100+ Best Blogs In WordPress To Follow in 2024 [Most Popular Websites]

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WordPress is the most popular CMS and personally I just love it. Here I have collected a list of Best Blogs In WordPress To Follow and Read in 2024. If you are starting a blog on WordPress then you must follow this list of blogs about WordPress.

I have started my blogging journey back in 2009-10 on Google blogger platform. Very soon I have realized the limitations of Blogger compared to self-hosted WordPress blog. Then in 2012, I have switched to WordPress and from that day I never looked back.

best blog in wordpress to follow
best blog in WordPress to follow in 2021

If you want to follow the WordPress official website then follow this link. You can track everything happening in WordPress world.

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100+ Best & Most Popular WordPress Blogs To Follow in 2021

In recent times several WordPress blogs are becoming extremely popular among the customers. So a person may get confused which one to follow in order to succeed in the WordPress community and to gather more information regarding WordPress tutorials and tips & tricks.

Therefore, in this article, we will be mentioning some of the most popular WordPress blogs which users can easily follow in 2021 to get answers to all the queries regarding WordPress. I am sure this post will definitely motivate you to create your first website on WordPress.

Here I’ll be sharing a list of 100+ Best WordPress Blogs that you can bookmark and follow to learn everything about WordPress from scratch.

1. WPBeginner.com


I am sure you know about this blog, because whatever is your query about WordPress you will find an article from this website. This is the #1 WordPress Blog that You Should Follow in 2021.

WPBeginner is started by Syed Balki back in 2009. Then gradually a team was formed and they started curating almost everything about WordPress on their blog. This is the best blog with a lot of WordPress tutorials.

2. Codeinwp.com


This is another popular Blog in WordPress related topics. Just search for anything related to BEST WordPress themes or Plugin or Hosting, you will find this website on SERP for sure.

Adelina Tuca and Ionut Neagu founded this blog back in 2013. Gradually they have published plenty of content related to WordPress related products. Each of their contents is highly researched and finalized so you can fully rely on them. 

3. WPMU DEV Blog


Joshua Dailey started this website with the help of a very strong team. If you want to take your business on WordPress, then WPMU DEV blog is a great platform for professionals.

You will find content related to various topics like templates, plugins, security, updates, marketing & SEO tools and also get professional support from various experts.

4. WPEverest Blog

Rabin Shrestha and team started this amazing WordPress blog to share their experience about WordPress. If you are searching for WordPress plugins then you will find plenty of information about plugins on WPEverest blog.

 WPEverest focuses on delivering Free and Premium WordPress plugins that are user-friendly, well coded and well designed. WPEverest is a Product of Theme Grill Pvt Ltd .ThemeGrill was founded in February 2014 and currently the office is located at Basundhara 3, Kathmandu, Nepal.

5. WP Tavern

WordPress Tavern is a site focused on all things WordPress. You will find plenty of articles and resources related to BuddyPress, bbPress etc. Stay updated with all the latest WordPress news and updates on weekly basis.

Sarah Gooding, Jeff Chandler& team started this amazing blog back in May 23rd, 2013. Follow the amazing articles contributed by various WordPress experts to learn WordPress from scratch. This is one of the best Blogs in WordPress category for beginners to experts.

6. WPKube

WPKube is an online WordPress resource which focuses on WordPress tutorials, How-to’s, plugins, tutorials, news, and more. They share useful articles, tutorials, product reviews and how to guides to educate their readers about WordPress.

This blog was started by Kevin Muldoon but right now they have a very big team of WordPress experts who are contributing useful and engaging content regularly on this blog. Undoubtedly, WPKube is one of the top WordPress blogs you will find on the internet.

7. WPExplorer Blog

Back in 2010, AJ Clarke started WPExplorer.com to share WordPress related articles, guides, tutorials, tips, how-to’s and more. HE started sharing how to create WordPress themes and also created many free themes. I have used few of their Free themes in my earlier days of blogging.

Like the other blogs in WordPress, this website is also a very good example of resourceful content for beginners to learn WordPress from scratch. So far they have contributed plenty of tutorials on WordPress and also share various WordPress deals & Coupons so that readers can save money.

8. WPEntire

WPEntire blog is a top WordPress blog that provides you most recent updates, news, information and resources regarding the WordPress themes, templates, etc. You will find every type of articles like WordPress tutorials, product reviews and how to guides on their blog.

Ganga Kafle and team started this blog to share useful articles to educate people with WordPress. So far they have shared more than 500+ articles on various topics, WordPress plugins, themes and related topics. Follow them if you want learn new things in WordPress.

