7 Best Genesis Photography Themes 2021 (SEO Optimized + Mobile Responsive)

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Genesis is currently the most popular theme framework for WordPress. If you are new to Genesis, it is an all-powerful WordPress theme that functions as a platform on which you can create your WordPress website. The framework integrates security, performance, and SEO to help you build amazing WordPress websites.

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The Genesis framework is a flagship product of StudioPress which has been recently acquired by WP Engine, making it a great choice for WordPress websites. While StudioPress itself offers a number of great themes for Genesis, there is no shortage of amazing options at other theme stores too. If you are into photography and are looking for the best Genesis themes for your website, we have some great options for you.

7 Best Genesis Photography Themes For WordPress 2021

1. Foodie Pro

foodie pro

Minimalist and clean designs are currently trending among WordPress website owners. And a perfect example of this approach is Foodie Pro from StudioPress. While the theme has a stunning design, it packs loads of punch to help you create a feature-packed website that people would love to visit.

It comes with a host of web page templates which you can use throughout your website. With the help of the theme customizer option, you can conveniently edit the theme with regards to its background images, colors, settings, content, and more. Moreover, you can view all the changes you make in real-time before applying them.

Moreover, the theme also comes with widget areas that you can customize as per your requirements. Some of the other noteworthy options of this theme are custom header, translation ready, mobile responsive, HTML5 markup, and layout options. As far as the pricing of the theme is concerned, you can either purchase this theme individually or purchase Pro Plus Membership of Studio Press to get access to this and loads of other premium themes.

2. Free Spirit (Imagely)

free spirit from imagely

Dedicated to wedding photographers, Free Spirit with its calm and minimal design is sure to attract people to your website. The theme comes with a homepage slideshow, multiple blogs, post templates, and page templates, making it a perfect fit for your photography website. The theme is mobile responsive and it’d look as amazing across different screen sizes as it does on your desktop.

You can visit the Imagely website to view a demo of this theme before buying. Imagely has a pretty straightforward pricing structure. You can buy all the Imagely themes at once by paying $69 for a year. If you are also interested in the plugins offered by Imagely, you can go for a $139 annual package that offers access to all the themes and plugins from Imagely.

3. Parallax Pro

parallax pro

Just like Expose, Parallax Pro from StudioPress is also an HTML 5 theme that is mobile responsive and comes with a host of customization options. The theme has been designed in a way to let website owners tell a story through the website and better connect with the visitors. By dividing your content into different parts while still maintaining a connection between them, your photography skills are sure to be highlighted with this theme.

You can change the color scheme of the theme with the utmost ease to better suit your preferences. Buy this theme individually, be a StudioPress Pro Plus member of go for a WP Engine hosting plan to get access to this awesome theme for photographers.

4. Altitude Pro (StudioPress)

altitude pro

The Altitude Pro theme also has the same parallax effect of the Parallax Pro theme mentioned above. The theme is minimalist but still offers everything that your website visitors would like to see on your website. Add your portfolio, content, contact details, address, and much more easily with the Altitude Pro theme for the Genesis framework.

Just like all the other themes on this page, Altitude Pro is also mobile responsive. You can check its demo by visiting the StudioPress website before buying it. You can buy this theme from StudioPress and get the Genesis framework for free along with the purchase. You can also purchase a StudioPress or WP Engine plan to get access to this theme.

5. Atmosphere Pro (StudioPress)

atmosphere pro

If you want to create a minimalist photography website on WordPress, Atmosphere Pro from StudioPress can definitely be a great option. The theme offers a lot of wide spaces to enable you to easily add your photographs and content. You can add multiple pages, adjust the color scheme of the theme, put your contact details, and much more to create an all-inclusive website in the easiest and quickest way possible with Atmosphere Pro.

The theme is mobile responsive and tweaked to offer super fast speed. You can check the live demo of this theme at StudioPress to make sure that the theme is indeed the one that you’d like for your website. Atmosphere Pro can be purchased individually or you can download it by becoming a StudioPress Pro Plus member or purchasing a WP Engine hosting plan. 

6. Imagery (Appfinite)

Imagery is one of the most popular Genesis themes from Appfinite. The theme has only the bare essentials required for the website to make sure that your pictures and your photography skills are the main highlights of your website. The theme comes with parallax effects, custom background, homepage widgets, threaded-comments, custom header, and slider options to help you create a stunning photography website with Genesis framework.

You can visit Appfinite to view a demo of this theme before purchasing it. You can also find tutorials as well as a lot of other useful resources at Appfinite to help you easily create a powerful and beautiful photography website.

7. Fearless (Imagely)

If you want to make sure that your photography website is nothing similar to the hundreds and thousands of photography websites on the internet, Fearless is one theme that you should definitely check. The unique design of the theme which revolves around a modern approach will make it easier for you to display your photography skills in the best way possible.

The theme features a collapsible floating menu to grab the attention of the website visitors as soon as they arrive on your website. You can also have a desktop slideshow for displaying your portfolio and it also has multiple posts and page templates to help you add a personal touch to your website. As mentioned above, you can get access to this Fearless theme as well as all the other themes from Imagely by paying a $69 annual fee. 

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Photography WordPress Theme From StudioPress?

best genesis photography themes
best genesis photography themes in 2021

These are some of the top Genesis photography themes that you should definitely check if you want to make sure that your website looks as stunning as your photography skills. Rather than sticking to the same old free themes, upgrade to a premium theme and you are sure to offer something amazing to your web visitors.

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