7 Best Genesis Food Themes 2022 (For Blogs, Recipes, Restaurants)

Looking for a WordPress food theme that is built with the Genesis framework? Irrespective of whether you are a food blogger, own a restaurant or just sell food-related products on your WordPress website, you need a stunning theme to do justice to your niche. This list of Best Genesis Food Themes 2022 will help you to pick the perfect theme for your website.

2022 Recommendation for Best WordPress Food Theme

If you are ready to look for Genesis Alternatives, then I would recommend you to go for Divi Builder from Elegant Themes. They are one of the best WordPress theme bundle providers and also got 5 START Ratings in Trustpilot. You will easily use Divi Food Theme for your food blog in 2022.

trustpilot reviews divi
Best Food Blog Themes For WordPress 2022

Genesis Framework is one of my favorite premium WordPress themes. I am using their Authority Pro child theme which is making sure my website is fast loading, SEO-Friendly and highly secure. With every StudioPress updates, I can be sure that someone is taking care of my website backbone.

If you are starting a food blog and looking for the best Food WordPress theme, then I will recommend not to go with all the fancy design layouts. rather stick to fast loading, SEO-optimized website which will ultimately provide the best user experience for your readers. SPEED is the most important and you must not compromise that for design. That’s why I love the Genesis Framework powered WordPress themes.

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7 Best Genesis Food Themes By StudioPress Themes in 2022

But even if you are ready to pay for a premium Genesis food theme, you are definitely going to spend a lot of time browsing through hundreds and thousands of options. To help you save time and efforts, we have made a list of 7 of the best Genesis food themes.

1. Foodie Pro (Best Food Blog Themes For WordPress)

foodie pro

Minimalist and clean designs are currently trending among WordPress website owners. And a perfect example of this approach is Foodie Pro from StudioPress. While the theme has a stunning design, it packs loads of punch to help you create a feature-packed website that people would love to visit.

It comes with a host of web page templates which you can use throughout your website. With the help of the theme customizer option, you can conveniently edit the theme with regards to its background images, colors, settings, content, and more. Moreover, you can view all the changes you make in real-time before applying them.

Moreover, the theme also comes with widget areas that you can customize as per your requirements. Some of the other noteworthy options of this theme are custom header, translation ready, mobile responsive, HTML5 markup, and layout options. As far as the pricing of the theme is concerned, you can either purchase this theme individually or purchase Pro Plus Membership of Studio Press to get access to this and loads of other premium themes.

2. Brunch Pro

brunch pro

If you want to be a little more creative with the appearance of your website, Brunch Pro can be a great option. While this theme also has a minimalist design, it comes with loads of great features that are sure to help you take your WordPress website to another level. For instance, you can add as many as 4 different footer widget areas on your website where you can add your own widgets.

It also offers a number of font and color options in the Customizer with the help of which you can add your personal touch to your website. No matter if you are just starting with a new website or looking for a new theme for an existing website, Brunch Pro is perfect for everyone. Just like Foodie Pro, Brunch Pro also comes with pre-built templates which you can add with a single click to your website.

The theme is mobile responsive and has a customization header to allow you to add your own logo and menu options. You can get instant access to just this theme by purchasing it from the StudioPress website. You can also purchase the Pro Plus Membership of WordPress to get access to all the existing and future themes of StudioPress.

3. Divine Pro (Best Food Blog Themes For WordPress)

divine pro

While Divine Pro is a perfect fit for a food blog or any website related to food, you can actually customize it to suit any genre. It comes with handy customization features to allow you to easily select your own style and images. Just like all the top premium themes from StudioPress, this theme also comes with custom page templates to help you easily add pages such as archives, blogs, and more to your website.

If you also want to add widgets to your WordPress website, this theme lets you add as many as 5 sitewide widget areas that are fully customizable. You can also add your own logo and menu options with the help of the customizable header option. Divine Pro is mobile responsive so rest assured that your WordPress website would look just perfect across every device, screen size, and browser.    