9. WPLift

WPLift was founded in September 2010 by Oliver Dale, the founder of Kooc Media, to help people with WordPress by providing tutorials, theme roundups, plugin guides and general WordPress news. Daan Tol and team has started this blog to share WordPress related articles.

This website is a complete resource for WordPress bloggers. More than 2000+ useful articles, WordPress tutorials, themes, plugins and many more topics has covered. They have curated so many expert roundup posts which is worth reading.

10. WPAll Club

WPAll is a go-to WordPress resource club where you can get only hand-picked, tested, genuine and carefully written useful information about WordPress. This blog is started by Prithu Singh Thakuri and team.

This blog is full of articles related to Web hosting guides, coupon codes and various how to tutorials. Besides that you will find articles on almost every WordPress related categories specially on WordPress themes of different kinds. Follow this blog if you want to learn more on WordPress.

11. WP Newsify

WP Newsify was founded in May 2016 by Peter Nilsson. This blog is a goldmine of various types of articles about WordPress tutorials, tips and tricks to help all WordPress enthusiasts. You can easily become an expert in WordPress from beginner by following this awesome blog.

Besides that you can read about roundups, plugin guides and general news about WordPress. The team behind WP Newsify is highly dedicated to informing WordPress professionals and enthusiasts about the industry.

12. WP Mayor

Although this blog design looks little old and uncommon with the modern day websites, but this website is full of almost everything about WordPress. Yes, you will find articles in various categories like hosting, themes, plugins and WordPress tutorials.

Jean Galea and team started this WordPress blog to share useful how to guides and WordPress news related updates. You will also find various coupons & deals for different WordPress products and get good discounts.

13. athemes.com/blog

This is a very popular blog and their team is creating amazing WordPress themes from 2013. You can say that they are one of the Best premium WordPress theme providers. Besides that they also write plenty of content on topics related to WordPress tutorials, Theme customization, Hosting and various topics.

14. Elegant Themes Blog

Elegant Themes is one of the best popular name in the world of WordPress theme. Besides sharing about theme, they also share various guides, tutorials on WordPress theme, hacks on their blog section. You will find plenty of WordPress related list based articles and resources on Elegant themes blog.

15. WP Doze

This blog is running by Dragos and he generally share blogging and different online activities on his blog from March 2010. You will find various topics on his blog related with SEO, online marketing, link building, WordPress articles and niche sites case studies. If you want to learn about WordPress from someone’s personal experience then you must follow WP Doze.

16. ChrisLema.com/blog

Chris Lema is a very popular name in the in the WordPress community. He is a public speaker and advisor for many great companies. Chris currently works as a VP of Product at LiquidWeb WooCommerce hosting company. That means you can easily understand how much you can learn form his blog. Feel free to follow him.

17. BobWP Blog

This is another Blog in WordPress that I follow from long back. This blog is create and run by Bob Dunn, an WordPress expert. He shares many useful guides and tips related to WooCommerce. In fact you can consider his blog as a WooCommerce community and grow with him to next level.

18. WPSetup.org

This blog is perfect for any beginner who want to start with WordPress from scratch. They have shared so many basic tutorials about how to set up WordPress, various WordPress settings and plenty of how to guides. They are a team of highly experienced WordPress experts.

19. WPEka.com

WPEka is a popular blog about WordPress, SEO, Web Design and Digital Marketing. Expect lots of useful tips, deals and tutorials to help you promote your business. You will find various useful professional WordPress theme and plugins on their website. Besides selling products, their WordPress tips and how to guides are really helpful.

20. ManageWP.com

ManageWP was started by Vladimir Prelovac, a successful WordPress developer, consultant, and the author of the first WordPress development book. By January 2012 ManageWP was officially released, and within a month 100,000 websites were being managed with our service. Manage WP is one of the WordPress blogs to follow in 2020 where you will get plenty of free WordPress tutorials to learn.

21. wpbuffs.com/blog

WPBuffs offers WordPress maintenance service like unlimited edits, performance enhancements, daily health maintenance and regular security troubleshooting. But their blog section is fill with lots of amazing content and WordPress guides, tutorials. Joe Howard started this amazing business with the help of his team and friends. And now they are large team who contributed and provide amazing WordPress services to many online business.

22. WPLeaders.com

This is another my favorite WordPress blog to follow in 2020. My friend Istiak Rayhan, the founder of RoadToBlogging.com founded this blog. He shares several WordPress related topics like themes, plugins, and web hosting. The primary goal is to help you to create an amazing WordPress blog easily.

