users where they rank for the keywords they care about most. Through Rank Tracker users can track their position in several search engines and can even focus on desktop or mobile. 

Website Auditor

website auditor

Website Auditor helps users to audit their webpage when it comes to on-page SEO and crawlability. This tool crawls through the files on the user’s website to find issues that may be preventing the user from having the success he/she wants in the search engines.

Link Assistant

link Assistant

Link Assistant is an outstanding SEO tool which helps users to find hundreds of link opportunities at a single click. It also helps users to get new backlinks and properly maintain the outreach process.

SEO SpyGlass

seo spyglass

SEO SpyGlass is a popular SEO tool which helps to spy on the competitor’s backlinks. This fantastic tool allows users to get links directly from Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Moreover, SEO SpyGlass also helps to monitor any link building campaign.

Key features of SEO Powersuite

Helps in Advanced Rank Tracking

SEO Powersuite helps to monitor organic and universal rankings in more than 300 search engines, match keywords to landing pages, and even helps to easily track the progress made over time. 

Helps to perform SEO and Technical Site Audit

SEO Powersuite helps users to easily detect all technical and SEO related problems on their site such as poor redirects, validation & crawlability issues, and broken links, etc. Moreover, this software also provides specific tips that eventually helps to solve the problems mentioned above.

Helps in Quality Link Building and Management

SEO Powersuite helps users to find new link prospects, and also do outreach using a built-in email client. Furthermore, it also helps to build and regularly verify the links in order to make sure whether they are still in place, have the right anchors, etc.

Helps to perform a safe search

Just because of the SEO Powersuite’s advanced search safety settings like CAPTCHA recognition, proxy rotation, and search engine’s APIs users can safely browse through any search engine without any issue.

Help in in-depth competition analysis

SEO Powersuite helps users to find their competitor’s keyword, rankings, backlinks, and content strategy and eventually helps to implement their competitor’s successful techniques on their website.

SEO PowerSuite Pricing Structure

SEO Powersuite offers one free and two premium plans. The free version offers limited features. Moreover, users will not be able to save the projects they are working on, which is a massive drawback of the free version. The free version also imposes some restrictions on the data generated per report.

SEO PowerSuite Pricing
seo powersuite summer sale 2021

So in order to overcome the drawback mentioned above, users can go for the premium version. Premium version includes two different pricing plans which are the Professional Plan and the Enterprise Plan. The Professional license plan costs $299 while on the other hand, the Enterprise license Plan costs $699.

Both license Plan offers four different tools, including Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, and Link Assistant. Both the premium plans offer unlimited data, allows users to save projects in the cloud, and also helps to schedule SEO tasks like generating reports, and emailing, etc.

However, if users want to export data or if they want to While label SEO reports in HTML and PDF, then they should exclusively go for the Enterprise License Plan as these two features are absent in the Professional License Plan. 

Moreover, unlike the Professional License Plan, Enterprise License Plan allows users to save, print or deliver reports to the clients. Both the premium plans come with a lifetime license and free feature updates.

SEO PowerSuite Customer Support Review 2023  

SEO PowerSuite comes with an extensive knowledgebase where users will find several FAQs and video tutorials which will help them to overcome any sorts of problem regarding SEO Powersuite. Users can also seek help from the support staffs during the working hours by submitting their issues in the form of tickets.


  • SEO Powersuite comes with four separate tools as a complete SEO solution.
  • It offers a great TF/IDF feature for semantic SEO.
  • SEO Powersuite offers a free version. 
  • All the tools of SEO Powersuite are cross-platform compatible and also sync seamlessly.
  • It allows users to check rankings from several locations.


  • They do not provide live chat support.
  • Offers limited options for exporting data and SEO reports.

Frequently Asked Question related to SEO Powersuite

What are Search Algo Updates in SEO Powersuite?  

Search Algo Updates is an optional subscription package that comes with SEO Powersuite that monitors the Google Algorithm changes. Moreover, it also makes the necessary changes to the software data when an update occurs to make it more up to date.

On which Platforms is the SEO Powersuite available?

SEO Powersuite works on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. It can be easily described as a great cross-platform SEO software suite.

Can users install the tools as a guest user on Windows?

Unfortunately, guest access is not sufficient. Users should log in to their computer under an administrator account because guest user accounts on Windows provide minimal user privileges intended for temporary access to a computer. 

Is SEO Powersuite better than Ahrefs?  

Both Ahrefs and SEO Powersuite are popular SEO tools. However, SEO Powersuite is significantly cheaper than Ahrefs and is value for money, although Ahrefs comes in with more tools and data.

Conclusion: Is SEO PowerSuite Summer Sale 2023 Worth?

As promised at the beginning of this review article, we have given each and every information related to SEO Powersuite, a robust set of SEO tools which helps to perform SEO campaigns effectively. So all users should definitely go through this review article thoroughly before using SEO PowerSuite for the first time.  

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