When you buy the Divine Pro Theme, you also get the Genesis framework. Apart from buying this theme individually, you can also purchase a StudioPress membership to get access to all the other themes offered by this popular theme store.  

4. Daily Dish Pro

daily dish pro

If you are looking for a premium WordPress theme that would perfectly showcase your delicious food pics, Daily Dish Pro is the way to go. With its stunning black and white minimalist design, the theme is an amazing choice for not just food bloggers but even fashion bloggers who want to showcase their work in the best way possible.

If you want to customize the design of the theme, you can use the customization option to change the background image, colors, content, settings, and more. All the changes can be seen in real-time to help you ensure how things would look once the changes are applied. If you want to highlight the logo of your brand, you can do the same with the help of the header customization feature.

The theme is pre-styled to support e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce. So, if you are planning to build an e-commerce store, this theme is a great option for that as well. The theme is mobile responsive and you can add up to 3 homepage widget areas that are fully customizable. Purchase this standalone theme or purchase a StudioPress membership to get access to this theme.

5. Cafe Pro (Best Food Blog Themes For WordPress)

cafe pro

The Foodie Pro listed above is one of the most popular Genesis food themes on StudioPress. Similarly, Parallax is another great option. Cafe Pro combines the best of both of these premium themes to offer a theme which is not just an amazing choice for restaurants and food blogs but even offline businesses looking to create an online presence.

The beautiful theme allows you to add up to 4 homepage widget areas which you can customize as per your requirements in order to add the relevant business information. Right from the font, colors, settings, to the content of the theme, everything can be easily customized to perfectly match your requirements. The theme comes with pre-built templates to make it easier for you to add pages to your website.

If you already have a business, adding your business logo is one of the most important steps of building a website. The customizable header option of this helps you do so with the utmost ease. Purchase this individual theme or go with the Pro Plus membership of StudioPress to get access to this as well as all the other themes from StudioPress.

6. Wellness Pro

wellness pro

If you are planning to build a health and wellness niche website on WordPress, decorate it with this amazing Wellness Pro premium Genesis theme from StudioPress. As the theme is already designed to cater to this niche, you can rest assured that you can build a website with it in the least amount of time as all the important elements are already included in this theme.

The theme allows you to add up to 3 background images on the homepage of your website with the scrolling parallax effect. With this effect, only the content of your homepage will move when a visitor scrolls down or up while the background image would stay as it is. You might have already seen this effect on many of the top WordPress websites. Now you too can add the same with this great Wellness Pro theme.

The premium theme also allows you to add as many 12 widget areas on your website which can be easily customized as per your requirement. The mobile responsive theme also supports e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce and is translation ready. Visit the StudioPress website to buy this single theme or a StudioPress membership to get access to all the themes.

7. Cook’d Pro

cookd pro

If you own a food blog or are planning to create one soon where you’ll share your mouth-watering recipes, there is no better option than Cook’d Pro. The theme has a minimalist design but packs all the features that you’ll need for creating a stunning food-focused WordPress website. The theme has a simple black and white color combination but you can easily change it to any color of your choice.

Similarly, you can also change the background images, settings, and of course, the content of the theme with complete convenience. The theme is mobile responsive to ensure that beauty and functionality will be maintained across devices and screen sizes. You can also add several widget areas on the website where you can add widgets of your choice.

Custom page templates, customizable header, HTML5 markup, layout options, and translation ready are some other top features of this premium theme. Developed by Feast Design Co, the theme is available at the StudioPress theme store. Purchase this single theme or you can also purchase StudioPress membership to get access to all of their themes.

Conclusion: Best Food WordPress Themes From StudioPress

If your WordPress website is related to food in any way, there is no better option than to select a theme that is food-focused. Such premium themes will not just make your website look attractive but will also make it easier for you to design your website.

If premium Genesis food themes are what you are looking for, these are some of the top options that you should definitely check out. But if you are looking for a different theme besides StudioPress, then Divi is the Best Food Blog Themes For WordPress for 2022 as per our analysis. So checkout the Elegant Themes Bundle now.

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