23. begindot.com

They started their journey in September 2016. BeginDot brings you the inspiration and the resources you need to kickstart your venture. They look forward to helping the startups and individual entrepreneurs with the resources that can help them to take their online business to the next level. They share various content on their blog about resources, WordPress blogs to follow, templates, online success stories, interviews and more. 

24. wpblog.com

WPblog blog is a WordPress resource website that regularly publishes content covering WordPress blogs to follow, plugins, hosting, news and ecommerce. WPblog aims to educate WordPress users about the best WordPress products and best practices so that they can create amazing websites.

25. WebDesignDev.com

WebDesignDev (WDD) was started back in the summer of 2006 as a tutorial website for web designers. In our very first month we had over 200,000 visitors, and were hacked and shut down by our host for having to much traffic. Since then we have changed WDD a lot to keep up with the changes in the web design world. We update WebDesignDev regularly to include all the latest news and tactics in web design.


WpCtrl.com is the place to catch up with all the latest WordPress trends. They review, both free and premium items, to give you the best perspective on what will work best for you and your project. Enjoy reading amazing WordPress tutorials, how to guides, product reviews, list based articles etc.

27. Alienwp.com/blog

AlienWP was founded in 2013 by Galin Simeonov, with the aim of building ” solid themes that follow best practices and the official WordPress coding standards. Themes that provide real value for the WordPress users. In 2016, AlienWP was acquired by Oliver Dale, of Kooc Media, which also runs the ThemeFurnace WordPress themes site. Kooc Media, also acquired the themes site Fimply, another provider of clean minimal themes and merged the two websites, bringing members of AlienWP more themes.

28. layerwp.com

This blog is started by Ben. He loves creating content about WordPress, whether it’s how-to’s, reviews, or general opinion. He writes in an easy to understand way, making sure the content, whether it’s a guide or review is written in a way that benefits you.

29. wparena.com

WPArena blog is dedicated to WordPress platform that includes WordPress blogs to follow, plugins, reviews, snippets, tutorials, etc… which are essential in building a useful blog. At WordPress Arena, we create high-quality WordPress tutorials with lots of enthusiasm and commitment. Everything is clearly demonstrated through our specially crafted tutorials.

30. Shoutmeloud.com

ShoutMeLoud is an award-winning blog that helps you live a dream life with blogging. ShoutMeLoud covers about WordPress, SEO, Make money Blogging etc. Harsh Agarwal started his blogging journey just out of fun in September of 2008 and started writing about things that I knew. Now this is the #1 WordPress blog in India.

31. Premiumwp.com

PremiumWP.com is another blog that I follow form long time. This blog was established to assist WordPress users find the best commercial (premium) WordPress themes, plugins and services. They also publish relevant news, reviews, guides, tutorials and other resources to help you build a ‘premium’ WordPress website. You will get almost every single information about WordPress themes on this WordPress blog.

32. Templatic.com/blog

Templatic is another website mainly focusing on premium WordPress themes for business. They also share plenty of WordPress tutorials on their blog. They have more than 8 years of experience creating amazing websites on WordPress and that’s what they share on their blog section.

33. winningwp.com

Created in 2013, WinningWP blog is an award-winning blog that explores WordPress-related techniques and resources, shares helpful information, and provides useful tips and insights to anybody and everybody with an interest in WordPress. You will find a lots of product comparison article, product reviews on Plugins, Hosting and Themes.

34. themegrill.com/blog

ThemeGrill is another WordPress theme based blog which was founded in February 2014 and located at Basundhara 3, Kathmandu, Nepal. They have created plenty of WordPress themes, Plugins so that you can have a fast loading and useful website. They are quite experience in their area and shared a plenty of WordPress tutorials and how to guides.

35. QuestionCage

QuestionCage provides resources on WordPress, Blogging, SEO and Social Media for better branding and Online Presence. Optimizing Tips for your website. This is an amazing blog by my friend Navin Rao. He simply learn new things and simultaneously would love to share my acquired knowledge. 

36. firstsiteguide.com

You can build a successful online business with the right mix of skills. Their team has a wealth of skills including blogging, marketing, SEO, copywriting, WordPress, and web design. And, They share all that knowledge here at FirstSiteGuide! You will find many useful tutorials to set up a blog on WordPress.

37. designbombs.com

Design Bombs was originally started as a web design gallery but recently it become a place to share web design ideas, tutorials, and other helpful resources. There are several categories ranging from roundups of cool website designs, freebies, exclusive deals, and WordPress. Design Bombs generally strives to be a resource for designers who are looking to sharpen their craft.

