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WP Rocket Black Friday Sale 2021 [Expired]: GRAB 30% Discount From 24th NOV

Disclaimer: WP Rocket Black Friday Sale 2020 is EXPIRED now. You can follow their website to check the latest deals & offers. We will update this page during WP Rocket Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2021, which is on 26th November, 2021. Thanks for visiting our website.

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WP Rocket offers 3 different types of plans: SinglePlus & Infinite. All these 3 plans have 1 year of support & updates. The initial plan starts with $49/year for 1 website and then as more sites added price increases. For 3 websites, the price would be $99/year and for unlimited sites $249/year.

You will not find any WP Rocket coupon directly, but they do offer a 10% promotional discount if you have joined their newsletter. I am not talking anything or offering any WP Rocket promo code from my own, just follow the steps I have mentioned to grab this WP Rocket discount.

WP Rocket Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2021 (Coming Soon)

WP Rocket is a WordPress caching plugin which creates and stores a static version of your WordPress website on your hosting server. As soon as someone visits your website, this static version of the website is displayed to the visitor. This eliminates the need for your website to reach the database of the server in order to fetch the webpages.

Right now there are a couple of popular WordPress cache plugins available. A few of them are Swift Performance, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, etc. But without any doubt, WP Rocket is the best. Still in doubt?

Let’s check out a few of the Facebook poll results where WP Rocket has been rated as #1 consistently. This is the link to this Facebook Poll.

As a matter of fact, most WP Rocket reviews on the internet suggest that the plugin can speed up your website by up to 25% and even more. Last year during WP Rocket Black Friday Promotion, I got a massive 35% discount. Let us have a look at my website page speed first.

So, what are the WP Rocket pricing plans and its top features? Let’s explore more.

WP Rocket Review 2020: Top Features

If you run a WordPress website or are planning to create a blog on WordPress soon, one of the most important considerations for you is to make sure that your website runs as fast as possible. And you don’t just have to do this for your website visitors but search engines too as they hate slow websites as well.

For most people using shared hosting, the solution might be to switch to a better hosting provider/plan. But what if you do not have the budget to switch?

Or what if you are already using a pricey hosting plan and want to improve the website speed further? Fortunately, there is a not-so-expensive solution to this as well – WP Rocket. Let’s check out some of the useful features of the plugin that have made it so popular.

1. Requires Minimal Configurations

Worried about whether or not you will be able to use WP Rocket? Rest assured that even if this is the first time that you are trying a caching plugin, you’ll be able to use WP Rocket up to its full potential. It does not come with any complicated technical requirements or settings. Simply download the plugin and activate it from your WordPress dashboard. That is it!

2. Image Loading on Request

It is not that every visitor would scroll down to the bottom of your website or browse through every single page. As a result, WP Rocket only loads images on your website when a visitor scrolls through a page. This helps in further improving the load time of your website. Online platforms such as YouTube and Facebook already use this technique to speed up their platforms. With WP Rocket, you can do it too.

3. Advanced Customizations for Developers

While you are not required to have any technical knowledge to use WP Rocket, if you are a developer, you can actually make considerable changes to the plugin. The plugin has a neat code with several hooks to enable many different types of customizations. So, if you are good with coding, you can actually make several changes to WP Rocket.

WP Rocket Price 2020: How Much Does WP Rocket Cost?

When I bought the WP Rocket PLUS plan last year, the price was a little low. But recently WP Rocket pricing has been increased across all the subscription plans.

They have three different paid plans. However, like most of the popular WordPress plugins, there is no free trial. But there is a 14-days money-back guarantee.

All the plans come with all the features of this plugin such as quick setup, database optimization, page caching, cache pre-loading, browser caching, sitemap preloading, and more.

Let us have a look at the WP Rocket pricing and the respective plan features in detail:

1.Single Plan (For 1 Website)

With the Single plan ($49), you get 1 year of support and plugin updates for a single website. As mentioned above, there is no difference in the features or benefits of all three plans. All the basic and advanced features of the plugin are available in all three plans.

2.Plus Plan (Up To 3 Website)

The Plus plan ($99) also includes the same features and benefits of the Single plan but the support and updates are available for 1 year for up to 3 websites. So, if you are running multiple websites and want to improve their speed, this Plus plan is a budget-friendly option.

3.Infinite Plan (Unlimited Website)

If you have a website development company or are a website developer and looking for ways to speed up the speed of your client websites, the Infinite plan ($249) of WP Rocket is for you. With this plan, you get 1 year of support and updates for an unlimited number of websites.

WP Rocket Coupon Code: Get 10% Discount

You can get a special WP Rocket coupon code by subscribing to their email address. Just follow the step by step guide below to get the 10% discount on WP Rocket pricing.

Step #1: You have to visit the official WP Rocket Coupon page. Just scroll the information of the page and you will get that you can get a 10% off by joining their email newsletter.

Step #2: As soon as you subscribe to their newsletter, check back your email address for confirmation. You will find a message like below where it is clearly mentioned that your WP Rocket promo code will be sent to your email next.

Step #3: On successful subscription. You will get an mail with the coupon code. I have not shared the coupon I got with you as this may be different for you.

Step #4: Now click here to go to the WP Rocket pricing plan page and apply the coupon code received.

WP Rocket Renewal Discount 2020

But what happens after 1 year of subscription is over? Nothing! Yes, even if your subscription year is over, you will still be able to use the plugin on your website.

Isn’t that amazing? So, in a way you are only required to pay a one-time fee for this plugin. However, if you do not renew the subscription after 1 year, you will not get the support and updates.

But you don’t have to worry, as you can avail a 50% discount on WP Rocket renewal. I took this image from my WP Rocket account dashboard. If you have purchased it, you will also find the same discount.

WP Rocket also has an amazing support team for everyone. You can submit your ticket from the official website of the plugin and even from the support tab of the plugin after you purchase a paid plan.

With more than 600,000 websites already using WP Rocket, rest assured that you will not go wrong with this powerful caching plugin. Just select a plan of your choice and let visitors enjoy a blazing-fast browsing experience on your WordPress website.

Which WP Rocket Plan Should You Select For Your Blog?

This completely depends on the number of websites you run or plan to run in the future. If this is the first time that you are planning to experiment with WordPress, the Single plan can be a great option. If you already run a website and are planning to have more soon, the Plus plan offers great cost savings.

If you are a web development agency or a developer working with a lot of clients on a regular basis, you definitely need the Infinite plan which is available for an unlimited number of websites.

Personally, I have purchased WP Rocket for a single site only. As my purpose is to test this cache plugin to get good speed and so far I am happy with this investment. It’s more than worth paying $49/year.

So, I am sure I am able to explain everything about the WP Rocket pricing plan and how to get a discount while buying WP Rocket. Start with one website license only. Don’t compromise with site speed and I got a very good website speed with the combination of SiteGround SG Optimiser + WP Rocket + Cloudflare.

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