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Did you compare the different SmugMug pricing plans? Want to know which SmugMug plan is best for you? Then you’re at the right place as we will share an in-depth SmugMug review with the 4 different pricing plans and help you choose the best one as per your need.

There is no denying the fact that you need a good eye to become a successful photographer. But in this age where marketing of every product or service is so important, can a photographer really succeed without a stunning online portfolio? SmugMug can help you.

Disclaimer: We have an advertising relationship with SmugMug and we will earn a small commission if you buy using our promotional link on this article. Because of this relationship, we’re able to offer you deals like the one on this page. Thank you for shopping. SmugMug doesn’t offer any Coupon Code, but you can get around a 29% discount on their annual billing plans.

SmugMug Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2021 [Coming Soon]

Potential clients now search for everything and anything online. And now when photographs have turned so important in social lives, not having an online portfolio website is a major drawback. But hiring a web developer for the same can be very expensive.

  • Unlimited storage and zero compression mean you save every pixel, every time.
  • Full control of your photo privacy including password protection. Safe, secure, always yours.
  • Create a portfolio or website as unique as your photography with our easy-to-use tools and templates.
  • With a few clicks, you can start selling prints or downloads. We handle everything from billing to shipping.

If you are just starting with a photography business, this might not be a very practical option, especially when you have to spend a bomb on cameras and other gears.

It is one of the few website builders that exclusively cater to photographers. With SmugMug, you can create professional online portfolios without typing a single line of code at a cost that is significantly cheaper than hiring a developer. Let us check out some of its top features, pricing plans, and more.

SmugMug Review 2020 – Why Is It the Best Photography Website Builder for Beginners?

Before we discuss SmugMug pricing, let’s have a look at some of its key features in detail. Most of such photographers have no option but to rely on platforms such as Instagram, Tumblr, and Flickr. But while these platforms to get the job done, they are not really a professional way of exhibiting your work. This is where SmugMug gets into the picture.

Multiple Stunning Templates

SmugMug offers a number of beautiful templates for creating the homepage of your photography website. You can add several elements such as galleries, folders, and a host of features for sharing, selling, and showcasing your talent. There are also many great themes that are mobile-friendly and look stunning across devices.

Control Access

Photography is a serious job and you’d definitely want to keep your work protected at times. For this, SmugMug allows you to easily manage how you want people to access your photographs. You can let every website visitor access your photos or keep it reserved for a selected few. Moreover, you can also add custom right-click messages, watermarks, and password protection to your photos.

Storage Safety

SmugMug uses highly secure cloud storage to make sure that your photographs remain protected at all times. No matter how many photos or videos you add on your website, rest assured that they will remain protected on secure cloud servers. You can easily access them anytime, anywhere at full resolution.

So, now let’s see SmugMug pricing plans and which SmugMug plan is best for you.

SmugMug Pricing 2020 (Deals & Offers)

With SmugMug, there is a plan for everyone. To start with, there is a free 14-days trial for you to see how everything works. This trial is completely free and you can decide after the trial whether or not you want to purchase a paid plan. You don’t even have to provide any credit card details for this trial.

If you do decide to upgrade to a paid plan, you can select one from the four different options available.

1. Basic

The Basic plan costs $47.88 per year or $5.99 if you want to pay monthly. This plan will get you your own beautiful custom website along with full-size galleries, security features, unlimited photo uploads, sharing options, and a feature to order products and prints with the high-quality print lab. Your friends and family members can also order products and prints directly from your website.

2. Power

The Power plan costs $71.88 when paid annually and $8.99 per month if you go with the monthly payment option. This plan includes all the features of the Basic plan along with more than 20 pre-made website designs and the option to create your own custom website without any coding. Right-click image protection, own domain name, and optional HTML and CSS customization are some other options.

3. Portfolio

If you want to create an elaborate online portfolio, you can go with the Portfolio plan which costs $179.99 (annually) and $23.99 (monthly). It includes all the features of the Power plan with e-commerce and Turnkey optimized galleries, order fulfillment with labs like EZPrints, WHCC, Bay Photo, etc., and an option to sell videos and photos online. You also get to keep 85% of the markup price of all the sales.

4. Pro

If you are a professional photographer looking for advanced client tools and robust workflow, the Pro plan from SmugMug is for you. The plan costs $359.99 (annually) and $41.99 (monthly). It has all the benefits of the Portfolio plan along with features such as custom price lists, coupons, group galleries for different events, gift-wrapped packaging, and brand shipped orders.

We have discussed all the four SmugMug pricing plans in detail. Now let’s see which SmugMug plan is best for you.

Which SmugMug Plan Is Best For You?

If you are just starting with photography and want people to know about your services and past work, you can select between the Basic and Power plan. But if you are already a professional photographer with extensive experience, the Portfolio or the Pro plan is the best choice.

If you are serious about your occupation and online portfolio, prefer the annual plans offered by SmugMug as they offer savings of 29% and more.

FAQs Related To SmugMug

How much does SmugMug cost per month?

$5.99 monthly. Perfect for you if you’re simply looking for a beautiful, safe home for your photos.

What is SmugMug used for?

SmugMug is a photo-sharing service popular among professional photographers. The software allows you to upload proofs and final edits into a gallery that you can then send to your clients so they can pick their edits or order prints.

Is SmugMug worth the money?

I recommend Smugmug all the time, it is good value for money. I would definitely recommend it. They have great templates to start out and powerful design tools that give you plenty of customizing options.

Is SmugMug good for selling photos?

SmugMug offer awesome layouts so that you can showcase your pictures easily and it also loads faster for your visitors.

Is SmugMug Pricing Worth?

If you’re serious about building your photography website then SmugMug has all the necessary features that you will need. There are 4 different SmugMug pricing plans. We have shared all these plans in detail. So, you can choose the one as per your needs.

SmugMug also offers 24x7x364 support to provide all the assistance and answers you need. The support team offers all the tech-related help you will need with building a website with SmugMug and even the transactions on your website to ensure complete convenience. If at all the customers or you are not completely satisfied with the support, SmugMug will print the order again or even offer a refund.

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