38. Justlearnwp.com

JustLearnWP.com published in-depth articles and WordPress tutorial videos, You can learn WordPress step by step with these videos and articles. They focus on WordPress community, WordPress blogs to follow, reviews, tips and tricks of WordPress. Reviews about WordPress hosting, How to Start a blog, and theme development.

39. yoast.com/seo-blog

Yoast writes about several topics like Content SEO, Technical SEO, Analytics, eCommerce and WordPress. We all know how much popular is Yoast SEO Plugin is, but do you ever checked their blog section? You will find plenty of amazing resources and tutorials on WordPress & SEO.

40. WPCity

WPCity is a free online platform that generally comes with WordPress tutorials, plugins, themes, tips, and tricks along with other guides that is relevant to WordPress and, the list goes on!  Apart from just WordPress guides and tutorials, they also bring industry leaders Interviews along with Expert Round-ups time-to-time.

41. SmartWP

2 Expert blogger Ryan Robinson (ryrob.com) and Andy Feliciotti (drawne.com) contribute amazing content is this blog. They shares the best WordPress tutorials and advice from industry experts. From WordPress web hosting to in-depth WordPress guides, technical and marketing advice, we cover everything there is to know about building the best possible WordPress site.

42. WPthemego

WPTHEMEGO specializes in providing products for the world most popular open sources including beautiful, yet robust WordPress Themes for all WordPress users of any skill level can work with. Founded in 2009, they have been serving our customers for over 10+ years with a number of high
quality products including:

43. designwall.com/blog

They are a young team of passionate “Builders” who work hard yet smart to build awesome WordPress products. Started in 2012 with our firsthand product WallPress theme, they quickly improve them through different products in term of design and features to meet our customers’ expectation and satisfaction.

44. elementor.com/blog/

Elementor is the leading website builder platform for professionals on WordPress. Elementor serves web professionals including developers, designers and marketers and boasts a new website created every 10 seconds on its platform. Besides that you will also find plenty of useful tutorials and how to guides on WordPress.

45. woorkup.com

Woorkup is part of forgemedia LLC; a digital agency run remotely by two brothers, Brian and Brett Jackson. They develop WordPress plugins and craft actionable content. On woorkup, you’ll find various topics consisting of marketing, productivity, web performance, and tutorials. We love sharing how we solve problems.

46. gutenbergtimes.com

This blog is running by Birgit Pauli-Haack. He also contribute to WordPress as a WordPress Meetup organizer here in Southwest Florida. For the last 5+ years, He has been volunteering on the WordPress Global Community team as a deputy. Since November 2020, he has been the team rep on the Block Editor End User Documentation team. 

47. Bloggerspassion.com

Bloggerspassion is one my favorite blogs in WordPress and blogging niche. Anil Agarwal is a pro blogger from India and he shared many useful guides, in-dept tutorials on WordPress blogging, SEO and various other topics. The main motive behind BloggersPassion is just one – to help you make REAL money from your blogs. Making money from blogging is not easy and you need guidance throughout so that you cruise along.

48. WP Eagle

WordPress Tutorial Videos covering everything from building a complete WordPress, promoting your site, monetizing and enhancing it to make it even better. They believe in sharing the majority of our knowledge without charge. By sharing knowledge we hope to enable people to learn new skills and create the lifestyle they’re looking for.

49. WP Superstars

WP Superstars is an online publication that aims to simplify WordPress, so you can focus your time on what matters. They delivery actionable advice and easy to follow tutorials to give your website superpowers. You will find plenty of resources & tutorials related to WordPress plugins, themes and hosting.

50. IsItWP Blog

At IsItWP, their main goal is to help you find out what websites are built with WordPress, and show you the technology they are using such as WordPress hosting, themes, and plugins. This is the website running by the owner & team of WPBeginner. So without any doubt you will get plenty of amazing tutorials and guides on WordPress.

51. WP Shout

This blog is started by 2 WordPress developers, contributors, and enthusiasts, and their goal is to make the world of WordPress accessible to everybody. They publish weekly in-depth WordPress tutorials on the site and to their mailing list, and they link out to cool WordPress stuff elsewhere on the web most weekdays. If you want to get the very latest WordPress development tutorials, tricks and news then follow this amazing blog.

52. DigWP

Chris Coyier & Jeff Starr started this amazing blog to share his knowledge and experience with WordPress. Her is a real-world web designer who has been reaching for WordPress to power client sites for many years. He subscribes to the theory that not only is WordPress capable of powering any website it is almost always the right choice.

53. WPNeon

WPNeon.com specializes in WordPress products and provides detailed articles on WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, tutorials for beginners, and product reviews. WPNeon has become a famous brand globally in the WordPress industry and has acquired enormous user base both in terms of daily traffic and list subscribers. Today, WordPress creators from a wide range of niches and industries, such as tech startups, artists, designers, writers, web developers, marketers, travellers, photographers, eCommerce retailers, and everyone else in between follow WPNeon.

54. WPCrafter

This is one of my favorite blog in WordPress niche. This blog is running by Adam Preiser. He also has a YouTube channel in the same name, WPCrafter which is most popular YouTube channels and blogs about WordPress. As stated in the tagline, “WordPress reviews and tutorials for non-techies,” WPCrafter was created for non-techie people to help them get the most out of WordPress via the blog’s in-depth reviews and tutorials.

55. Kinsta Blog

The Kinsta blog focuses on all kinds of WordPress tutorials. It provides actionable tips and useful resources on web performance and website optimization. Kinsta blog was founded in 2013 with a desire to create the best WordPress blog hosting platform in the world. We are veteran WordPress developers who realized that reliable WordPress hosting built on cutting-edge technology with a focus on speed, security, and stability was not the industry standard. 

56. MyThemeShop Blog

MyThemeShop is one of the most popular WordPress Themes & Plugin developers. They have delivered many amazing themes and popular plugins. Personally I just loved their Rank Math WordPress SEO Plugin which has come out as a revolution. Besides creating themes & plugins they also share many useful WordPress tutorials, guides and tips tricks through their blog section.

57. WooCommerce Blog

WooCommerce is a very popular blog where you will find all amazing WooCommerce themes & plugins to create a successful WooCommerce website in 2020 and earn money online. WooCommerce is a very trending topic and due to the Covid situation the online shopping trend has increased. Anyway, besides this you will also find some amazing articles & tutorials on WordPress on WooCommerce blog. Keep a track of their blog and read those amazing articles to learn everything about WordPress.

58. ThemeIsle Blog

By 2017 the WordPress tide was changing as started to shift towards adaptability rather than specificity. An armada of page builders had given users their opportunity to deck their theme out with more control than ever. Themeisle responded with Hestia. A theme integrated with Elementor to give users the ultimate page building experience.

59. weDevs Blog

This is one of the leading WordPress blogs providing latest WordPress news, tutorials, tips & tracking, hacks and many more. weDevs has been in the plugin business since 2008. Since then, they have been growing rapidly with their free and paid plugins. They have a blog section where they publish high-quality WordPress tutorials. Their comparison articles and list articles are top-notch. They also create their products based articles.

60. WP Manage Ninja Blog

WPManageNinja team members possess an accumulated experience of 30 years in WordPress development and website maintenance. With that much experience, there is no problems in WordPress development that WPManageNinja can’t solve.

61. MotoPress Blog

MotoPress Blog is a popular WordPress blog that has attracted many visitors in 2020 by sharing high-quality tutorials and reviews related to themes and plug-ins roundups.  

This WordPress blog helps users to easily select an appropriate WordPress theme for their website. Moreover, users can also consult MotoPress Blog if they want to change their website’s existing themes or plug-ins. 

62. LearnWoo

As the name suggests, this WordPress blog is mainly related to WooCommerce. With the help of this blog, users will be able to take their e-commerce store to the next level. 

In this WordPress blog, users will find tutorials that will help them to learn how to get started with WordPress and even help them understand the basics of WooCommerce. Moreover, users will also find advanced tutorials, which usually they will not find anywhere else. 

It also provides tutorials related to WoCommerce customization and WordPress security & performance. By following the tutorials mentioned above, users can ensure that their store performs on a high level of optimization and efficiency. 

63. WPKlik

A group of Pro WordPress users created WPKlik. This WordPress blog helps the WordPress community by sharing essential information about WordPress and its products. This blog’s developing team contains programming wizards, content editors, and top-level designers.

Within this WordPress blog, users will find tutorials related to WordPress themes and plug-ins, which will help them select the best theme or plug-in present in the industry.

64. WPGlossy

Sakti Kumaran and Nirmala, two WordPress enthusiasts who have been in the industry for a long time, have created WPGlossy so users can depend on this blog without keeping any doubt in their minds. 

The main aim of this WordPress blog is to show the visitors how to create highly sophisticated websites using the available WordPress resources. 

WPGlossy comes with a broad spectrum of articles related to WordPress, including news, tips & tricks, themes, plug-ins, how-to-guides, and discounts available on different WordPress products.

65. WP Hive

WP Hive is one of the most popular WordPress blogs that has reached new heights in 2020 by providing exciting tutorials and articles related to WordPress and SEO. Within this blog, users will only find high-quality articles, so visitors will never get bored while going through this blog.

This WordPress blog has a special section where the uploader compares different plug-ins based on some typical characteristics, which eventually helps users find the best plug-ins for their website. They also provide fantastic SEO guides and tutorials that help users in several ways.

66. Just WP

Karan Chopra started this WordPress blog, which mainly talks about WordPress related stuff. Within Just WP blog, users will find easy to follow tutorials and guides related to WordPress, which will help them to create high-quality content.

Just WP covers various topics related to WordPress, including WordPress Plug-ins, reviews related to WordPress themes, and about different deals & discounts to get WordPress products at discounted prices.

67. WPAllClub

WPAll is a popular online platform where users will find all the relevant WordPress resources, themes, and tutorials which will help them to develop a better understanding about WordPress  

In this WordPress blog, users will come across topics related to themes roundup, security & speed relevant content, SEO, several WordPress tips & tutorials. Moreover, users will also get access to various plug-in roundups, which will help them to learn more about the best resources for WordPress. 

68. WP Setup

WP Setup offers how-to-guides, informative articles that help users to utilize WordPress in the best possible way. The creator of WP Setup believes that WordPress is the best tool for people to build their online presence. Moreover, users can also sign-up within this blog site to get free themes and plug-ins. 

Within the how-to-guide section, users will get several useful articles, including how to install WordPress by a single click, how to speed up a WordPress site, and how to host a website, etc.

69. Torque

Torque is an extremely popular WordPress blog founded in 2013 by WP Engine, a WordPress specialized hosting team. This WordPress blog always comes with the latest WordPress news, unlike other WordPress blogs, which mainly focuses on plug-ins and theme reviews.

Along with three staff members, Torque offers content from various writers, each with different skill-sets. Currently, Torque Magazine is the leading resource for WordPress news, and since 2013, this WordPress blog has been at the forefront of news and events in the WordPress community.   

70. Colorlib

In 2013, Aigars Silkalns founded Colorlib. This WordPress blog serves around 300,000 page views each month, and most of the traffic comes from Australia, the UK, the USA, Germany, and Japan. This blog gets updated frequently, and within each update, users will find several new themes and templates.

This blog helps the WordPress community by releasing free WordPress themes. However, Colorlib also releases premium themes and plug-ins, so if users want, they go for the premium products, as well.

71. Carrie Dils

Carrie Dils is a WordPress expert, and hence users can expect perfect information on her blog. Her blog can be easily considered as one of the best WordPress blogs in 2020. By following this blog, users will surely learn a lot about WordPress, Genesis, and WooCommerce.

This popular WordPress blog provides several informative articles and a collection of hands-on practical courses that helps to set up a successful freelancing business. This blog provides web development courses, as well.

72. The WP Chick

Kim Doyal, a WordPress expert, created the WP Chick blog. From time to time, she shares tons of information and knowledge on this WordPress blog. In this blog, users will find various exciting tips on how to run WordPress based blogs or business better.

73. Deluxe Blog Tips

This WordPress blog comes with many exciting tips and tricks that help an individual manage his/her WordPress site better. Luckily this WordPress blog’ author is an expert in plug-in development, so he has a lot to share when it comes to actionable website development tips.

Moreover, Deluxe Blog Tips WordPress blog is beneficial for that category of people who loves DIY and mainly prefer to manage their own website.

74. Cloudways Blog

Cloudways is mainly a top-rated, managed cloud hosting platform. Moreover, Cloudways provide exciting blogs as well, which users can easily follow while using WordPress. 

Within the Cloudways blog, apart from WordPress related information, users will also get several setup guides, theme reviews, business tips required for e-commerce, design, and GDPR, etc. Experts write articles on this blog so users can blindly depend on them for making a successful WordPress website.

75. WP Doze

WP Doze mainly provides tutorials related to WordPress and WooCommerce. This popular WordPress blog is created by Dragos, an experienced individual who has been blogging for over ten years, so users should follow this blog without doubting its information.

Within this WordPress blog, users will find an exceptional deal section that will help them acquire WordPress coupon codes for themes and plug-ins.

76. WP Apprentice

WP Apprentice is a perfect place to systematically learn about WordPress rather than relying on scattered information available on the Internet.

In this popular blog, users will find several courses and video tutorials that will teach them about WordPress right from the basics. If users follow all the tutorials and guides of the WP Apprentice blog, sincerely, they will soon become an expert.

77. WP101

WP101 is another exciting blog which is a perfect place for beginner WordPress user as it provides simple courses to learn the basics of WordPress. The developer properly maintains this blog site and regularly updates all the video tutorials whenever WordPress is updated.

Furthermore, users will also be able to access shared knowledge from other members if they join their membership program. Users can also take other courses such as WooCommerce, Jetpack, Yoast, etc. once they get accustomed to WordPress basic knowledge.

78. WP Smackdown

WP Smackdown was launched in 2013 by Joanna and Dave to provide an abundance of WordPress information, tricks & tips, tutorials to the WordPress community. Currently, 177 articles, 11 plug-in reviews, and five theme reviews are published on this blog.  

WP Smackdown offers several in-depth articles that help users to handle the varied aspect of a WordPress website. In this blog, users will find beginner’s tutorials, but apart from that, it also offers articles on topics like marketing, analytics, and SEO.

79. WPBlogging360

WPBlogging360 is a popular WordPress blog site founded by an experienced blogger, Manidipa, and her husband, Santanu. From this blog, users can gather essential information regarding setting up a WordPress blog with the utmost ease.

Moreover, this WordPress blog also discusses the basic blogging tips for beginners. WPBlogging360 also features several Bloggers interview and their income reports so that the new bloggers can get inspiration from them. 

80. WP Blogging 101

Within this blog, users will find different types of deals and coupon codes which will eventually help them to purchase several WordPress products at a discounted price. 

This website offers several essential tutorials which will help users to create a free website, start a blog with BlueHost, and even start a fashion blog easily.

WPBlogging101 even offers several tools like SEO Site Checker, GDDL generator, and Worthlyzer, which helps every WordPress user to enhance their WordPress website and take them to the next level.

81. WP Theming

WP Theming blog provides information about different types of WordPress themes & plug-ins and eventually helps users to select appropriate themes and plug-ins for their WordPress site. 

This blog also talks about WooCommerce extensions and Integrations, which is a vital part of any WordPress website. So it is quite evident from the above information that this blog helps users to create a top-quality WordPress website.

82. WPDean

WPDean, founded by Brent, a WordPress enthusiast, provides free WordPress tutorials for beginners, plug-in reviews, theme reviews, and WordPress optimization strategies. 

By following this blog thoroughly, users will be able to create a site that they will be able to manage without the help of a developer. WPDean also offers tutorials by following which users will be able to easily install different types of plug-ins and themes.

83. WPCrows

This is my blog where I share almost everything about WordPress. I am planning to add more WordPress tutorials, how to guide so that a beginner can find every possible information at one place. Besides that, I regularly publish articles focusing on WordPress themes, Plugins on my blog. If you find my blog useful feel free to bookmark this and also you can visit my English YouTube channel for more video content related to WordPress & Blogging.

84. WPColt

WPColt is another popular WordPress blog site which publishes the latest news regarding WordPress, SEO, and themes & plug-ins. It also discusses about the performance security of any WordPress site. 

Furthermore, within this blog, users will also find several review articles that will help them to select the best plug-ins and themes for their website.

85. WP artisan

WP artisan provides tutorials about various plug-ins and themes that help users to properly control the themes and plug-ins on their WordPress website. It also comes with several news articles along with various tips and tricks to use WordPress products properly.

86. WP-ME

WP-ME was founded in 2015, which only talks about WordPress. This blog was initially started in order to build a free resource site for all WordPress users, especially beginners so that they can build amazing websites with minimum knowledge.

It comes with WordPress news, WordPress themes, premium and free WordPress plug-in collections, WordPress hosting reviews, several tutorials and various blogging tips & tricks. WP-ME provides coupons and discounts on web hosting, plug-ins, themes, services and various other WordPress products.

87. WPLogout

Just like the blogs mentioned above, WPLogout is also created to help the beginner WordPress users create a top-class WordPress website. This blog was started in 2017 by Suraj Katwal, who is a blogger, digital marketing instructor, and Affiliate Marketer.

Within this popular blog, users will find WordPress tutorials, blogging tips & tricks, SEO related articles, and social media articles for beginners. Furthermore, within this blog, users will also find tutorials related to GeneratePress and GenerateBlocks.

88. Lets Build WP

This blog is designed by Martie to help beginners create a top-class WordPress website within a few minutes and without the guidance of any developer. 

Lets Build WP WordPress blog provides all possible information regarding WordPress and also offers interesting tutorials about WordPress themes and plug-ins. Currently, this blog is helping more than 1000 people learn how to build their own website and blogs using WordPress on a daily basis.

89. WPdesignduo.com

This website teaches everything about WordPress. The developer of this website shares whatever he learns from other WordPress sites. 

Within this site, users will find resources related to WordPress and how-to article, so by following this website, they will never face any problems while using WordPress. 

90. WPExpertGuides

WPExpertGuides blog’s primary goal is to provide helpful WordPress tutorials that are easy to understand for small businesses, non-technical website owners, and bloggers. It is also considered as the largest free WordPress resource site for beginners. 

This blog was launched by Sufiyan Momin, a WordPress expert, in 2018. This blog is not too old, but it has still attracted many visitors in 2020. Within this blog, users will also get several discount coupons and codes that will help them to purchase WordPress products at a discounted price.

91. wptutorials.us

WP Tutorials is a beneficial blog for both the beginner and experienced WordPress users. Within this blog, users will find video tutorials and information on different WordPress products, including themes, plug-ins, widgets, and WooCommerce.

Moreover, WP tutorials.us also provides information on SEO-related stuff and current WordPress news so that users can always stay updated.

92. WPMarmite.com

The main goal of WPMarmite.com blog is to help freelancers, bloggers, and beginners set up their WordPress site. This blog also helps users to personalize their site and manage them on a daily basis without the help of an experienced developer.  

Within this WordPress blog, users will get tutorials on WordPress and its plug-ins, theme selection options, in-depth reviews and tests. This blog comes with educational and fun videos and also provides training and workshops for those users who want to know about WordPress in detail.

93. WPOrion.com

WPOrion is a popular WordPress blog which was founded by two brothers from Pakistan, Azib and Irfan. Within this blog, users will find useful WordPress tutorials which help bloggers and small business owners to create and grow their WordPress website.

All the tutorials of this blog are written to help the beginner WordPress users, but the tips & tricks section of this blog can be equally helpful for the experienced users as well.

94. createaprowebsite.com

This website offers a 5-day e-course along with written guides and YouTube video tutorials in order to help users build their own website without facing any issue. 

From this blog site, users will learn to create beautiful images, produce amazing content, and can even get started with email marketing easily. This site is specially designed for experienced bloggers, but it is equally helpful for the beginner WordPress users as well. 

95. wp101.com

Shawn Hesketh, in 2008, started the WP101 blog to help beginners learn how to use WordPress to create their own website. This blog has helped millions of people around the world, and currently it one of the most popular WordPress tutorial sites in the world.

This blog also comes with advanced tutorials which gives knowledge about WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Yoast SEO, Beaver Builder, Jetpack, Ninja Forms, etc. This blog also comes with a “Members forum” section from where users can get answers to all their queries regarding WordPress.

96. createwpsite.com

This WordPress website tries to keep everything simple so that even the most inexperienced person can easily understand how to make a WordPress website. Within this website, users will come across free PDF guides and specials deals that help to purchase the WordPress products at a discounted price.

Moreover, users will also find the best website hosting services along with YouTube video tutorials which will help users in a number of ways. 

97. websitesetup.org

This website is a free online resource for learning web development, WordPress, and design-related tasks. This blog’s main aim is to help beginners create their own website, blogs, and online store using the right tools and platforms.

This website does not come with annoying ads, so users can easily go through the tutorials without getting distracted. This website offers more than 100 guides, tutorials, and comparison articles that help users to select the best product for their website.  

98. wpshout.com

Fred Meyer and Davis Hayes, two famous WordPress developers, had started this blog so that everybody can access WordPress. In this site every week, in-depth WordPress tutorials are published along with various other exciting WordPress related stuff.

This website assists WordPress programmers as well, so it is slightly more sophisticated compared to all other alternatives which are discussed in this article. 

However, this blog is perfect for that category of people who have a great deal of expertise with WordPress and need to personalize their website without employing a programmer.

99. easywpguide.com

Anthony Hortin designed Easy WP Guide website in order to inform the WordPress readers about the basic methods that are required to edit or update a WordPress site.

Actually, Hortin has learnt a lot from the WordPress community, so he has started this blog to give back some information to the WordPress community and also to share his documentation with all other WordPress users.   

100. WPBakery

WPBakery is actually a page builder plug-in for WordPress which allows users to create excellent website content. 

In the WPBakery website, users will definitely get information regarding the page builder but apart from that users will also come across several tutorials, news, and tips & tricks which will help to enhance the quality of their WordPress website.

Let’s Conclude This List Of Best WordPress Blogs To Follow

WordPress community is growing fast and the reason behind that is the easy to use and the flexibility they have provided to the users while creating a website. Yes, after WordPress 5.5. update, this is clear that WordPress team is working hard to keep their platform at par with the demand & expectations of the usres.

So, if you want to grow as a WordPress blogger then make sure to follow this list of Best Blogs in WordPress in 2020. Feel free to write a comment below and mention your favorite WordPress blog in case I have missed out the same.

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